Doable Diapers: Rumparooz Review

If you’ve been reading my blog, or follow via Facebook/Twitter, for awhile now, you have probably seen me link to the Doable Diapers blog or Re-Tweet info from them.  Andrea is the Mom behind the blog and the Doable Diapers shop and she’s an invaluable source for all things cloth diapering related!

Doable Diapers recently sponsored Sophia and I with a diaper to use at the Great Cloth Diaper Change Event that was held this past weekend.  You can see my post about the event, here.  Andrea sent us a Rumparooz in the most lovely print, Lux.  I asked for a Snaps closure, as I already own a Spring Rumparooz in Aplix {purchased from}.


When the diaper came in the mail, I do what I always do {and I know you are the same}… I tore open the package and put the fluff right into my diaper laundry to prep it.  The Rumparooz cloth diapers and inserts are made up of microfiber and fleece so there’s no “extra prepping” needed… just the initial wash.

Rumparooz Model

This print is… unique.  We wanted something that would really stand out to other GCDC participants {so I could get the conversation going about what a wonderful shop Doable Diapers is… and it truly is!}.  The Lux reminds me of a Hawaiian/Tiki Man print, with the numbers 1-4 printed on the diaper.  I don’t fully understand the meaning behind the print {if you know the story, share it with all of us!} and I’m quite sure Sophia doesn’t either, but it sure looks like she loves this bright pink diaper, doesn’t it?!?

Why I Love Rumparooz Diapers:  Although they are a bit more expensive than other well-known pocket cloth diapers, I think they are worth the extra $$.  I love the gentle leg gussets.  The 6r soaker is totally unique in that in can be used 6 different ways and I love the fact that the newborn soaker can be snapped onto the other, to prevent moving and bunching in the pocket.  The colors and prints are unmatched by any other one single brand of reusable diapers. Sophia is still on the middle snaps of these diapers and they give her a better fit than her Bumgenius Snap diapers. I used to despise Snap Closure diapers, but I’m beginning to realize that they have a longer life than velcro and Soph has started pulling at the velcro tabs, so it won’t be long before she figures out how to undo her diapers, I’m afraid.  The Rumparooz snaps are very sturdy and snap together extremely easy… which is nice with such a wiggly babe!

Why I Love Doable Diapers:  Andrea’s customer service is A-Mazing.  Seriously.  She ships super fast and is always just an email, tweet, or FB message away.  She is courteous to her followers and offers giveaways on her blog quite regularly.  If you ever have any cloth diapering related questions, see the Doable Diapers blog.  I bet she’s already answered them!

Rumparooz cloth Diapers

Great Cloth Diaper Change

How many of you participated in the GCDC this weekend?  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll give you the quick backstory.  The Real Diaper Association came up with a fantastic plan to raise cloth diaper awareness and set a Guinness Book of World Records for the most cloth diapers changed at one time.  Although there still hasn’t been an “official” proclamation of a record being set on Saturday, I am sure we were successful {fingers crossed}!

I attended the “semi-local” event in Knoxville, TN.  I was super excited about the event and really looking forward to meeting other cloth diapering Mama’s!  The event did not disappoint at all!  There were 40 babes who participated at our location and we had a great array of prizes and gift bags that were given out.  Although I didn’t win a prize, it was just as exciting see all of those babes in their cloth diapers!  I have NEVER seen so much cute fluff!!!


Sophia went to the event decked out in her “It’s Good to Be Green” shirt, with a matching Spring Rumparooz.

GCDC Swing

Enjoying a swing before the Event.

GCDC Green

Then she was changed into another Rumparooz, this time a Snap diaper in the Lux print {review to come on Thursday}, sponsored by Doable Diapers!

GCDC Finished

I’d love to hear how your experience was, if you attended a GCDC event!

DIY Cloth Wipes Solutions

Using cloth wipes is a great addition to cloth diapers. Here are 3 DIY cloth wipe solutions that work great for cloth diapers.

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You may remember that when I featured the Organic Bamboo Velour Cloth Wipes from Two Sweet Potatoes a week ago, I asked for some tips.  For starters, I wanted a good cloth wipe solution recipe for my cloth wipes. I know I can buy different types but I love to DIY!

A few readers came through and I want to share their tips and cloth wipe solutions with you!

