12 Days of Gifts Galore: One Fluffy Babe Prize Package {part 2}

One Fluffy Babe!

This Giveaway will be open to U.S. residents only.

I know all of you cloth-loving Mama’s and Dad’s would LOVE to win this fabulous Prize Package for One {or a couple} of your Fluffy Babe’s!

Meet the Sponsors:


If you’ve been around the cloth diapering scene for anytime at all, I would about bet you’ve heard of our next Fluffy Sponsor… Babykicks!  Whether it’s the diapers you’ve seen around or their accessories, you should definitely take note of this company, if you haven’t already.

When I began researching alternatives to microfiber inserts, simply because they weren’t holding enough, I came across Babykicks’ hemp inserts, JoeyBunz.  They were so highly recommended from other Moms and Cloth Diapering Stores, so I ordered a few.  They have truly saved our cloth diapering experience, I believe.  If it wasn’t for the super trim, absorbent hemp inserts, I simply couldn’t use cloth diapers on Sophia without having to change her every hour or so.  Babykicks sent us their newer, Premium Insert and I love it even more than the inserts we already had.  The Premium JoeyBunz have 4 layers of protection!  My favorite part?  The contoured shape, which makes it less bulky on your baby AND the fact that the insert is split.  It only attaches to each other at the top {see picture}, which makes drying time much shorter than if it was all sewn together!

We were also sent a Duz-It-All.  What is it?  Well, exactly what the name implies… it “duz it all”!  It’s a simple rectangle of jersey knit material, ade with hemp and organic cotton, that can be thrown in the diaper bag easily {it’s super thin and trim} and can be used as a diaper insert, burp cloth… anything you can think of!


Our next Sponsor is no stranger… GoGreen Pocket Diapers got a rave review from Sophia and I quite a few months back and now they’re back on SEBG with a different type of diaper and a couple of awesome accessories!  This time around, we reviewed a Champ Diaper.  A few notable differences between the Love Champ that we were sent and the regular Fuzzy GoGreen Diaper is the fact that the Champ has 1 extra Rise Setting.  It also has double snaps across the front, which I like better than the 3 snaps on the regular diapers.  The Dual Gussets on this diaper keep everything in, and I do mean everything… Sophia tested this out just this morning!

For a $15.95 One Size affordable cloth diaper, I think GoGreen Pocket Diapers are a super buy for your money.  They come with 2 microfiber inserts and surprisingly fit super trim for a one size.  I would think that maybe GoGreen’s only drawback would be that all of their diapers come in Snap Closures only {not for me, as we’re slowly steering away from any Aplix when it comes to Sophia!}, but they’ve even thought of a solution for that!

Meet my new favorite cloth diapering accessory… the Adapt-a-Snap!  These little beauties snap right onto all of the snaps on the Champ and come with 2 smaller tabs for the wings, to close.  The aplix seems pretty sturdy, but I haven’t been using it for very long, as like I said, we tend to use snaps on Sophia now more, but the aplix diapers are always sent to Grandma’s house!  This accessory just gives even more versatility to an already great diaper!

Lastly, I was sent a Wet/Dry Bag from GoGreen!  The bag is a relatively nice wetbag but a bit more “dainty” than some of our other bags.  I tend to be rough on the wetbags we have, as they get washed quite often and this one seems like it may not last quite as long, but for $6.99 for a Wet/Dry bag… you’re definitely going to get your money’s worth out of it!

Win It:  One GoGreen Champ Pocket Diaper, Wet/Dry Bag, and 1 Adapt-a-Snap will be included in the One Fluffy Babe Prize Package!


On a Fluffy Friday a few weeks back, I let the cat out of the bag… I’m a Rockin’ Green fanatic.  Yes, it took me a whole year into our cloth diapering experience to become a groupie, but it has happened and I doubt I’ll be turning back.

I had purchased a few RnG samples during our 1st year of CDing, but honestly didn’t see any difference between it and my homemade CD detergent.  I had even rocked a few soaks and not noticed a big difference.  Then I got a full bag of the green goodness and my goodness.  The first few times I washed my diapers… they STUNK!  Apparently, the Rockin’ Green was lifting out everything that my homemade detergent hadn’t been.  After those first few washes, Sophia didn’t stink after wearing her diapers for just a few short hours.  The true test was her overnight fitteds.  Sometimes when I would walk into her room, the scent of ammonia would almost knock you down.  We’ve cut back on this happening dramatically since switching to Rockin’ Green exclusively for her diapers.

We do still have occasional times when the smell of her diapers is stronger than others, but I’ve attributed that to trying to wash too many diapers at one time.  For this review, I was sent 3 sample packs of the detergent, which I used when we went on Vacation.  The sample packs are awesome to travel with… but don’t base your whole Rockin’ Green experience on only a bit.  You need to try a whole bag!  I’ve tried almost every scent they sell now and am truly in love with them all, although the scent completely washes out of your diapers, so it’s only yummy in your Laundry Room when you first put the diapers in the wash!

Buy It:  You can purchase Rockin’ Green detergent on their website or through a variety of retailers.  The Rockin’ Green Classic Rock, 45/90 bag, retails for $14.95 on their website!

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