Toddler Snacks – It shouldn’t be *that* hard!

When I asked which Earth’s Best products you most wanted to hear about in my latest post, a lot of you said… the snacks!

What’s important to you in a snack for your toddler?  Most of us, of course, want them to be at least semi-healthy and definitely safe, but what else?  Honestly, the biggest factor in reaching for a snack for Sophia sometimes is accessibility!  Our lives are busy and especially now that I have a 3 month old who’s getting more and more active… I need something I can grab and grab fast.

This is especially true when we’re heading out for the day.  I need something that doesn’t have to be refrigerated, isn’t super messy, and will satisfy Sophia in a pinch.  After becoming an Earth’s Best blogger, I’ve now got a whole arsenal of great, easy, and nutritious snacks to grab!

One of their most popular, at least with you all {and Sophia} is the Pop Snax!

The air popped rice and potato snacks are fortified specially for toddlers with iron, zinc and six B vitamins. The Sweet Potato & Cinnamon and Vegetable varieties will please everyone – even mom!

Along with those, we are loving the Earth’s Best Apple Sauce that we received this month.  I love that I know exactly what’s IN and NOT IN this applesauce!  And although it can be a bit messier if you’re on the go, it’s a super nice snack or dessert to have in the diaper bag for when you go out to eat!

Earth’s Best Apple Sauce is made with 100% organic apples to keep little bodies and minds growing strong. This naturally sweet snack offers delicious taste and superior nutrition without artificial colors or preservatives.

Along with those two, Earth’s Best offers a ton of other fun and nutritious snacks that we’ll be checking out as the month goes along!

Someone had commented that they would like to know where Earth’s Best products can be found.  You can always buy from their Online Store OR use their Store Locator to find what store sells what Earth’s Best products in your neighborhood!

Win It:  One lucky So Easy Being Green reader and Earth’s Best fan is going to win an Earth’s Best Organic™ Pop Snax & Apple Sauce Sampler!

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