Looking for a Doula or Lactation Consultant in Your Area? Check MamaViews First.

Let me admit something here at first.  When I was pregnant with Sophia I had no clue what a Doula, Baby Nurse, or Lactation Consultant was or did.  I was clueless.  I knew you went to the hospital and had your baby because that’s what everyone else that I know did.  Luckily I did find out what a Lactation Consultant did after attending my hospital’s Childbirth Classes, but that’s as far as my knowledge went.

Once I found my way into the Attachment Parenting world that crunchy and cloth diaper blogs so often represent, I learned a lot more.  A lot.  I had no idea that people still had home births or that you could hire someone to go through the birthing process with you.  I so wish I could go back and have had a Doula with my first pregnancy and birth!


All I can say is I wish I had known about then too.  Not only would I have learned what a Doula and Baby Nurse do, I would have been able to search for recommended service providers right in my area!

mamaviewssearchMamaViews is a site created and maintained, well, by Mamas just like you and me.  It’s based off personal reviews of services provided by caregivers to Mamas who have just had a baby themselves.  That means, they are reviews that you can really trust because they’re coming from someone just like you.

The Directory of Doulas, Baby Nurses, Lactation Consultants, and Childbirth Classes is immense and such a great resource for a Mama-to-be!

mamaviewsanswersNot sure if you need a Doula?  Baby Nurse?  MamaViews has that section covered too.  I perused over this section finding some great advice that I will definitely use {if there ever was a season for a 3rd baby} and direct some of my friends to also!


I know some of you may have experience in this areas – have you participated in a Childbirth Class?  Used a Doula in your area?  Well, MamaViews has a job for you and you may just get rewarded VERY nicely… with lots of Babies R Us Gift Cards, worth up to  $250!

Simply, click the above image, or go here:  Review your provider or class and make sure to mention the code “HOLIDAY13” to be in the Babies R Us Gift Card Drawings!

Be sure to share your review by December 23rd, as that’s when the Babies R Us Gift Card Giveaway will be over!

Did you use a Doula?  Baby Nurse?  Lactation Consultant?  How important was their role to you?  Planning to use any of the above?


  1. I had my last baby 32 years ago, so I did not know about home birthing, Doulas or baby nurse. I was given a number of a lactation consultant and used it when my youngest was not thriving on my milk. I have a friend whose daughter just had a baby at home and though her labor was 32 hours long, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. One thing I learned that I also didn’t know about was baby chiropractors. The young lady I just told you about had her baby adjusted 3 separate times during the week after the baby’s birth. It got rid of the baby’s stuffy nose immediately. There are many other things a chiropractor can do for babies too.

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