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Help Kids Deal with Sleep Changes + Zarbees Sleep Aid for Children

Experiences that interrupt normal sleep patterns, like vacations and even time changes, can really effect children as much as adults. Check out these tips on how to deal with those changes plus a look at Zarbee’s sleep aids for children.

Kids sleep pattern changes

As I sit here writing this post about Tips for Recovering from Daylight Savings Time, I myself am a little more tired than normal because my girls didn’t get the memo! And I know I’m not alone! Just from scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed this morning, I know so many other mothers were in the same boat as me!  Luckily, I have some fabulous tips to help you deal with this bi-yearly behavior! I say bi-yearly, because all of us parents know that when we fall back, our kiddos never sleep that extra hour either, do they!?

And if you’re one of the lucky ones where your kiddo did sleep the normal amount of time – pat yourself on the back!  But keep these tips in mind for any change in sleeping habits that may be caused by vacations, sickness, or any other small hiccup in your child’s daily routine.

child sleeping

Prepare Ahead of Time

This isn’t always possible with sleep interruptions, but I choose to prepare ahead of time for springing forward by changing all the clocks on the Saturday afternoon before. That way the girls will start their routine earlier and go to bed earlier.

Play, Play, Play

toddler playing outside

If you can, let your kiddos play as hard as they can the day before!  The more tired they are from active play, the more restful sleep they’ll get… hopefully!

Calming Bedtime Routine

I attended a Twitter Party, hosted by Zarbee’s last week, where they shared a tweet from Dr. Zak, the founder of Zarbee’s Naturals.  “I always recommend 15-30 minutes of calm, soothing activities like bath time, story-telling and songs before bed.”

bedtime quiet activitiesThis is something you should be doing for your children every night, to create a consistent bedtime routine and something that really becomes important at times when sleep can be disrupted.  I love this chart from Zarbee’s!  It would be a great reminder to parents and easy for kids to understand and check-off as they complete the activity – making bed time routines a little more fun!

Zarbee’s Sleep Aid for Children – Can Children Take Melatonin?

zarbees sleep aid for children

Zarbee’s sleep aid is made especially for children ages 3 and up and can be used to reset the occasional hiccups in a child’s sleep pattern. Examples of when this natural sleep aid for children would come in handy would definitely be vacations and times like Daylight Savings Time.

Zarbee’s Naturals Children’s Sleep is a completely safe, natural, and drug-free product that uses the effectiveness of melatonin. Researchers have shown that melatonin is completely safe for children and adults to help induce sleep safely. The chewables are gluten, drug, and dairy-free. The Children’s Sleep from Zarbee’s Naturals is pediatrician developed and recommended for children [3 and over!] who need a little help during hiccups of sleep cycles.

Speaking of sleep… Do you know how much your kids should be sleeping?

how much sleep should your child get bedtime chart from zarbees

I hope these tips help both you and your child learn how to deal with sleep interruptions, like Daylight Savings Time, a little better in the future.


Monday 10th of March 2014

Some of these tips could be helpful for adults, too. :D I wish my internal clock would catch up with Daylight Savings.

Julie Wood

Sunday 9th of March 2014

This sleep aid sounds like it really works, and I know that right now I am feeling tired from the clock change. I do not like to turn the clock ahead! My sister needs to get this safe effective sleep aid to help her with my nephew and his sleep.

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