Getting Design Inspiration for my Mom Cave from La-Z-Boy

Mom Cave

Yep, I now have a Mom Cave.  Well, it's kind of a "room that serves every purpose" room, but I'm claiming it. You see, the previous owners of our house added on a delightful, little sun room.  I say little, because it is.  The room is only about a 10'x10' space.  But with all the windows and the exposed brick on one wall, it really is delightful! Since we moved in, over 4 years ago, the room has been changed a lot.  First, we used it as a breakfast nook.  Then it became our Dining Room.  Later, we transformed it into Sophia's playroom.  Then it turned back into a Dining Room, and now it's been transformed into an Office/Study room.  Seriously!  Thank goodness my hubby likes to re-arrange and re-decorate as much as I do, right? The Multi-Uses of my Mom Cave 1.  We keep this room blocked off with a baby gate {because of our … [Read more...]