It’s Scary Season – Not Halloween – Flu Season!

If you ask me, the flu is much scarier than Halloween – right?  I haven’t had the flu myself in a few years, but I do know how hard it hits.  And now that I have two little girls, I really really don’t want it to show up in my house!

I was recently sent a box of items to help keep the germs at bay and if they did manage to sneak in – to get rid of them.

I’ve had the chance of trying out all of the products from Seventh Generation – their Tissues, Purifying Handwash, Multi-Surface and General All-Purpose Cleaners, and the Disinfecting Wipes.  Other than the fact that Seventh Generation products are green-er than most other cleaners on the market, my favorite thing about all of these products is the smell {well, other than the tissues, which are smell-less, which is a good thing}!

Seventh Generation was founded in 1988 to provide environmentally-friendly household products that help consumers lessen their impact on the planet. Our mission is to inspire a more conscious and sustainable world by being an authentic force for positive change.

Seventh Generation is a household name for most families, even those that might not consider themselves completely engrossed in “green” living.  This is what makes Seventh Generation such a great, eco-friendly company – they’ve become mainstream, in super market and giant retail stores, helping ordinary, everyday families realize that by changing just a few products in their house – they can live green-er, healthier lives for their families and their environment.

The plastic bottles that hold the cleaners and hand soaps are made from recycled materials, as are the tissues.  The Seventh Generation cleaning agents are still definitely “cleaners” and should be kept away from children, but they’re much more mild than some other harsh cleaners on the market.  But for skeptics, like my husband, they perform just as well as the others!

Although we don’t make it a habit of buying disposable cleaning wipes in our house, they are convenient.  Rob sometimes actually cleans when we have them – he finds it easier and faster to grab a wipe to disinfect the countertops.  So, I kinda welcome the help!  But, the great thing about Seventh Generation is that they’re making products for the ordinary family who do want to take these small steps – by replacing your other disposable wipes with Seventh Generation, you’re supporting recycled containers, a milder cleaning agent, and a company with eco-friendly values.

And they work.  Like I said, Rob is a skeptic – but these wipes work very well at cleaning up spills and really greasy messes on the stove.  I can’t say for 100% sure that they get rid of germs {because I’m not sure how to test that}, but we haven’t been sick from the Flu or Salmonella yet!

Along with using recyclable materials for their packaging, Seventh Generation has found a fun way to re-use them too!  Check out the video on how to turn a tissue box into a scary {but cute} germ monster, just in time for Halloween!

Buy It:  You can purchase Seventh Generation products at a variety of retailers, both online and in store.  This Cold Care Package is made up of: 6 boxes of tissues, All Purpose Cleaner, Disinfecting Multi-Surface Cleaner, Disinfecting Wipes, and two Hand Soaps with a Total Value of $38.

  1. We love 7th generation too!! I love that they use natural ingredients and recycled material!! Id love to say that we don’t use the disposeable wipes but I clean with them almost 24/7 lol… baby steps 😉

  2. To be honest, these products are great and pretty expensive. So I usually only use them to clean my son’s bathroom. Thank goodness there are coupons available pretty often.

  3. I love Seventh Generation products and I don’t like being sick LOL! This collection of products is perfect to help you stay healthy! Can’t wait for the giveaway to start!

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