A.B.E. *Sponsor Spotlight* – Greener Route

By now, I’m sure you have all realized that I am taking small steps to live a green-er life.  A few years ago, when “going green” became so popular, I tried it and failed… miserably.  I tried too hard.  I tried to change too many things in my life, way too fast and it just wasn’t feasible.

I was determined this time to make my life, my family, and my world more environmentally friendly and I have succeeded.  I’m still taking small steps, but I truly believe that is the key!  My hope is that my A.B.E. winner will be grateful for these products that will help them “Live Greener”.  I also hope that you’ve found some fabulous new shops to buy your eco-friendly products!

And to last our *Sponsor Spotlight*…

Today’s Spotlight is on The Greener Route.

Hi! I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Danielle and I am a stay at home mom. I have been staying home with my kids for about 5 years now.  I am very big on green living. It all started when I made some napkins over a year ago because I was tired of throwing away money. I haven’t bought any paper napkins since. I have expanded into making my own environmentally safe cleaning supplies, composed my kitchen scraps and now reusable snack bags.

I received the loveliest set of Sandwich and Snack bags from The Greener Route to review.

I love this print (Midnight Kisses).  It is just so sophisticated and girly.  (Haha, maybe hubby won’t be stealing them from me!)  I love these bags.  They are very easy to clean, just wipe them out!  The velcro is on the inside of the bag so that nothing escapes from inside.

My yummy gingerbread cookies fit wonderfully in the bag.  With the velcro on the inside, you are able to fit more food/items than you would think.

Danielle was a total delight to work with and she is offering a set of bags in the same print, Midnight Kisses, as I received!  These bags retail for just $10.00 a set!  What a deal!!!

A.B.E. – *Sponsor Spotlight* – Skoy Cloths

I received product at no cost to facilitate this review. Links may be affiliate links.

If you read any blogs at all, you’ve probably came across a review of Skoy Eco-friendly Cleaning Cloths.  They are popping up everywhere and let me tell you why… They are a fabulous alternative to paper towels!

I’ll be honest with you.  Since my choice to cloth diaper my daughter, I’ve been taking baby steps to make my family green-er.  One of my hardest steps has definitely been “quitting” paper towels.  They are just so easy and convenient on that little roll above my sink.  Since finding Skoy cloths, it truthfully has become easier for me to reach for them instead.

Why do I love Skoy?

  • They are convenient because of their size.  I was skeptical at first.  They look a bit, small, in the pictures, but truthfully their size makes them easier accessible as I can keep them in a kitchen drawer or sitting on the counter (easier to grab!) without them taking up so much room.
  • They are ABSORBENT!  They suck water, dirt, beef juices (don’t ask!) right up!
  • They are easy to clean.  Throw them in your dishwasher (yes, dishwasher) with your dishes!  On the site, Skoy also suggests you can pop them in the microwave, but make sure they are damp first, for 1-2 minutes to kill germs/bacteria.
  • Skoy suggests that 1 Skoy cloth will save around 15 paper towel rolls per household!  That is definitely a green-er option!

Skoy Cloths can be bought on Amazon , priced at only $6.99 for a 4-pack.  And you are in luck, the lovely people of Skoy have offered a 4 pack of Skoy cloths, in the flower print, to my “Living Green” package for A.B.E, with a retail value of $6.99.

Qwerty O Reusable Product Bags

All produce and snack bags are made by Kristin, my 17 year old daughter, who is saving the money for college. Help us reduce trash in the world AND help send her to college. We love all our great customers, their support and their wonderful feedback!!!! We appreciate you and can’t thank you enough! All products are shipped in all recycled, recyclable and/or reusable packaging when possible. Funky boxes in your mailbox. 🙂 

I jumped on the Re-Usable Shopping Bag bandwagon as soon as stores started making them readily available (and some so cute!).  I will admit that from time to time, I do use the store’s plastic bags, but I always re-use them for small trash bags in our bathroom trash cans.  But, I hate using those small, plastic produce bags for my veggies and fruits.  They are too small for our trash cans, too thin to really use for anything… such a waste!

I was so excited to find the Qwerty O shop on Etsy!  As soon as I saw her bags, I knew I had to have them for home and for the “Living Green” package!  I was so excited when I got my produce bags in the mail.  Why, you may ask?  Because I got this…
She wasn’t kidding when she wrote the following in her Shop’s Welcome, “All products are shipped in all recycled, recyclable and/or reusable packaging when possible. Funky boxes in your mailbox. :)”.I didn’t even know it was possible to ship packages in boxes like this, so what a surprise!  Such a unique and great way to re-use your boxes and reduce the amount of paper/plastic you use at the same time!

Ok, on to the bags… I received a set of 5 re-usable produce bags:  2 large mesh bags and 3 smaller knit bags.  I love the different sizes!  I want to point out the fact that they are such good quality and great sewing, as well.  With a material, such as these, I would be afraid that they would rip easy and also that the sewing may be weak, but these bags are anything but!Another great thing about these bags?  When you get home from the market, you don’t have to dirty up your colander because you can wash your fruits and veggies while they are still in the bag!

