Best Cloth Diapers for New Parents

Best Cloth Diapers PIn

This post about the Best Cloth Diapers for New Parents was inspired by a collaboration with Buttons Diapers. All opinions are my own. Even though it's been a bit since my own cloth diapering days, my cloth diaper posts are still some of the most popular here on the blog. After over 4 years of using cloth on my girls and with my title of a blogger I was able to experience a ton of different cloth diapers through reviews [really, quite a few - check out my extensive catalog of cloth diaper reviews here] and had the experience of cloth diapering both my girls as newborns, infants, and even toddlers. But perhaps the time when parents have the most questions about cloth diapers is before they even start! That's why I'm sharing the Best Cloth Diapers for New Parents today! Cloth Diapering can seem totally overwhelming at first glance - … [Read more...]

3 Easy Tips to Make Your Aplix Cloth Diapers Last Longer

aplix cloth diapers

A couple of weeks ago, we looked at some pros and cons and battled it out over... Aplix vs. Snaps.  And I'm betting if you're a Snaps Snob {I kid, I kid} it's more than likely because you think aplix cloth diapers don't last as long as diapers with snaps, and... you're probably right. BUT there are things you can do to help extend the life of your cloth diapers with aplix {velcro!} closure! 1.  Keep your Aplix Cloth Diapers Lint-Free. My tabs don't get stuck with a lot of lint because I line dry {more on that in a bit}, but if your tabs are full of lint, they're probably not gripping so well!  You can easily clean them out with a Snappi, a Seam Ripper {my new best friend when I'm sewing}, or even a comb. 2.  Use your Laundry Tabs - They're there for a reason! I always hear people say they pull diaper chains out of their … [Read more...]

Washing Cloth Diapers with Tide. My Cloth Diaper Wash Routine.

Washing Cloth Diapers

Overwhelmed by the number of articles how washing cloth diapers?  Do you think there has to be a simpler way to wash cloth diapers than to have 3 different kinds of laundry detergent, dryer sheets for some, dryer balls for others way to wash cloth diapers?  There is.  Let me let you in on a little secret... Yep.  They really do.  I've been using Tide on all of our laundry for almost a year now, including cloth diapers, and I've only stripped one time.  Once.  Because I wanted to. For the first year that I used cloth diapers, I made my own Cloth Diaper Detergent.  I struggled with stink issues, but the detergent worked.  I just had to strip the diapers every month or so to really get the funky smell out - nice, huh? The thing is - other detergents do work.  I've had personal experience with most of the cloth diaper safe detergents … [Read more...]

Hybrid Fitted Cloth Diaper from Cucculuccia – #FluffyXmas Sponsor


Cucculuccia is run by a WAHM in middle Tennessee.  She is a sponsor in my Merry Fluffy Christmas package and today I'm sharing my review of a Hybrid Fitted from her shop! First, let me share a little about Jessi and her shop.  If you're like me - you might wonder where her shop name came from! What is Cucculuccia? It is an Italian term of endearment meaning "my sweet little cuddly one", and it is my bella bambina that has finally motivated me to to dive headfirst into this journey of growth and learning. I was introduced to Jessi through a blog reader, Beth {she's been around a LONG time now, right Beth!?}  Anyways, I was more than happy to work with a WAHM who is semi-local - just a few hours west of me in Tennessee.  When I saw the cloth diapers that she's … [Read more...]

Fluffy Friday: The Best Cloth Diapers for the Stroller

Traveling with Cloth Diapers

Today we're talking about the best cloth diapers for the Stroller.  Although I use my baby carrier most of the time, there are definitely places where a stroller comes in handy - toting a diaper bag and a baby in a carrier is sometimes a bit hard... So, what are the best travel friendly cloth diapers to pack in the diaper bag - in the stroller? Even the most die hard of cloth diapering parents will tell you that they take up more space in a diaper bag than disposables do. So, does that mean you should ditch the cloth when you're away from home?  You don't have to.  Sometimes you just have to get creative with packing the fluffy diaper bag and stroller! Here are some of my favorite ways to make your cloth be a little more stroller-friendly. Type of Cloth Diapers.  The type of diaper that you choose to travel with can … [Read more...]

What to do with Poo? {DIY Diaper Sprayer}

DIY Diaper Sprayer for Cloth Diapers

Let's face it - the first thing that everybody wonders when they start contemplating cloth diapers OR if you tell them that you use cloth diapers is "What to do with the Poo?".  It's only natural that this would be one of the first concerns about cloth diapers - I mean, who really wants to talk about poo, let alone put it in your washing machine on a regular basis. But the thing is, it's really not that hard at all to deal with poo or to talk about it.  See, I'm doing it right now {although I admit, I feel a little weird}. There's a few things that can help if the idea of washing cloth diapers full of Number 2 is making you apprehensive about cloth diapers. Breastfed Babies Poo Can Be Put Directly into Your Washer. For realz.  Everyone seems to agree that EBF babies poo is water soluble.  BUT I never did it.  I would always try to … [Read more...]

