Organizing Your Sewing Room: DIY Fabric Bolts


While I was busy making Sophia's handmade party favors for her Princess Tea Party, I ran into a problem... My fabric was everywhere.  It seemed like I could really never keep it organized, other than the few pieces that were on small bolts that I purchased. Sophia had already gotten a couple of birthday presents, which meant we had a few large cardboard boxes sitting in the garage and I got an idea - a light bulb went off in my head, kind of idea! I'm sure you can probably buy reusable fabric bolts - actually you can, I just googled it - but I'm cheap, oh yeah, and green.  So I decided instead of tossing those cardboard boxes, I would reuse them! I simply took the cardboard bolts that were in my fabric that I purchased off the Walmart Clearance Rack and … [Read more...]

How Does She Sleep!? DIY Stuffed Animals Storage

Stuffed Animals Storage Problem

Seriously - How does she sleep in there!? Before Sophia was born, I had an unspoken rule - no stuffed toys.  From my experience in a childcare setting, I just knew what a breeding ground of germs they are. But then Miss Sophia fell in love with Mickey and she got the set from the Disney store.  Then her Papaw got her a special dog on Valentine's Day.  Then she got another that "I just love, Mama!" then another... and another. We've had to implement a new rule.  Only 3 stuffed animals in Sophia's bed at bedtime.  The rule gets broken, oh, I don't know every other night, but we're limiting that's for sure.  So, I started scouring Pinterest for ideas on how to control the animals that aren't in her bed instead of having them thrown all over the floor. I found a few that I really liked, but because of space, we couldn't do some of … [Read more...]

Playroom Organization: 5 Ideas to Make Room for New Toys

Organized Play Room

We're a few weeks into the New Year and if your house is anything like mine, it looks like a Toy Store has exploded in at least one room, if not a few of them.  Not only did the girls get totally spoiled at Christmas, but Moreaya's Birthday Party was just a few days into 2013 so we added even more after that!   So, what do you do with all these toys?!  It's time to tackle Playroom Organization! Playroom Organization 1.  The first step in Playroom Organization is to cut down the supply.  It's always a good idea to purge some of the older toys that your children don't play with anymore.  We do this in a couple of ways:  Some I sell in a Children's Consignment Sale {if they're still in great quality} and others we pack up to donate to a local charity. 2.  Shelves and Totes are tremendous space savers and help the whole … [Read more...]