Nourish Water

Fact/Tip of the Day:  Infants and children are especially vulnerable [to dehydration] because of their relatively small body weights and high turnover of water and electrolytes.  Source.  Keep them hydrated and Stay Safe in the Sun!

Have you stumbled upon Nourish Water, yet?  You may have seen them around the internet or maybe even in a few airports.  Just in case you haven’t, let me let you in on a little green secret… you’re gonna love them!

Nourish Water

Imagine in your mind a Mama, out in town by herself, doing a bit of shopping and her beautiful babe decides it’s time for her bottle.  So, I that Mama reaches into the diaper bag to pull out one of the Avent bottles she pre-packed with water, only to find that it had at some point, turned over and dripped every drop of water out of the bottle, onto the change of clothes, cloth diapers… everything.  Not only did we they have wet clothes and diapers, but the bottle was dry and I that Mama had a hungry babe!

So, yes, we were able to get water relatively fast since we were at a store that sold bottled water, but what if we weren’t?  I love our Avent bottles, but I will say that the very reason I love them {the natural venting system} is the very reason I most often curse them under my breath.  They leak way too often, so it’s deifnitely a real hassle to fill them with water and take them anywhere.  Enter the bottle-leaking nightmare saver… Nourish!

I am in love with this Baby and Toddler Water Bottle idea.  Nourish geniously discovered the need for busy parents on the go to have safe {BPA free}, affordable, green {recyclable/reusable}, and delish water for their children!

The Toddler Nourish water bottle has a spill-proof sippy lid and is filled with 10oz of purified spring water.  The Baby Nourish bottle has a recylable/reusable nipple and neck collar.  It holds 8 oz of purified spring water.  They have conveniently left extra room for you to pour your formula right in to mix easily!  The water bottles themselves are recyclable, BPA free, and made in the USA.
Obviously we all know that staying hydrated in the sun is super important for us to do, but even more so for our children!  A great idea that I stumbled across for older toddlers, to make sure they’re drinking enough water, is to make marks on the bottle for them to track their intake.  It will definitely turn into a fun game!
Why I Love the Nourish System:  Convenience!  Now, would I go buy a million of these bottles to use around the house?  No.  Just like I don’t go buy regular water bottles to drink out of all the time.  I try to make green-er choices.  However, there are times when you need convenience {mainly travel, which is why Nourish is making it’s way into airports across the country} and I believe Nourish is one of the best resources available.
Buy It:  You can purchase a Toddler or Baby Nourish bottle for $3.99 each from their website or variety of retailers.

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