Diaper Covers are just like the name implies.  They cover your diapers that don’t have a waterproof layer.  If you are using a Prefold or Fitted Cloth Diaper, in order to make your system waterproof, you’ll need to use some sort of cover. Diaper Covers come in two styles:  Pull-On {most often made of fleece or wool} and Wrap style {usually fasten with either Aplix or Snaps}.  Diaper Covers can be made from a variety of materials but are usually made of either PUL {slick material that is waterproof}, Wool, or Fleece. Covers come in different varieties.  You can find One-Size versions, as well as sized. Wool is my absolute favorite type of Diaper Cover, especially for nighttime diapering.  To read more on the benefits and how to successfully use Wool, see my page on Cloth Diapering with Wool.


  • Diaper Covers make Fitted Diapers and Prefolds waterproof.
  • Relatively inexpensive way to cloth diaper as you can re-use the cover a few times before it needs to be washed.


  • Depending on what you have under your Cover, this system can get pretty bulky on your child – especially a smaller child.
  • The Diaper Covers {although sometimes cute themselves} cover up your cute Fitteds!

My Favorite Diaper Covers:

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