I love this shop and their commitment to being green!

A.B.E. – *Sponsor Spotlight* – EcoMom

Today’s Spotlight is on EcoMom.

I   l.o.v.e.  the online store, EcoMom.  They have everything and anything that you could possibly want/need in order to make your life a little green-er, from Re-Usable Shopping Bags, Cloth Diapers, Organic Baby Food, EcoCups, and everything in between!  They also have a blog full of information for those going green!

EcoMom sent a product specifically for Sophia to review and let me tell you, she enjoyed her first “real” reviewing job, can you tell?!?


Sophia received the Under the Nile Scraptapus.
“This adorable octupus toy is made with out left over scraps, hence being called a scraptopus!  Withits vibrant primary colors and soft rib knit fabric, this scaptopus is sure to be a hit with your child!”
If you want one for your child, The Scraptapus retails for $14.00 at EcoMom.

Try to tell Sophie that it’s made of scraps.  Just think about that concept… most companies would throw the scraps away, but look what an awesome toy they have by re-using! She loved it.


As Organic As You Can Get – Preparing Organic Carrots

Prepping Organic Carrots for Homemade Baby Food

Sophia is eating food.  Not baby food, but food food.  It’s a good thing I prepared for this…

Last Spring, while I was 7 months pregnant, I planted carrot seeds indoors in our seed starting tray.  What was I doing on my due date?  Weeding the garden, of course!  Seriously, Miss Sophia was perfectly happy and fine in my belly and I wanted to make sure her carrots were weed free!

Fast forward to a few weeks later, it was time to pull the carrots!

Since Sophia was only a couple months old, she wasn’t quite ready to eat her organic carrots yet, so I researched online about how to freeze them.  My first intentions were to can them (another thing I really started to pick up on this Summer), but I can with a water bath, which is not recommended for any type of veggies that aren’t acidic.

Organic Carrots

Preparing Organic Carrots

  1. Wash the carrots.
  2. Peel and trim the ends.  Cut into smaller pieces.Organic Carrots
  3. Blanch the carrots:  Put carrots into boiling water for no longer than 5 minutes.  After, put them immediately into ice water to stop the cooking process.  Rule of thumb:  However long you boiled the carrots, leave them in the ice water for the same amount of time!
  4. Drain thoroughly.
  5. Bag your carrots.  I don’t own a vacuum sealer, so the best way for me to get as much air out as possible is to zip up the bag and put a straw down one side.  Suck all the air out and you have your own vacuum sealed bag… seriously!

Organic Carrots

I had enough carrots for 3 Quart size bags and then I double bagged in a Gallon Freezer bag to keep them from getting freezer burnt.  There is just something so special about planting a tiny seed and seeing this much come from it and knowing that you grew your own veggies!  I hope I never lose the amazement and satisfaction I feel every time I pick/pull/eat a vegetable or fruit that we’ve grown ourselves!

Prepping Organic Carrots for Homemade Baby Food

A few weeks ago, I took out my first bag of carrots.  I boiled them, pureed them in my food processor, and was so excited for Sophia to have her first bite of our carrots!  How did she react?  With love, admiration, and appreciation?  NO WAY!  She gagged, coughed, and turned her nose up to my hard work!

Sooo… I was quite disappointed with that reaction.  When I took the second bag out of the freezer the other night, I decided to cook them and keep them chopped, since she is enjoying self-feeding her puffs so much.  Guess what?!

Baby eating Organic Carrots

She LOVED them!

A.B.E. – *Sponsor Spotlight* – The Threaded Needle

The Threaded Needle was born when I discovered that my husband, Caleb, could sew…. needless to say that man hasn’t had much chance to step away from the sewing machine because I have a rather lengthy list of projects… Slowly but surely, I am starting to sew a bit myself and add new and exciting items to the shoppe like the knotted statement necklaces!! Our inspiration behind each item is our family – from Kindle covers for the devoted reader like me, to wipes cases and Sophie Leashes for our daughter. We make sure to test our items before ever selling, and bring you the same level of quality we would expect for something of our own.

I met April through her blog, Marine Parents, a few months ago.  We hit it off and have been blogging friends ever since!  She’s the one who finally convinced me to get a blog!  Once I found out that she her husband could sew, I added The Threaded Needle to my list of Fave Shops!  My Sophia loves her Sophie Leash, so much so that it’s becoming her favorite chew toy (not Sophie, the leash!).

When April found out I was participating in A.B.E., she generously offered to make me one of her new creations, a Knotted Statement Necklace.  She surprised me with the most lovely organic fabric!


I love the color combinations, the length, the pattern… everything about this necklace!

Soph loves it too!  She loves to chew on it, (which is part of the purpose of the necklace) and I’m at ease with that, knowing it’s made out of a lovely, organic fabric.  She also loves to swing it around, as you can see!


April is so nice that she’s offering up a 10% discount to all “So Easy Being Green” readers!  Just use, “Green” as your coupon code at checkout!  (And don’t forget to add your 10 extra entries on the form when you do!)

The Threaded Needle has sponsored a Knotted Statement Necklace (in the same print) for the “Living Green” prize package!  This necklace retails for $12.00 in the Etsy Shoppe!

