New Baby Grand Prize Giveaway: Diono

Like a lot of parents, when we decided that we were going to be having a Baby Shower, we registered for gifts.  I’m talking Sophia’s Baby Shower {we didn’t have one for Moreaya since she was another girl and we had plenty of everything for her!}.  One thing we registered for was a Convertible Car Seat.  We wanted a safe seat, of course, but we were also looking at price.  I realized that we didn’t want to exactly ask for the most expensive seat that was available at the store where we registered.

This was before I did my research.  This was before I realized what a difference there could be between car seats.  This was before I saw a Diono Radian RXT in person.  Seriously.  Sophia used her “other” Convertible Car Seat sparingly while she was an infant.  It was in Rob’s car just in case we ever needed it.  She moved to it, rear-facing still, when she turned 8 months old.  She used it until just up until the Diono came to our doorstep.

Diono Collage

I was quite amazed at how sturdy the seat is.  It’s Steel Alloy Frame is one reason.  I couldn’t believe the cushion that it had and Sophia loved it immediately, climbing into it in the floor as I was reading how to adjust everything.  I hadn’t heard of Diono, and you may think you haven’t either, but they just recently had a name change from Sunshine Kids.

If you practice Extended Rear Facing, this car seat is for you.  While most convertible seats can only rear face until a child hits 35lbs, the Diono Radian RXT can be used on children from 5-45 lbs, rear facing!  Forward facing extends the number to 80 lbs, and when used as a Booster, up to 120lbs!  This car seat is truly one that can be used for your child’s entire car riding experience!  It is the highest rear facing car seat on the market, making it an exceptional safety seat.  I truly feel so much more at ease when Sophia rides in her Radian, as to when she rode in the other.

A few great features of the Radian RXT that I don’t want to leave out are:  they are NCAP crash test rated, can fit 3 across most cars {it is amazingly slim and compact}, and it can fold completely flat for storage and travel.  Although the safety of this seat is ultimately the best thing about it, I love the way it fits in our Van and how low sitting Sophia is in it.  You wouldn’t believe the less amount of strain on my back when I put her in this seat.

Although Moreaya could definitely ride in this seat, safely and comfortably, I chose to review it on Sophia instead.  Simply because I feel like it’s so much safer than her previous seat and the fact that it’s her seat {according to her}!  But you better believe Moreaya will be riding in a Diono when she outgrows her Infant Seat, as well!

You may be like me and look at the price tag on everything before you buy.  Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, especially if you’re a 1 income family like us.  But, there are times when you get what you pay for… this is one of them.  I have no doubt that Sophia is safer in the car because of this seat, plus it will take her through even her Booster years!  That’s the frugal part coming out in me!

You can connect with Diono through Facebook and Twitter.

Buy It:  You can purchase a Diono Radian RXT, like the one I reviewed, at a variety of online and local retailers.  These seats retail for about $299.00 and come in a lovely variety of colors and a few prints too!

  1. My twitter name is @bookworm0587 and I subscribed via google+. The little boxes in the entry area wouldn’t let me put that info in.

  2. Diono fully supports the recent recommendation of The American Academy of Pediatrics that children should be in rear-facing car seats at least until two years of age.

  3. One thing I meant to say on the RC form is that I like how this seat is supposed to last 10 years. Like you, I first saw the price of these and didn’t look any further. However, in time I read about the steel structure and how a parking garage collapsed on a car and the car seat was left intact, even though the roof of the car wasn’t! While, $300 would be difficult for our family to cough up at one time, knowing what I know now, I can better understand why it is priced the way it is.

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  5. Sorry I accidentally hit enter on the first entry and didn’t put in my response.
    I learned that their first product was “Mighty-Tite®” and it was born after a family discussion when watching something about car seat safety.

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