Getting Breastfeeding Off to a Good Start

My name is Marah. I am a recently separated, twenty-four year old, stay at home mom and aspiring photographer. I have a Bachelor’s degree from Liberty University and am a certified La Leche League Leader. I’m currently working towards my Lactation Consultant certification. My dream is to one day be a midwife. I’m a breastfeeding, cloth diapering, baby wearing, attachment parenting, co-sleeping, semi-crunchy kind of mama to rambunctious 2 year old named Kolt. I’m also knocked up with baby #2, a girl, due to make her appearance around February 27, and still nursing Kolt. I blog over at Happiness Redefined, formally known as Diary of a Devil Dog Wife and I’d love for to stop by read my ramblings!

I was really excited when Lindsey asked me to write a guest post about breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is one of my passions and I love sharing that with other women. I find great fulfillment in helping others succeed at breastfeeding. I’ve learned a lot over the past two years of nursing Kolt. I could use the post to spit off a bunch of tips to help get breastfeeding off to a good start. But instead, I want to tell you this.

Did you go to a breastfeeding class? Did you read this book, this book, and this book? Did you attend a local La Leche League Meeting?  Did you buy a breastpump? How about a boppy? Do you have breastpads and nipple cream? How about nursing bras and nursing tops?

My advice is this…set aside the breastfeeding rules and the “essential” breastfeeding tools. I totally agree with Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC, FILCA when she says:

“We laid down rules for something that had never had any, and we left mothers feeling incompetent and babies feeling totally confused.”

Perhaps we can be too prepared. Perhaps we can be too educated. Perhaps we can have too much of the extra “stuff.” Many “rules” that have been developed in recent years to help make breastfeeding easier for mother; hold the baby this way, move their head like this, make sure they are latched like this, but in all reality, are the “rules” really helping to make it easier for mothers? Essentially, all you need to make breastfeeding successful are your boobs and a baby.

So try this…laid- back breastfeeding. This means getting comfortable with your baby and encouraging your own and your baby’s natural breastfeeding instincts.

Are you doing it right?  Well… if both of you are comfortable and the milk is flowing, what else could possibly matter?

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  2. Yes!! I LOVE this post. I read LLL’s breastfeeding book, and it had so much information that I was glad I did not read it before giving birth. I would have not know where to start and would have assumed I was doing something wrong.

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