Cloth Wipe Solution Recipes:

From Leann at Cloth Diaper Diaries:

This wipes solution is by far the most unique I’ve ever seen!  Leann actually makes a foaming wipe solution.  Check out her DIY post to get lots of detailed instructions and pictures!

She also let me know that she’s been adding a couple of drops of Tea Tree Oil lately.  {This must be the magic ingredient as it’s found in all 3 solutions that I was sent!}

From Jamie at Triple Duty Momma:

2 cups water
1 T natural baby shampoo
1 teaspoon baby oil
3 drops tea tree oil

Buttons Flannel Baby Wipes - 15 PackButtons Flannel Baby Wipes – 15 PackBurt's Bees Baby 100% Natural Baby Nourishing Oil, 4 OuncesBurt’s Bees Baby 100% Natural Baby Nourishing Oil, 4 OuncesCetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo with Organic CalendulaCetaphil Baby Wash and Shampoo with Organic CalendulaTea Tree 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil - 10mlTea Tree 100% Pure, Best Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil – 10ml

The tea tree oil is an antiseptic/antifungal so it should actually help prevent rashes. You can basically tweak it for your needs. Another variation is to substitute [the baby oil] with olive oil. The lavender oil is just for scent so it’s not really necessary.  I hope this helps. I would just stick this in a spray bottle and try it out.

From Beth at Generously Green:

1 tsp of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap (I use Baby Mild, but you could use other scents)
10ish drops of Tea Tree Oil
10ish drops of Lemongrass Essential Oil
Distilled water
I put it in a small stainless steel squirt bottles.

Tea Tree Essential OilTea Tree Essential OilLemongrass Essential OilLemongrass Essential OilDr. Bronner's Magic Soaps Pure-Castile SoapDr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps Pure-Castile SoapAmber, 2 oz Glass Bottles, pack of 6Amber, 2 oz Glass Bottles, pack of 6

What’s your favorite type of cloth wipe solution to use on your cloth wipes?

Snapper Rock SPF Clothing

Fact/Tip of the Day:  Contrary to what you may think, Melanoma doesn’t just occur on the skin.  In dark-skinned people, melanoma often appears under the fingernails or toenails, on the palms of the hands, and/or on the soles of the feet.  When I was pregnant, I had a few detailed ultrasounds because Melanoma can also often appear on the placenta.  My dentist always checks under my tongue, as well.  Source.

Were you aware that there is sun protective clothing available for kids with a built-in SPF factor?  I had no clue!  When I found the SunSational Style website, I felt like I had hit the jackpot!  As I stated in an earlier post, one of the ACS’ recommendations is for you to “cover up”.  Wear more clothing that will protect your skin.  So, what’s better than clothing that has the sunblock built right in!?!

I was sent a Snapper Rock Girls Short Sleeve Swim Set from SunSational Style to review on Sophia.

Snapper Rock

Oh my.  Cuteness overload.

I mean… do I have a future Surfer Girl on my hands or what!?  First things first… this outfit is absolutely adorable.  Pink and brown is one of my favorite color combinations and it looks great on this set.  Now, what’s so special about this cutesy set?  Well…

Snapper Rock offers the hottest looking UF50+ SPF Swimsuits you can find. Gorgeous floral panel compliments solid fronts. Short Sleeve Rash tops and low-rise water shorts block 98% of harmful rays.

  • Quick drying
  • Lightweigh and breathable
  • High collars for added delicate neck sun protection
  • Flat Lock Stitching to reduce rubbing
  • Low rise water shorts have lining
  • Soft elastic waist band for increased comfort 

One thing I was concerned about with the built-in SPF was the washing care.  Hey, if it’s not easy to take care of… it will be pushed to the back of the closet, right Mom’s?  Gina from SunSational Style reassured me that the SPF won’t wash out, because… the protection is not from chemicals, but the tight weaving of the material!  How great and green is that?!  The only way that the SPF will come out is with lots of stretching over a long period of time.  She encouraged me to most often just rinse in the sink and air dry.  When the set really needs cleaning, I can it put in the washer on a Delicate cycle!

Snapper Rock SPF Clothing

This set fit Sophia great.  The only thing that was difficult about it was getting that tiny little opening over her big head {big heads = big brains}.  It was super light and she moved around like she was having “nakey time”. I did have a regular cloth diaper on her in the picture, which makes the shorts look a bit tighter than they really are.  When we’re at the beach, she’ll have a trim swim diaper on, which will make a huge difference.

