It’s a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party!

So, this post is about a year late.  Miss Sophia partied in style with a Mickey Mouse Birthday Party when she turned 2 and I didn’t share as much of the party as I wanted to!  So, after celebrating this year with a Cinderella Party, I decided it was time to bring back our pictures and show you the fun Mickey decor we had in our backyard last year!

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

I shared a bit of the decor in a couple of different posts, but here you’ll find everything you need to throw a fabulous DIY Mickey Mouse Birthday Party!

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Sign DIY

No Mickey Mouse party is complete without a Clubhouse sign.  We DIY’ed this one with Paint Markers – super easy and it was a fun touch to show the little Mousketeers where the party was!

Mickey Mouse Party Attire

And the party wouldn’t have been possible without the Birthday Girl!  I perused Pinterest and Etsy for a Mickey Mouse Birthday Dress or shirt that would have been perfect, but couldn’t really find anything.  So, with the help of my best friend, Amy {ok, she did it all!} – created a beautiful Mickey Mouse Party Dress!

Mickey Mouse Birthday Dress

Mickey Mouse Hairbows

And her baby sister couldn’t just go in anything – so Amy made her a matching romper!

Mickey Mouse Outfit

Ready to see the party decorations?!  Most were purchased off Etsy from Amanda’s Parties to Go.  I paired the DIY printables with some colorful paper straws and a little imagination!

Mickey Mouse Party Decorations

Mickey Mouse Centerpiece

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

 Mickey Mouse Party

After purchasing the large party set, I used these printables for everything – Cupcake Toppers, Centerpieces, Food Tent Labels, Game Labels, Stickers, etc.  It’s totally possible to have a super cute party on a budget!

Mickey Mouse Frisbees

The blue frisbees were actually a free hand-out from a local bank – so my cute printables on sticker paper worked wonderfully!  You can always pick up mini Frisbees at a dollar store and the kids LOVED them!

Mickey Mouse Bubbles

Bubbles are also one of my go-to party supplies.  Kids love them and it’s easy to match them to your color scheme so they double as decor!

Mickey Mouse Ear Headbands

I also searched for Mickey Mouse Ears headbands for party-goers and found some, but they were a little too far out of budget.  So I got creative and DIY’ed a whole plate full!  I bought the cheap, 4 pack of headbands from Dollar Tree and simply took off the decorate topper.  Then, I played around with a good size of ears and finally came up with one that worked!  I outlined the black cardstock ears with a silver Sharpie and stapled them to the foil headband {you could probably use hot glue as well}.  CHEAP – 25 cents for the headband and 2-3 sheets of black cardstock!

Mickey Mouse Favor Bags

Mickey Mouse Party Favor Bags

I put the black cardstock to more uses – with the Party Favor Bags, I cut out a small Mickey Mouse and put it on the front of red paper bags {also from the Dollar Store} with some blue ribbon to match the color scheme of the party – Red, Black, and Blue!

Mickey Mouse Napkins

Party Napkins are an easy way to add style to your party, but character supplies can be expensive.  I purchased the polka dot napkins from Walmart then wrapped them around spoons and wrapped that with my blue ribbon and another Mickey cutout!  These were so cute!

Mickey Mouse Party Food

Mickey Mouse Marshmallow Pops

Marshmallow Pops are also one of my party go-to’s!  I made a widely popular Goldfish Marshmallow Pops for Moreaya’s Beach Birthday Party, and these Mickey ones were adorable too!  I loved the Mickey sprinkles and when paired with a matching paper straw, they make adorable centerpieces for tables!

DIY Birthday Candle

After I couldn’t find a cute Birthday candle to match our color theme, I DIY’ed one too!  Here’s how I blinged out a Dollar Store Birthday Candle!

  Mickey Mouse Party

Red and Blue Sodas topped off our Food Tables!

Mickey Mouse Party Games

I made two party games, inspired by the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse characters, that were perfectly suited for the Toddler party-goers.

Mickey Mouse Party Games

I sewed a few stuffed fish that contained tiny washers sewn onto their mouths.  We used small wooden dowels with a magnet tied to the end for our firshing rods and guests were able to “Fish for Gooey Fish!

I also purchased some blue play sand from Walmart and hid stuffed bones {that were sewn by me and Amy} so the kiddos could “Dig for Pluto’s Bones!”

Mickey Mouse Party Games

Our Mickey Mouse party was a huge success because everyone seemed to have a wonderful time!  We still have some of the party decor and games in play at our house over a year later!  That’s one reason I love DIYing parties because when you do, it’s so much more fun, personal, and lasts much longer than the little plastic toys you invest so much in!

Mickey Mouse Cupcakes

Mickey Mouse Ears Headbands DIY

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

  1. omg i wish i was that creative, i was wondering if you have the mickey template you did for the mickey mouse ears, i looked everywhere to buy mickey ears but they are so expensive :(.

    Thank you,

    Yohana Avila

  2. HI Lindsey. I absolutely love everything you did here. I’m planning my daughters 2nd birthday for November and would absolutely love the dress your daughter has on. Would Amy be willing to make another or supply the directions on how to make it?
    Thank you for all the great ideas! its such a HUGE help!

    1. Hi Mandy! Amy has her hands quite full lately – with 3 foster children under 3! So I am not sure she’d be able to make one, but I will try my best to talk her into sharing a pattern! 🙂

  3. You are blessed with adorable kids, and I love the Mickey Mouse themed dress your friend did. It is so cute and the birthday girl looked so good in it. The party theme is great and all of the decorations, cake pops, and accessories for the food were perfect. Nice job!

  4. I'm a total Disney fan so I LOVE this.  Our daughter isn't even born yet and she already has outfits bought and I'm pre-planning her first trip there.  This is totally going on my to-do list for her.  LOVEEEEE it! It's so cute and suitable for boys or girls.

    1. Thank you, Valerie!  Both of my girls love Mickey Mouse and Sophia is all about “blue” which is why we incorporated so much blue into the party! 

      We’re going to Disney in January!  I don’t know who is more excited – me or the girls!  🙂

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