How Do You Explain a Pet’s Death to a Toddler?

Pet's Death

Unfortunately, we're struggling with this very topic this week.  Our Pet's Death A few months ago, Sophia showed interest in getting a pet fish.  We decided to go with a beta fish, since they're easy to take care of and we could let her start a routine of feeding it and taking care of something, a little responsibility for the two year old.  :)   She named her, she insisted the fish was a girl... Blue Fish.  Yep, this little lady loves blue.  So, how do you explain a pet's death to a toddler the right way? So, Blue Fish joined our family back in September.  Sometimes I ended up being the one to feed her, but Sophia actually really enjoyed her pet.  Unfortunately, Blue Fish #1 didn't make it past a few days.  Before Sophia even noticed, we replaced with Blue Fish … [Read more...]