When Parenting Gets Tough: A New Series

I've turned a new leaf on So Easy Being Green.  I'm getting ready to start a re-design of the blog and with that comes a new blogger.  Actually, comes back the old blogger. 

It seems to be a recurring theme on a lot of blogs that I read, but 2013 seems a time for some changes.  I got swept up with the reviews and giveaways that I lost my voice and disconnected with my blog, myself, and my readers.  I want to return to sharing personal stories {and already have somewhat}, more relevant content, and connections.

I want not only a re-design of the look of So Easy Being Green, but make it completely understandable that I'm a Mom who takes small steps to live a green-er life.  But first, I'm a Mom.

My girls are growing up and I'm faced with that fact everyday.  Sophia learns more {and makes sure I know it}, Moreaya grows more and starts interacting with us in whole new levels, everyday.  I want to share those moments with you – and would love to hear your moments too! 

With all these new experiences comes a little hesitation and timidness on my part.  I'll be honest I'm a little scared that I don't know all the answers and sometimes it feels good to share that.  So, I'm creating a new series, When Parenting Gets Tough.

When Parenting Gets Tough

Yep, parenting is tough.  Much harder than I ever thought it might be.  But it's a joy and being my girls' mother is a job that I would never want to resign from.

So, over the next whoknowshowlong, I'll be sharing my thoughts, stories, and fears with you – hope you'll join along!

When Parenting Gets Tough: Health and Development Issues

I have a little bit of a heavy heart today as tomorrow we're visiting a Pediatric Orthopedics office.  We're being referred for Moreaya as it seems that there is a developmental issue with her left leg or foot.  Xrays of her hip have come out great, so that's good news, but we just need to figure out what might be causing the issue and if it'll correct itself or need medical intervention.

When Moreaya first started pulling up to stand, we noticed she held her left foot out kind of funny.  It sometimes was so bad that we almost worried that if she fell on it, it would be break!  She would hold it almost perpendicular to her right, and sometimes even more pointed backwards than sideways. 


Fast forward about 4 months and she's still continuing to do so.  It hasn't stopped her from walking {with push toys} and taking a few steps on her own.  She's now up to about 3 steps easy, but the problem is still there.


Our main concern is development.  I know that it isn't going to hinder her from walking, but I do want to be sure that we don't cause problems later on in life that could be fixed easily now. 


So, that's my When Parenting Gets Tough moment for the week – ok, let's say day because these moments arise quite often. 

But in all seriousness, I'd love for you to say a little prayer, send a positive little thought, whatever for us.  I know she's totally fine and tomorrow will go absolutely wonderful, but as Moreaya's Mama, I'm a little nervous about tomorrow and I don't want to transfer that energy to her! 

Have you dealt with any type of Health or Development Issues with one of your children?

  1. Good for you for being proactive! My son’s teacher mentioned that she thought he was knock-kneed (over and over again). I took him to the doctor who referred us to a specialist. It turns out the he isn’t – he has an inward rotation of his hip bones – every time he goes through a growth spurt, he’ll appear knock-kneed.

    I’m glad we checked into it, and can rest easier now.

    I hope everything goes smoothly for you and your family!

  2. Just now reading this. Praying for you. Praying for doctors who hone in on exactly what is going on and give an accurate diagnosis. And of course, praying that this is a self-correcting issue. Thanks for opening up and sharing with us. And I think you put a personal touch on everything…even stuff with giveaways attached. That’s part of what makes you such a wonderful blogger that I love to read!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Tiffany. I appreciate them more than you’ll ever know.
      Thank you for your prayers as well – everything turned out great yesterday!

  3. I love that so many great blogs are starting to move towards more content and less review/giveaway. Allows for a more consistent voice…your new series is one great example!

  4. I think medical issues are the worst to deal with as a Mom. When Fuss was little, she had reflux and she still has trouble with certain foods, so it can be difficult. Know you are not alone and we are all praying for Moreaya. Right now, we’re going through growing pains.

