Mother’s Day #ClothDiaperHop Sponsor Spotlight: GoGo Natural

Pocket Cloth DiapersIf you like one size pocket cloth diapers and you like to try different brands that aren’t so mainstream AND you like to save money… well, today’s cloth diaper review is for you!  GoGo Natural sent me a Dinkledooz Pocket Diaper to review on Moreaya and is offering up one in the Mother’s Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway here at SEBG!

This isn’t my first go-around with a Dinkledooz.  I reviewed a lovely orange one on Sophia back in September.  My opinions on this diaper haven’t changed one bit since then.  It’s still an amazing pocket diaper, especially for the price!  So, let’s see how the Dinkledooz works on a 3.5 month old!

Meredith, from GoGo Natural, was sweet enough to send us the diaper in it’s newest color… Chocolate!  I love the color combo of the brown with red snaps, it really is super cute in person!  The diaper comes with 2 microfiber inserts – a small & large size.  I’m using the small insert with the diaper on the lowest setting.  Need to note also that Dinkledooz diapers come in Snap closure only.  The snaps are super sturdy and really hold up well, I think.  Just like in my last review, though, I don’t usually snap all of them.  Just the first and the hip snap because I try to get diapers changed as quickly as I can!

We’ve only been using this diaper for about a week, about 3 times so far {thanks to lots of laundry days!} but so far I like it on Moreaya.  It fits about like most other one-size diapers – not super trim, but that’s to be expected on a baby her size.  I really like the absorbency of this diaper and the inner lining of the shell is UBER soft!

For the price of this diaper {about $5 cheaper than similar competition}, you really can’t go wrong!  It now comes in 7 different colors and I highly recommend you try a Dinkledooz in your own stash!


Buy It:  You can purchase a Dinkledooz Pocket Diaper from GoGo Natural for only $14.95!  Plus, the more you buy – the more you save.  GoGo Natural gives great discounts on large packages of Dinkledooz OS cloth diapers and has Free Shipping over $75!

Get a head start to the awesome Mother’s Day Cloth Diaper Hop Prize Package by liking GoGo Natural on Facebook and Twitter!

So, I’d love to hear your experiences with Dinkledooz, if you’ve tried one!  What do you like/don’t like?  If you haven’t tried one, let me know what you like most about this diaper that makes you WANT to try it!

  1. have not tried one yet but would love to! the cost seems reasonable and love that it comes with 2 inserts of different sizes 🙂

  2. I’ve never tried one but I’d love to- they look like they are well made and you can’t beat the price!

  3. I’ve never used them before but I like all of the features. I especially like the satin smooth waterproof outer layer because it’s soft on the inside and outside.

  4. I haven’t tried it, but it is so cute! Love this color combination of chocolate and red. Also, the fit looks really great!

  5. I actually also received the same one to review for this cloth diaper hop and I LOVE it! I just buttoned it to the size that I thought would fit the little one and then pulled it on her like a slip on diaper! It made my life a little bit easier for just a second. Would love to win another one to add to my stash!

  6. I haven’t tried this yet but I’ve been wanting to try pocket diapers and the price would make it a great one to get if it worked out well for me.

  7. I haven’t tried one. But the company is located in my area so….I like the fact that they come with snaps and are soft and not too expensive.

  8. I like that they have snaps (prefer snaps to Velcro), are soft and absorbent, and cost less than other diapers!

  9. I haven’t tried them. Actually, I’m just learning about them now. I like that it’s a one-size and that it comes with 2 inserts. I hate having to buy different sizes or extra inserts. The chocolate color is really cute (so is your daughter!).

  10. I haven’t tried this diaper but I love that it comes with a smaller insert as well as a large one. I have having to fold the big ones over to fit a little baby.

  11. I actually have not heard of this brand of diaper, but would love to try it because it looks so adorable and trim on your little one.

  12. We are pocket diaper enthusiasts, so I would love to try this diaper out, as would my husband (because he loves the dipes too!). I do love the price and the fact that the reviews are all positive. That says something about the quality. I liked that they had more than just diapering products available and the idea of layaway on a website is also very cool!

