My Toddlers are Learning Tagalog with the Dino Lingo Language Learning Program

Dino Lingo Language

I have always wanted to learn a second language.  I tried to learn Spanish in high school, but it just didn't stick.  It seems that most experts agree the younger you can teach a child a second language, the more likely they are to grasp it. Depending on if you're a regular reader of SEBG, you may or may not know that my girls are half-Filipino.  Rob {the hubs} was born in the Philippines, Pampanga to be exact, and moved to the US when he was 10.  Although Tagalog {Filipino} is technically his first language, he hardly speaks it.  He can, but just chooses to speak English 99.5% of the time.  The other .5% is when he's conversing with a family member that doesn't speak English as well. So, when a lovely reader let me know about a Kids Language Learning Program that her toddler … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Make Nighttime Potty Training a Success


Last week I shared with you how Nighttime Potty Training was going in our house {it's not} and a Tutorial for a DIY Waterproof Mattress Pad. This week I'm sharing 5 tips that will making Nighttime Potty Training a Success {hopefully!} 5 Tips to Successful Nighttime Potty Training 1.  Wait Until Your Child is Physically Developmentally Ready. We've tried a couple of times to get Sophia potty trained at night, one just recently, with little success.  She is just not developmentally ready.  So, how do you know if your child is?  He/She should be waking up dry at least 5-6 mornings out of the week.  Sophia would occasionally, but that just wasn't enough.  To have success, this is important that your child's bladder can handle holding the liquid all … [Read more...]

5 Tips on How to Get Your Toddler to Eat Vegetables


A few months ago I blogged about this subject, but on the opposite side.  I wanted to know how to get my toddler to eat vegetables.  Sophia was a great eater as a young toddler - she preferred spinach to chocolate, broccoli to bananas.  Seriously! But then she became two and everything changed.  I reached out on the blog, on my personal Facebook, to other Mothers... I had no idea what to do with this little girl who was refusing anything that was good for her.  I got some great advice, we implemented some new family rules, and I am proud to say that Sophia is now eating veggies again!  Sure, it's a hit and miss kind of thing and sometimes she still refuses, but I'm going to share with you a little success... Last night, hubby and I met in the kitchen {we walked out of … [Read more...]

How Do You Explain a Pet’s Death to a Toddler?

Pet's Death

Unfortunately, we're struggling with this very topic this week.  Our Pet's Death A few months ago, Sophia showed interest in getting a pet fish.  We decided to go with a beta fish, since they're easy to take care of and we could let her start a routine of feeding it and taking care of something, a little responsibility for the two year old.  :)   She named her, she insisted the fish was a girl... Blue Fish.  Yep, this little lady loves blue.  So, how do you explain a pet's death to a toddler the right way? So, Blue Fish joined our family back in September.  Sometimes I ended up being the one to feed her, but Sophia actually really enjoyed her pet.  Unfortunately, Blue Fish #1 didn't make it past a few days.  Before Sophia even noticed, we replaced with Blue Fish … [Read more...]

Babywearing in the Cold? Kowalli has you and baby Covered! #snugbug

Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover

I found the babywearing love with Moreaya.  I didn't get my first carrier, an ErgoBABY, until Sophia was already walking and she had already asserted herself as a very independent child, so she wasn't so keen about being strapped on Mama's back.  But I wore Moreaya at just a few weeks old.  My favorite way to wear her when she was so tiny was in a Boba Wrap.  Once she was a little bigger, we started using our Beco Gemini Carrier almost exclusively.  It's slim and trim and I always felt like I have her close and safe. Babywearing in east Tennessee was all fine and dandy this Spring and Fall, but now that it's turned c-o-l-d, it's not my favorite.  I don't have a jacket large enough to cover us both and I just feel like although I'm warmer with Moreaya being on … [Read more...]

The First Years #snugbug Sponsor Spotlight

The First Years Products

Are you ready for the next big Event here on So Easy Being Green?  I hope so because it's only a week away!  One Tuesday, January 15th, we'll kick off the Snug as a Bug Giveaway Hop Event!  We have over 40 bloggers who are coming together to offer up great prize packages for Babies and Toddlers.  Today I have a sneak peek at one of the awesome Grand Prize Packages that a lucky reader will win from The First Years! The First Years is a company that knows all about keeping kids snug.  Moreaya is riding snug in her new True Fit Premiere Premiere Convertible Car Seat these days.  You can also keep your babes snug and safe while they're eating!  The First Years has put together a fun Prize Package to help you do just that!   The First Years Snug Feeding Prize … [Read more...]