Why I Love this Snapper Rock Swim Set:  Like I said, I didn’t even know that SPF clothing existed before I found the SunSational Style website.  Now that I’ve been paying attention, I have found other SPF clothing at Target and other stores.  I’ve looked at them, felt of them and they don’t even compare to the Snapper Rock set.  It’s so well made, flexible, and light against Sophia.  I love the “green-ness” of using the tight weave as the SPF protectant rather than chemicals and I love that I found such a cute form of baby sun protection!

Although I was sent a Snapper Rock Swim Set for Sophia to review, I was not paid/enticed to write a fabulous review for this product, all opinions are expressed are 100% mine!

Bummis Swimmi Swim Diaper

I received a Bummis Swimmi for review. All opinions are my own and links to Amazon may be affiliate links.
Fact of the Day:  Each year there are more new cases of skin cancer than the combined incidence of cancers of the breast, prostate, lung and colon. Source.

My tip?  If you’re going to be in the sun… you should be having some major fun!  Today’s review will definitely put a smile on your {and your babe’s} face when you pull it out of the diaper drawer…

Bummis Swim Diaper

Told ya!

Ok, so yes, Sophia is in the bathtub enjoying her new Bummis Swimmi {in the Fishies print}, but that’s only because we haven’t had enough sunny days for the pools around here to get warm enough.  But the Swimmi performed just as well in our tub as I believe it will in a pool.  First, the prints available from Bummis are just too cute.  Sophia is all about pointing right now and she was in love with the Fishies!

This is our first swim diaper and I was immediately impressed with the fit.  It’s so trim and cute on her little bum.  The leg of the diaper seem to fit tight enough to keep anything inside the diaper, but not too tight {no red marks allowed}!  We received the size Medium Swimmi.  Although they are advertised to fit 15-22 lbs, I was advised that they usually fit up to 27lbs and I definitely think this is true.  Sophia still has room to grow, but gets a great fit out of it now.

Just in case you’re a swim diaper newbie like I was, the Swimmi lets pee pass through and only holds in solids.  The Bummis has an “Interior polyester mesh for easy clean ups and Coated nylon layer sandwiched inside that will hold in the messiest stuff a baby can throw at you!

Why I Love our Bummis Swimmi:  It’s so cute!  I will admit that we put Sophia in disposable swim diapers when she went swimming for the first time and I can’t begin to imagine how many chemicals are in those things to keep them from doing what a normal disposable diaper does when it gets wet.  Gross.

Buy It:  You can buy a Bummis Swimmi from a large variety of retailers, including

ThinkSport Sunscreen

Fact/Tip of the Day: In women, melanoma often develops on the lower legs. Source. {This is where my melanoma developed and I have an idea of why… we often put sunscreen on our faces/shoulders/chest/arms, but we so often skip our legs, as they are less likely to burn, it seems.}

When I was contacted by Navine from Natural Pure Essentials to see if I was interested in reviewing the new, ThinkSport Sunscreen, I was a bit surprised.  Surprised in the fact that I was already putting together the Stay Safe in the Sun Event and couldn’t believe the coincidence of it!

Let me start by saying, I usually wear a sunscreen with a 45SPF or higher when I’m going to be in direct sunlight.  So, in reality, this will probably be my husband’s go-to sunscreen from now on.  He hardly ever gets a “sunburn”, but he does wear sunscreen to protect his skin.

Wondering what the SPF numbers mean?

The Sun Protection Factor (SPF) displayed on the sunscreen label ranges from 2 to as high as 50 and refers to the product’s ability to screen or block out the sun’s harmful rays. For example, if you use a sunscreen with an SPF 15, you can be in the sun 15 times longer that you can without sunscreen before burning. Consumers need to be aware that SPF protection does not increase proportionally with an increased SPF number. While an SPF of 2 will absorb 50% of ultraviolet radiation, an SPF of 15 absorbs 93% and an SPF of 34 absorbs 97%.  Source.

Although I normally wear a higher SPF, I have worn this sunscreen a few times and can tell you plenty about it.  It’s marketed as a “Sport” sunscreen and it definitely is.  The cream is very thick and a bit hard to rub in, but this allows the sunscreen to not wash off as easily… which is exactly what you want if you’ll be in water or sweating. It’s main ingredient is Zinc Oxide, which is exactly what you should be looking for in your and your child’s sunscreen.  Navine recently made a blog post about ThinkSport’s inactive ingredients and compared it with other well-known sunscreens.