  13. I haven’t tried pocket diapers yet. These look very cute and at a great price. It could be the way to go to give pockets a try!

  14. I like the contrasting snap colors too. I’m glad they aren’t as expensive as some of the pocket diapers I have seen before.

    Does anyone know how they fit a toddler? My guy is about 34lbs and chubby thighs. Some of the other brands he can’t wear because they dig into his thighs, so he’s in flats and prefolds with a cover at this point.

  15. I haven’t tried them before but I love pockets and I love this color so I’m sure the rest of the colors are awesome! Really hoping I win so I can try!

  16. I haven’t tried them yet, but I like that they come in snaps (and I love the red snaps with the chocolate color).

  17. I really like that there is a flap over the insert pocket to avoid exposure to baby’s skin and to avoid leaks!

  18. I like the price! & I love the yellow snaps on the orange print. I would try it just because it’s decently priced (which is very important to us)

  19. I haven’t tried this diaper yet but I want to because I like that it comes with 2 diff inserts

  20. haven’t tried them, but i love that they are so affordable, and any diaper with hip snaps just makes so much more sense to me!

  21. I have one in my stash and I have found it to be a very trim diaper — which is great for us because my daughter is a little one 🙂

  22. I haven’t tried one yet, but I would love to try one because it looks really trim and I love that it comes with two different size inserts

  23. I haven’t heard about it but I love pockets and am wanting to try all the different brands out there! Plus I love the cute brown in the pics haha

  24. I have not tried dinkledooz but the price is great and from your reviews sounds like the absorbency is too!

  25. This is another in my stash that is yet to be used! I love the price and the colors (love the brown!). I love that there are actually enough snaps to get a good fit (I usually prefer aplix) especially for a diaper at this price!

  26. LOVE dinklezooz! I use them for night time diapers and they are the ONLY pockets I have been able to stuff enough to work for us at night. They also have a ton of size options. These are in my top two favorites, right up there with my Fuzzibunz Elites =D

  27. I have not tried them yet. I prefer snaps on. My dipes and these seem to have lots of adjustment options. Also, the price looks nice ad well!!

  28. I’ve never tried them but I would like to…they are very cute with the contrasting snap color and brown is one of my favorite gender neutral diaper colors 🙂

  29. I like the look of these diapers with the contrasting snaps. I have never tried one, but I have heard good things about them.

  30. To be perfectly honest with you my daughter cloth diapers my grandchildren. So I don’t know if she has this diaper or not but you wrote a great review! What I like most is the absorbency!

  31. I have never tried these diapers but I am always up for a new diaper. I like the price… if i like them they are a diaper that I could definitely afford to add more to my stash! 🙂 I have been surprised by just how much i love some of the more inexpensive diapers. I also love that this is a diaper you can roll up when you forget your wet bag… i do this sometimes and it is nice to have these kind of diaper in that situation!

  32. I haven’t tried a Dinkledooz diaper yet, but I would love to! It looks like a really cute diaper-I especially like the orange diaper!

  33. We have one of these diapers in our regular rotation. I really like it. With all the snaps its easy to get a great fit even though it doesn’t come in aplix. Also I like that the pocket is so roomy! It makes it so easy to double stuff w hemp or other inserts for extra absorbency. This would be a good choice for parents with a taller or larger child too. My baby is quite tall for his age and we are still on the smallest setting, so this diaper will hopefully carry us all the way till potty training, where as some of my other diapers, like rumparooz, are already opened up as large as they will go and will have to retire sooner. Hope I win! I’d love to have another one 🙂

  34. I absolutely LOVE Dinkledooz diapers!! They are one of my favs, I started using them when my daughter was about 6 months old or so… I love that I can hopefully use them for my next baby when she is newborn since they also have that crossover snap, and that also comes in handy so you can roll up and snap a dirty diaper when out and about!! I love the colors but wish they would come out with a few more, or some prints! And the prices are great! I hope I win one!

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