Red Barn Swim Cloth Diaper


Are you ready to see the second swim diaper that you one lucky reader will win in the Summer Cloth Diaper Hop, starting on Thursday!? It's an adorable Red Barn Cloth Diapers Nifty Nappy Swim Diaper! These swim diapers are adorable and come in 2 sizes:  Small {7 - 25 lbs} and Large {20 - 40 lbs} and the cutest prints ever!  Jeni, the sweet seamstress behind Red Barn Cloth Diapers, has 15 prints to choose from!  All of the Swim Diapers have Snap closures contain a hidden layer of PUL to make sure everything is kept inside!  {Just like disposable swim diapers, urine is allowed to pass through the swim diaper.} She's showing off her "Howdy" print!  I received a size Small Swim Diaper and it fits her perfectly.  She's right at 16 1/2 lbs and still has a couple of snaps on each side - so it should have no problem fitting her for the … [Read more...]

Fluffy Friday: Nighttime Cloth Diapering Solution, thanks to Earthy Crunchy Mama!


I posted a few weeks ago about my struggle to use cloth diapers at night for Moreaya.  I never had a problem with Sophia.  She was a back sleeper and a bumGenius with OS insert and a hemp insert beneath it held her until she was about 9 months old.  Moreaya, on the other hand, is a belly sleeper, heavy wetter at night, and moves around a lot.  She starts at the foot of her crib and by the morning, her head is tucked into one of the upper corners! So, it's been a real challenge and I've struggled back and forth between wet sheets and disposables at night.  Even disposables sometimes leak because she can sleep a good 12 hours, most nights! Jenn, from Earthy Crunchy Mama, sent me the same system she uses for her belly sleeper at night!  Take a look at what we got... A Hiney Lineys Cover {with Liney - that's the Brown Part}, a Flip Stay … [Read more...]

Fluffy Friday: Spoiled Bottom


I love finding out about new diapers on the market... and when the owner behind the store is such a joy to work with, like Jodie from Spoiled Bottom is, well, it makes the experience even more enjoyable!  Thinking about making the switch to cloth but not sure where to start? Already cloth diapering but want to add to your stash? Let me help! I'm a stay at home mom of 2 beautiful little girls - 4 years old & 1.5 years old. I made the switch to cloth when my littlest one was 5 months old & wish I would have started sooner. I've now to decided to share my love of cloth diapering! I almost wished I lived closer to Spoiled Bottom, in Canada - Jodie provides in-home consultations for parents who want to see cloth diapers in person!  This is such a wonderful service as people can really see that modern cloth diapers are easy and … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day #ClothDiaperHop Sponsor Spotlight: Bouncing Babies

Bouncing Babies Cloth Diaper Store

Isn't this going to be an absolutely fabulous Prize Package for one lucky Mama to win!?  Of course, a Dad could win too, but it IS a Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Hop - so let's give her the credit!  ;)   Today may be the last Sponsor Spotlight, but that should only make you excited because the Event is only 2 days away! I've enjoyed getting to know the ladies behind Bouncing Babies over the past couple of months.  They've worked with So Easy Being Green previously on a review of the fantastic bumGenius Freetime and this time around we're going for a diaper that is aimed straight at Moreaya... a FuzziBunz Perfect Size Diaper! Like most Mama's, when I began to research cloth diapers I thought One-Size diapers were the only and obvious choice for our family.  A diaper that will last from Birth - Potty Training sounded too good to be true, but … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day #ClothDiaperHop Sponsor Spotlight: GoGo Natural


If you like one size pocket cloth diapers and you like to try different brands that aren't so mainstream AND you like to save money... well, today's cloth diaper review is for you!  GoGo Natural sent me a Dinkledooz Pocket Diaper to review on Moreaya and is offering up one in the Mother's Day Cloth Diaper Giveaway here at SEBG! This isn't my first go-around with a Dinkledooz.  I reviewed a lovely orange one on Sophia back in September.  My opinions on this diaper haven't changed one bit since then.  It's still an amazing pocket diaper, especially for the price!  So, let's see how the Dinkledooz works on a 3.5 month old! Meredith, from GoGo Natural, was sweet enough to send us the diaper in it's newest color... Chocolate!  I love the color combo of the brown with red snaps, it really is super cute in person!  The diaper comes with 2 … [Read more...]

Mother’s Day #ClothDiaperHop Sponsor Spotlight: Glow Bug Cloth Diapers

Glow Bug Cloth Diapers

There's nothing better than finding a fabulous cloth diaper that fits a huge range of babies, absorbs really well with no leaks, comes in some of the cutest prints and patterns you've ever seen, and is extremely affordable!  This is exactly what you get with Glow Bug Cloth Diapers! I reviewed Glow Bug Cloth Diapers on Sophia when they were pretty new to the market.  At the time, Sophia was about 1 1/2 and was on the next to largest setting at the time.  I was excited to see how these diapers fit on a pretty small baby like Moreaya... although she's beginning to develop quite the chunky little legs!  In my last review, I stated that I felt these diapers would fit on larger toddlers - they're advertised to fit 7-35lbs. I am very happy to say that we get a great fit on Moreaya at about 13lbs.  I've used the diapers both on the smallest … [Read more...]