This sunscreen is safe for babies 6 months and over, as are most sunscreens.  I put sunscreen on Sophia from day 1, when we were outside {ok, so we weren’t outside when she was 1 day old, but you get the point…}, but I did consult her doctor’s opinion first.  I haven’t used ThinkSport on Sophia yet, but it will definitely be traveling with us to the beach in a couple of months to use when we’re in the water.

Do you know how much sunscreen to use?  Here’s an easy way to remember… a shot glass full for one person!

Sunscreens should be reapplied approximately every two hours or after swimming or perspiring heavily. Even so-called “water-resistant” sunscreens may lose their effectiveness after 40 minutes in the water. Sunscreens rub off as well as wash off, so if you’ve towel-dried, reapply sunscreen for continued protection. 

I’m not sure how well the ThinkSport sunscreen stays on after being in the water, but I will definitely use the AAD’s recommendations for re-applying.

ThinkSport Sunscreen

As I said before, the most important thing to look for in a sunscreen {especially for your babe} is Zinc Oxide, which is ThinkSport’s most active ingredient.  The second most important thing about sunscreen is… use it!  Be sure to put it somewhere that you can’t forget to lather up before you go out!

What I Love about ThinkSport Sunscreen:  Zinc Oxide, which helps protect against UVA & UVB rays.  I also love that it doesn’t have a strong smell like some sunscreens you find.  You can find a ton of other facts about the sunscreen listed below the product on Natural Pure Essentials website, here.

Buy It:  You can buy a 3 oz tube of ThinkSport {ThinkBaby is the same product} for $12.95 from Natural Pure Essentials.

Cloth Wipes by Two Sweet Potatoes

Do you use cloth wipes?  If you do, or want to start, I’ve got a lovely post for you today!

Before Sophia was born, I made my own cloth wipes out of terry washcloths and old t-shirts.  Those are in the closet as cleaning rags now {where they should stay… my sewing is embarrassing}, but my current cloth wipe collection is mostly comprised of wipes made of hemp, cotton, and flannel.  When Nikki from Two Sweet Potatoes contacted me about doing a review of her Organic Bamboo Velour wipes, I was interested, but a bit hesitant. I’ve felt OBV before and sure, it’s soft, but how good could it really be for wipes?  I was worried that they would be too soft and just move everything around.

Two Sweet Potatoes Cloth Wipes

When I pulled these wipes out of the mailbox, I was in love.  They were already so soft, very well sewn, and packaged together so lovely.  I immediately emailed Nikki and told her that I may steal them for my own make-up removing cloths!

I did prep the wipes.  I don’t think you need to prep OBV, but I did anyways, just to be sure {did 3-4 washes with other laundry}.  If you have used cloth wipes, you’ll understand why I did.  My flannel, cotton, and hemp wipes had to be washed at least 10 times before they would absorb the water when I squirted them.  It’s super annoying, as the wipe solution goes everywhere except onto the wipe.  These wipes never did that.

Cloth Wipes

Can I make an un-green confession?  I do not use cloth wipes all the time.  When Sophia poos, I use disposable wipes for two reasons.  {1} It’s super hard for me to spray the wipes off.  When they get the poo on them, I don’t want to leave it in the pail, so I spray them and get everything, including me, soaked. {2} I’m quite obsessive about getting Soph clean, so I use a few too many wipes, I’m sure.  I would use half of my cloth wipes on one clean up.  But, I always use a cloth wipe after the sposies so I know she’s super clean.

Since I knew I had to review every aspect of these wipes, I did it.  I used them on a poo clean-up and surprisingly, it only took two wipes.  I didn’t worry about irritating Sophia’s skin because they were so soft!  Although, we did have the issue with spraying {leave me a comment letting me know how you get your wipes clean.}

Two Sweet Potatoes’ OBV wipes are the perfect size.  The shop boasts “Just say no to folding!”.  They fit perfectly in a disposable box, as you can see!

I store my wipes dry and use a squirt bottle of water to wet them as I need them.  I’m currently looking for a good wipes solution {email me if you have a wonderful recipe, or recommend your favorite to me!}

Why I Love Two Sweet Potatoes’ OBV Wipes:  Absolutely, by far they are the softest wipes ever.  They’re organic and Nikki hand finishes them, no chemical fray block on these beauties!  The colors, oh the colors!