    1. Thank you Tara, I appreciate it so much!
      Oh, reflux can be awful – I know how it bad it is as an adult, I can’t imagine their poor little bodies going through it. 🙁

  5. Noah’s foot did something very similar when he was a baby and I was really worried about it also! He didn’t walk until 15 months and when he did he tiptoed everywhere. So I still worried! But after a few months of walking his foot straightened itself out. And he’s been fine every since! Praying M ‘s foot does the same thing! Good luck mama!

    1. Thank you, Michelle! I hope she does exactly like Noah, as the doctors think it will work out on it’s own too! A big sigh of relief and thanks for making me feel better about it BEFORE the visit with your comment!

  6. I hope that your baby’s foot symptoms turn out to be nothing serious. Not sure if this will make you feel any better but one of my feet actually points out similar to hers. I never actually noticed it until a doctor pointed it out a few years ago. If it has ever caused me any problems, I have been unaware of it. 🙂

    I came home and asked my husband if he ever noticed that my foot did that and he said yeah, but just thought I liked standing that way, lol.


    1. Dawn, this made me smile! I love your husband’s response!
      It looks like the Dr thinks it will turn on it’s own and won’t hinder her from walking at all! Thanks for making me smile yesterday {and again today}!

      1. Yeah, he is a real cornball! Seriously, though, I know it doesn’t hinder me at all. I am really happy that I just read your newer post about this and your doctor isn’t really worried about it! That is awesome. 🙂


  7. Good luck. Hope it’s not series and there’s an easy course of treatment. My oldest has had recent issues with colitis. Luckily, it’s not ulcerative so we’re managing it with diet and vitamins.

  8. Good luck tomorrow! And I think this is a great theme to have up on your blog. I know I am interested in what you have to say and I may every once in a while “steal” your When Parenting Gets Tough idea (and of course give you credit). 🙂

  9. My 10 month old daughter has been having eye twitch issues on and off since 6 months old. Recently they’ve been getting more frequent and more intense and involve both eyes instead of just one. Plus you can tell it really annoys her when it happens (several times an hour). So we will be seeing an ophthalmologist on Friday. Hoping they can enlighten us on what is going on! So you’re not alone in being a little nervous when facing the unknown!

    1. Oh, Julie! I know that must be scary and just like you said – facing the unknown is the worst part. We got a great report and I’m hoping that you all do too!

  10. The only thing we’ve been dealing with but I think I have a handle on now is my son’s severe eczema. He has had it since he was 2 months old and his skin use to itch him so much and it just didn’t look very nice. Hoping your child’s foot is okay and you get a good report at the doctors.

    1. Thank you, Tiffany! I hope so too.
      Ugh – eczema! Sophia gets one patch that is just horrendous to get it to go away. Poor little guy, I hope he grows out of it!

  11. My daughter’s eyes would focus and move independently. I guess you’d call it “lazy eye”. She had eye surgery around 6 months of age. Scary? Yes, but like you say if it’s something that can be done early before issues arise then it’s worth it. She now looks at things with both eyes at the same time now, and gets checked every six months.

    I hope you get answers with your little one, and that it’s not anything serious!

    1. Thank you, Laura! Yes, just like you, if it can be fixed relatively easy now, that’s what we want. I would hate that she have a limp or her legs develop differently because of an issue.
      So glad that your daughter is doing well!

  12. I hope it’s nothing too serious, and works out on its own or is an easy fix!

    When my son was born, he didn’t open his right eye for almost two weeks. His pediatrician referred him to a pediatric eye doctor after it finally began opening, just to check it out. It seems that he just has a little droopiness to that eye lid and it doesn’t open completely…yet at this point, it’s not staying low enough to hinder his vision. It’s scary to think they he may need surgery to correct it in a few years though.

    1. Interesting Heather! I google-d it and will keep that in mind. We haven’t done anything yet. Her appointment is tomorrow and her Pediatrician didn’t make any assumptions at all. He simply wanted to refer us since it didn’t correct itself over the last few months.

    2. I have the same thing. Both my feet actually stick out. I had to wear braces as a baby, and that helped a lot. I’m definitely sending prayers though! I love that you are going back to the basics, I am too and so far I’m loving it!

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