A.B.E. – *Sponsor Spotlight* – Bug Baby

Today’s Spotlight is on the Etsy Shop, Bug Baby Creations!

So far, we’ve discussed how giving up paper napkins and paper sanitary napkins tampons and pads, are small steps to living a greener life.  Today, I have the perfect solution to giving up those drab, plain plastic sandwich and snack bags!

Jen, at BugBaby, was such a delight to work with and sent me the most fabulous bags to review!  I received a Sandwich and Snack bag set in the cutest print and as you can see, I HAD to try it out the minute I washed it up!


I dropped in some almonds (cocoa coated, my fave!), put it in Soph’s diaper bag and headed on our daily errands.  While we were out, I reached for my snack and smiled because the bags are just that cute!

One thing that I really loved about these bags is the fact that they flap over and then hook and loop velcro, so that food/crumbs do not get stuck in the velcro.  They are beautifully constructed as well!  I cannot tell you how much I love these bags!!!

My products reflect my love for sewing, beautiful and fun fabric, and making things for people. I began with moses baskets, then needed something to do with leftover fabric. At about the same time, my daughter started taking her lunch to school, and the reuseable bags were the answer to both. I hope you enjoy the things I make as much as I enjoy making them!

Bug Baby Designs has generously offered a Sandwich and Snack Bag Set in the winner’s choice of print!!!  The retail value of this item is $10.00.

Leah Beah strap Winner!

We have a Winner for the Leah Beah Giveaway!

According to…

Courtney, you have a new Leah Beah strap coming your way!  I’m emailing you now!  She has 48 hours to contact me back before another winner is chosen.  Thanks for entering everyone!!!

A.B.E. – *Sponsor Spotlight: Napkin Lapkin

The time is here!  I’m participating in my first blog event, A Blogtastic Extravaganza!  A.B.E. will run from January 18th-22nd.  During the event, there will be only 1 Mandatory Entry!  I love having extra chances to win fabulous giveaways, so I’m giving you those chances!

Everyday, until A.B.E. goes live, I will post a *Sponsor Spotlight* review of the different items that will be in my “Living Green – Green Mama” prize package!  Each post gives you extra chances of winning, but don’t forget to come back during the event to do the Mandatory Entry (or all your hard work won’t count)!

Today’s Spotlight is on the Etsy Shop, Napkin LapKin.

When I started thinking about “Living Green”, my theme for A.B.E., I knew I had to include cloth napkins!  They are a great, easy way to eliminate paper waste and live a bit green-er!  As I searched on Etsy for cute, practical napkins, I came across Yvonne’s shop.  I loved her prints, the quality of her sewing, and her shop’s name, seriously, how cute is the name!?!

Thanks goodness for my MOM! AND my interest in EVERYTHING she created. Since the age of four, I have had some sort of needle in my hand. From hand weaving to crochet, embroidery, knitting, sewing, on and on…I just love doing this stuff! So….I hope you enjoy my “passions”. I feel I am paying it forward by sharing my love of creativity with you. Enjoy my handiwork…Enjoy life.. 

She also has another shop on Etsy, My Mommy Made It, where she sells all kinds of cute things from burp cloths, receiving blankets, and more! 

I received a set of 4, Basketball themed, flannel napkins to review.


They are the perfect size to put into a lunch box.  They are so well constructed and cute, cute, cute!  I can’t wait until Sophie gets big enough to use these, but until then, I think I’m claiming them!

Napkin LapKin has generously donated a set of 4 cloth napkins, in an exquisite Michael Miller cotton print, to the Living Green prize package, retail value $8.00.

Although I was provided this product free for review purposes, I was not paid/enticed to write a fabulous review for this product, all opinions are expressed are 100% mine!  You may view my full disclosure policy, here.

Things are Changing!

I have been so busy these past few days.  On the blog front, obviously I have a new look.  To go along with that new look, a new domain name!!  This puts to rest all of the confusion over the “Not” So Easy Being Green.  It started out as a play on words the ONLY thing I could come up with that someone didn’t already own in Blogger!

So, now there is NO doubt that “it really is… So Easy Being Green!”.  I can’t wait to share my journey with all of you as I am slowly growing into my blog niche.

I’ve also been busy with Miss Sophia.  She has cut her first two teeth (oh the agony of sleepless nights…) and she’s only days away from crawling.  So, between the cuddling and holding for comfort, I’ve been babyproof-ing, with a little help!
Soph decided that she really liked those cabinet locks after all!

Baby Teething

Here’s the two teeth that have taken a toll on us both…

Baby Teething


Baby Crawling

Almost there!

So… I need some mommy advice!  I threw away my Hyland’s tablets (because of the recall, even though they really worked!), so I need other home remedies for her teething woes.  Any ideas for me to try?

Also, on the babyproof-ing part, what did/do you babyproof?  I don’t want to go overboard, because I want her to learn what she can and can’t get into, but it’s all about safety.  I’m locking up any cleaning supplies, taking away heavy books/knick knacks that she could pull down, covering plug-in’s and some wires.  Is there anything else I should be looking out for?