3 Easy Tips to Make Your Aplix Cloth Diapers Last Longer


A couple of weeks ago, we looked at some pros and cons and battled it out over… Aplix vs. Snaps.  And I’m betting if you’re a Snaps Snob {I kid, I kid} it’s more than likely because you think aplix cloth diapers don’t last as long as diapers with snaps, and… you’re probably right.

BUT there are things you can do to help extend the life of your cloth diapers with aplix {velcro!} closure!

1.  Keep your Aplix Cloth Diapers Lint-Free.

Laundry Tabs

My tabs don’t get stuck with a lot of lint because I line dry {more on that in a bit}, but if your tabs are full of lint, they’re probably not gripping so well!  You can easily clean them out with a Snappi, a Seam Ripper {my new best friend when I’m sewing}, or even a comb.

2.  Use your Laundry Tabs – They’re there for a reason!

Laundry Tabs

I always hear people say they pull diaper chains out of their washers, but I’ve honestly never had that problem!  I always make sure that my tabs are securely attached to the laundry tabs when they go in the diaper pail so I don’t have to sift through a bag of dirty diapers when they’re dumped into the washer.

And speaking of laundry tabs…

2 1/2.  Get Creative with your Landry Tabs.

Aplix Cloth Diapers

It’s a tip that I read on the Eco Friendly Family blog when I first started cloth diapering and I’ve continued doing it since.  When you cross over your tabs like this, it seems to keep your aplix in better shape, as well as the overall structure of your diapers.

Fold over Laundry Tabs

And one of the single most important tips to help extend the life of your aplix cloth diapers…

3.  Line Dry your Covers/Diapers with Aplix!

It’s honestly the best single tip that I can give anyone who cloth diapers, no matter what type of diaper they use.  Heat will really take a toll on both aplix and PUL and wear out your diapers faster.  It’s so simple to line dry and has other benefits {sunning out stains, less energy, etc}.

Sunning Cloth Diaper Stains

I use a really simple clothes drying rack that I can take outside when it’s nice and sunny or set up inside when it’s raining.  It doesn’t take as long as you would think to dry covers either {my inserts usually go in the dryer on a very low-no heat}.

So there you go!  3 {and a half} super easy tips to make your aplix cloth diapers last longer!

aplix cloth diapers

Do you have a tip that I missed?  Leave it in the comments and share it with us all!

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  1. I prefer aplix! But I was told not to sun dry them, because the it can create cracks in the waterproof part. I just set mine out to air dry in the house.
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  3. If a diaper or cover doesn't have laundry tabs, I attach the velcro to the diaper itself (the same way as when it's on my baby). I love velcro's adjustability for little babies, but my preference for snaps has more to do with slowing down my toddler from taking the diaper off!

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