Buy Them:  You can buy an 8 pack of OBV Wipes (in your choice of 6 different colors) for $12.00.  There are also cute Bibs, Burp Cloths, and Infant/Toddler clothes for sale at the Etsy Shop.  All items are Organic!

Sprout Change Cloth Diaper System

Remember a few days ago when I said that there have been only two diapers {that I received for review} that I was actually nervous to review?  Well, I would like to introduce you to the diaper that had me shaking in my blogging boots.  The Sprout Change from The Willow Store.

Why was I worried?  Well, I wasn’t really that worried, but I don’t ever want to write a negative review for a company.  I only review products that I feel will actually benefit my family and if it’s a diaper/snack/product that I’m not going to like, I don’t want to waste my time or theirs.  According to their website, the Sprout Change system is a One-Size, but where are the adjustment snaps?  Another snag… I’m not really the biggest shell/insert combo.  Sooo… that’s what I was a bit hesitant.

Sprout Change

Sometimes you should step outside of your comfort zone {which cloth diapering has made me do. alot}.  The Sprout Change diaper made me do just that and guess what?  I wasn’t disappointed at all.

I was sent the Lemon Ice Shell and 2 Organic Inserts.  I will admit that I didn’t even realize how to adjust this diaper after it was prepped, so I just put it straight on Sophia at the setting it was on {am I the only one who is super impatient and doesn’t read the cardboard pamphlet the diaper is wrapped around?}.  Lucky for me, it was quite close to the setting Sophia needed, so we had no leaks.  After getting on their website, I finally figured out what the mysterious snaps were for, and adjusted the size.

Sprout Change Diaper

This diaper has not once left red marks on Soph’s legs, which is remarkable because she has some chunky, funky thighs.  The inserts are also very absorbent.  Sophia has worn this diaper during a few nap times and it hasn’t leaked {and other well-known diapers definitely do on her during nap time}.  There is only one thing that I would change about this diaper.  Sophia is very active.  She is moving and grooving all.of.the.time, so the insert sometimes shifts inside of the shell.  I do wish they snapped in so that they would stay put a bit better, but so far, it’s not moved enough to give us any leaks.  {Just a worry I have.}

Why I Love the Sprout Change Set: A re-usable, reversible diaper cover!?  Yes, please!  I just love the fact that it’s reversible and you get two cute covers in one!  I love being able to re-use the shell too.  It’s a great money saver {and laundry saver} and works really well when babies are smaller and they go through so many diaper changes!

Buy It:  You can buy your own Sprout Change Shell for $16.95.  The Organic Super Saver Inserts are $5.75 each.  You can also buy in Packages to save money and find lots of other green goodies (cloth diapers, training pants, mama cloth) on The Willow Store website.

Princess with the King – A Visit to Tupelo, Mississippi

You may or may not know that Sophia and I accompanied Rob on a business trip lately.  He’s been traveling alot and we’ve been missing Daddy time, so we made the 8 1/2 hour car drive to Tupelo, Mississippi to spend some quality family time.

Tupelo Fair Park

Sure, I wanted to spend time with Rob, but you know what Tupelo is famous for… right?  I’m a huge Elvis fan and I just had to see his birthplace!  I’ve not been to Graceland yet {don’t judge}, but we’ll get there one day… especially now that I know I have a bloggy friend with a guest bedroom in Memphis!

The Tupelo Hardware Co. is where Elvis’ Mom bought his first guitar!  The city had a beautiful downtown area, with a lovely park and City Hall.  Although, we didn’t find it until the day we were leaving!

Tupelo Hardware Co

The one room house that Elvis was born in and lived in until he was 2 1/2.

Tupelo Elvis House

I couldn’t resist letting the Princess hold hands with the 13 year old King!

Tupelo Elvis Statue

Reflection Pool.

Tupelo Reflection Pool

We had a great time in Tupelo.  I was quite surprised that it was a larger city than I thought it would be.  The people there were super friendly and Sophia was very well behaved even though we had to sit and play in a hotel room all day waiting for Rob to get out of work.  I really hope Sophia is going to be a little girl that loves to sight-see because if not, she’s going to be an unhappy little girl when we drag her along!