3 Ways to Record Your Home Inventory

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Have you ever thought about doing an inventory of your home?  If you have, I’m sharing 3 methods on how to below. If not, maybe you’ve never even thought about why you would need to.


It’s something that we all pay for, but hope to never have to use, right?  I sleep better at night knowing that if some catastrophe does happen, we won’t be without financial help to rebuild, but I still hope I never have to use it.  That being said, when those times do happen to families, it’s often hard to sift through the paperwork of what was lost.  I can’t imagine the type of state I would be in, but I know it would be hard for me to remember everything in every room – even the big things.

That’s why you need a Home Inventory, now let’s look at a few ways to do one.


Paper Checklist

There are a few paper checklist printables that you can find by searching Google.  A paper checklist is simple, but a little harder to update.  It’s also important to keep that paper in a safe place – unless you have a fireproof safe, it’s really not going to do you a lot of good in your home in the case of an emergency.


Pictures are worth a thousand words!  Pictures are great, especially if they are saved digitally but just make sure to have them saved somewhere other than on a computer that’s in the home.  It’s also easy to go through your home snapping pictures and easy to update too.

HomeZada Home Inventory

How about we combine the pros of both a Paper Checklist and Pictures and add even more?!  That’s what the Home Inventory area of HomeZada does.  They start you with a complete house, with normal furnishings.

HomeZada Home Inventory

You can personalize your Home Inventory with lists of items and even pictures – broken down by room and sections of your house.

HomeZada Inventory

The fact that you can access this information from anywhere makes the HomeZada Home Inventory process much more reliable.  Your information is safe, secure, and easy to update.  It’s also easy to email, print, or download the information quickly and accurately.

HomeZada is not just a Home Inventory website, though.  In fact, it covers many areas of your home.  Have trouble remembering when you changed out your air filter? You can set a “To Do” for regular Home Maintenance, upload Property Documents for safe keeping, and even track your Home Finances right in the same spot as your Home Inventory!


The features are even easier to access in the HomeZada smartphone app!  I definitely needed an updated Home Inventory, which is where I’ve spent most of my time on HomeZada…

Which HomeZada section would you use most?


  2. I love that it's an easy, online home inventory - makes it so much easier! Hopefully we'll never have to use it to make a claim on our insurance, but having this will make it so much easier to keep our inventory up to date.
  3. The maintenance checklist! That sort of thing always seems to come out of nowhere, so I'd really benefit from being more organized.
  4. I like the idea of it helping me be more organized, and its free membership. I love seeing how things work for free, its my way of doing things.
  5. I like the Home Maintenance feature. It seems we are always fixing something that probably should have been maintained.
  6. I like the to do calendar feature, this would be great for my house, my husband has been looking for something like this!
  7. I really love that it will keep track of when routine maintenance is due! Someone else in my household does a lot of it right now, and whenever they mention they're going to change the furnace filter (or whatever), it seems to me they JUST did it. If it were up to me (and soon it will be), it would probably never get done
  8. I like the Automated Home Maintenance Schedules which can come in handy for someone as forgetful as me :) callawishes(at)hotmail(dot)com
  9. I need the home finances section. I need to save for a new car and I just have no idea where we are spending the most money/where we can cut back.
  10. I like that they have a mobile app! I do everything on my iphone these days and it's great to have that option on there as well :)
  11. I love the home inventory. We have renter's insurance, but I'd love to have an outside place that I store our information on what we own should anything disastrous happen.
  12. I like the Automated home maintenance schedule alerts. As a new home owner this would be very useful for maintaining my home. I'm used to relying on maintenance in apartments so I think this feature would help me a lot.
  13. I like that it allows you to track your purchases and forecast your spending over time. And the ability to Track warranties, receipts and owner’s manuals is great!
  14. I like the home improvement features. The project ideas and budget tracker would be very helpful in creating new projects.
  15. I love that you can manage all your user manuals all in one place! I no longer have to wonder where I put the manuals. Awesome idea.
  16. I really like the check lists for everything! I'm a bit of a scatter brain when it's soccer season, allergy season and end of the school season. Right about that time we're opening up the camper for the season as well. Needless to say I could use a million checklists to make sure I don't forget my head and miss maintaining something important like the camper's AC. Fantastic site!
  17. This is such a cool tool! I really like how organized this can help you to be with your home. Very neat.
  18. I really like that it has so many things for the home in one place - you can do improvements, inventory, meaintenance, to-dos, and finances. That's super convenient!
  19. I like that their site is secure. I would hate to have all my information get into the wrong hands. They say they use "state-of-the-art encryption and security to ensure your information is always protected and secure.: That would make me feel more secure. Plus they have an app.
  20. This seems to have everything! I do like that you can manage your front yard on here too. How unique. I've never seen anything like this before.
  21. I like the cloud storage online. Should a fire, flood, hurricane or tornado strike you would lose your paper list.

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