A Family Santa Visit

Santa Visit

It's been quiet on the blog the past few days, but our house is anything but quiet!  We've been bustling around, finishing up our last minute shopping for Stocking Stuffers, grocery shopping, and all of the fun Christmas activities - like going to see Santa! A local community bank has Santa visit and that's where we went last year as well.  It's a lot less crowded and a little more personal time with the Big Guy, so we headed down a couple of days ago.  Sophia was very nervous and had already told me that she would look at him but didn't want to sit with him, which I told her was absolutely fine.  Earlier in the day she even told me "Mom, I feel sick.  So we better not go see Santa today."  Poor girl!  I was determined to make the experience a positive one for her that … [Read more...]

Beco Baby: Travelin’ With Baby Grand Prize Sponsor #babytravels

Jenny and I are so excited to share with you all the next sponsor for the Travelin' with Baby Grand Prize! Don't forget that the giveaway starts on October 10th! You don't want to miss out! Beco Baby has graciously offered to giveaway a Beco Gemini Baby Carrier worth $129! If you're looking for a great versatile carrier to use while your out with your baby AND the best prints, then look no further! The Beco Gemini can be used in 4 different positions and can be used from newborn through toddler, so it's the only carrier you'll ever need! Jenny's going to be reviewing one shortly (Beco wanted to send a new print) but you can still head over to her blog and find out a little bit more about the carrier before her full review posts a little later this month. I can't say enough about my Beco Gemini.  I've reviewed a few different … [Read more...]

Five Healthy Halloween Ideas – Alternatives to Candy!


When I was a kid, I loved getting tons of candy on Halloween. Now that I'm a Mom - I despise it.  It's so hard to tell a 2 year old that she doesn't need to eat all that junk that she's worked so hard to collect.  I know, I know.  Maybe I shouldn't let her collect it, huh?  But I'm going to.  It's a past time that I enjoyed in my childhood and I'm going to let her enjoy. But - I'm going to jump on the Healthy Halloween wagon this year and I encourage you to do it also!  Stuck with no healthy ideas that are alternatives to the cheap candy found in the stores?  Here's a list to help get your creative juices flowing! Play Doh!  I'm sure you've all seen those small, treat size canisters of Play Doh.  I gave these out a couple of years ago and they were a true hit! Fun, decorative Mandarin Oranges.  Super simple - it's orange and with … [Read more...]

Bath Time – a Fight to Get In, a Fight to Get Out.


Please tell me I'm not alone.  Sophia, at the ripe age of 28 months, fights me like the dickens when I try to get her to take a bath.  She begs, pleads, stomps, cries - when I put her in.  Then, 30 minutes later - she does the same when I tell her it's time to get out.  Oh my - this one is a wild one. It definitely helps to remind Sophia of how much fun bath time is - she loves to play with toys, but she much prefers art time with bath crayons.  She requests me to draw all sorts of things and adds her own artwork too. She also loves bubbles.  I mean, this lady loves her bubble bath and requests it, as though she's bartering with me!  Whatever works, right!?  But, we've had a problem with some bubble baths in the past.  She has super sensitive skin and I have to really watch what types of bubble bath, bath soap, and lotion I use on … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Re-Use Disposable Snack Containers

Reuse Snack Containers

When we empty a snack container, like the Earth's Best Pop Snax pictured above, I always think "What can we do with this instead of throwing it away?"  Other than the easy, recycle, answer - I've come up with 5 clever uses for Sophia to re-use the disposable snack containers! Pipe Cleaner Sorter - This has been a great addition to our Manipulatives and gives her great practice at fine motor skills, color sorting, and hand-eye coordination.  It's super easy to do too!  I simply punched a few holes in the lid and we had leftover colored stickers from a yard sale, so I poked a few holes there too.  This turned the fine motor skills activity into a learning one as well. Kitchen/Dramatic Play.  When I used to work in a childcare setting, we would always clean the containers and put them in the Dramatic Play area.  You might be … [Read more...]

The Importance of Snacking by Earth’s Best Organic


Children are constantly growing and because of this, it is important they eat at the right times of the day and snack often to keep their metabolism going and body fueled throughout the day. Many parents fear that snacking takes away from actual meals but it is important think of snacks as part of a meal and monitor the nutrition children receive during that snack as if it were part of a meal. Scheduled snacking also promotes structured eating patterns and habits! According to, the typical child's stomach is too small to handle large meals, which can lead to them being unable to get enough proteins, fats and carbohydrates each day. Healthy snacks provide extra energy and can also provide essential vitamins and nutrients to fuel the developing body. Most children need two to three healthy snacks each day in addition … [Read more...]