New Mommy: Bamboobies

Today I have another great New Mommy product to share with you!  If you are planning to breastfed your new baby {or have had a baby before}, you know this product is quite necessary too!  Nursing Pads!  When I was pregnant with Sophia, I kept reading about leaky boobs, but I didn’t quite understand the extent as to what would happen with my body!

I received a pair of Bamboobies nursing pads to try out and was quite surprised by them when I saw them for the first time.  They’re very, very thin and heart shaped!  I used disposable nursing pads when I was nursing Sophia and when I finally found some re-usable pads at a local baby department store, they were nowhere near the thinness of Bamboobies.  They were thick, circle shaped and always got bunched up in the washer/dryer which doesn’t look the greatest under your shirts.

Bamboobies are totally different.  I was worried that being so thin would mean that they wouldn’t work as well, but they do!  It’s actually quite amazing.  And they are!  This is extremely important during the first few weeks of breastfeeding {and I know all you Mama’s agree with that statement!}.

So, if you haven’t tried re-usable nursing pads yet, you really, really need to make the plunge.  Not only are they so much more comfortable, they’re a fabulous money saver as well {just like any other Mama Cloth or cloth diapers}!

Buy It:  You can purchase a pack of 2 pairs of Bamboobies on their website for $16.99.  Bamboobies are also sold at various online and local stores.

  1. I’ve been having the same problem with Rafflecopter. I have to refresh the page and log in again in order to be able to paste my links into the form.

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