Swim Diapers.

Swim Cloth Diapers

Swim Cloth Diapers are a fantastic alternative to the expensive disposable swim diapers.  They contain no inserts and look very close to a Diaper Cover.  They are made to let water and urine pass through {just as their disposable counterparts do}, but to contain solids and keep them from passing into the water. Swim Diapers are usually Sized and come in tons of cute varieties.  They can be worn alone or under a swimsuit as they’re very trim. Swim Diapers can come in a variety of closures {snap or aplix} or even be a Pull-On. *Note:  You don’t have to technically use a Swim Diaper for Swimming.  You could use a standard Diaper Cover but it’s recommended that you don’t use the same Diaper Cover as a Diaper Cover once it’s been exposed to chlorine.  It could cause the PUL to de-laminate, but that’s not a problem for Swim Diapers since they aren’t designed to be waterproof!


  • Much cheaper than disposable swim diapers.


  • ???

My Favorite Swim Diapers:

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