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Media Kit.

mediakitimageThank you for your interest in Advertising on the So Easy Being Green blog.

The So Easy Being Green blog is a PR friendly blog.  The Author has over 3 years of blogging experience, as well as Social Media Relations.

Ready to jump in?  Fill out the form below!

There are several different types of advertising available on SEBG.  Read below for an explanation of each and download my Media Kit for up-to-date Statistics and information on So Easy Being Green.

Sidebar Advertising:

SEBG Sidebar Advertising

  • Prime Exposure on one of the Fastest Growing “green” Blogs on the Web.
  • All ad are personal ads that are approved by me.
  • Elite Advertising at a very inexpensive rate.  Advertisers will be selected on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Your ad will direct to the Landing Page of your choice.

Large Advertisement {350×150 – Vertical or Horizontal}:

  • Pricing:  Available in 1-12 month increments.  Please email me for pricing.
  • Located on the top of all Ads.
  • Large Ads purchased for 3 months or more include:  4x Social Media Promotion and a complimentary Giveaway Post {a $50 value}.

Small Advertisement {150×150}:

  • Pricing:  Available in 1-12 month increments.  Please email for pricing.
  • Small Ads purchased for 3 months or more include Social Media Promotion.

Sponsored Posts/Giveaways

I do write and/or accept Sponsored Guest Posts on the So Easy Being Green blog from time to time if I feel like the subject could be a great collaboration between us both.

Giveaways are a fantastic way to gain new social media followers and potential customers.  If you have a product that you would like to giveaway on SEBG, we can discuss options that are mutually beneficial to us both.

Interested?  Email me for my Sponsored Posts Media Kit and Pricing.

Reviews and/or Giveaways

Mommy blogged reviews and/or giveaways are another great form of advertising and a way to gain new customers for your business. I am open to performing and writing reviews that fit my family’s lifestyle.

My family consists of: my husband and I, who are just starting our 3rd decade, and our two daughters, a 3 year old and a 2 year old!  I will consider any product, but my particular interests are items that are eco- and family-friendly.  To see if I’m a good fit for your business or product, read more about me and my family.

As my focus is primarily on content, all reviews will be placed in a content-type post and will only be accepted if they are a good fit for the So Easy Being Green readership.

There are times when my review calendar is full, that I will refer companies and businesses to Sponsored Giveaways and Posts.

Review/Giveaway Policies:

  • Reviews are conducted FREE of charge, but must meet a $50 product minimum.  If minimum is not reach, compensation to reach minimum must be met.
  • You will provide a full-size product to me for review purposes, free of charge (including shipping). The review item will not be returned.
  • Please allow 3-4 weeks of receiving the product, for the review to be posted, unless we discuss otherwise.
  • For giveaways, sponsors can request a total of up to 3 entry options on Giveaway Form.
  • Giveaways without a review product are subject to a fee due to the time and effort it takes to host, promote, and run a giveaway. This fee starts at $100.00 and is dependent upon amount of time and work involved in your giveaway of choice.
  • Giveaways without a review product will be posted within one week of receiving fee payment.

If you are interested in any of these Advertising Options, please email me at to set up a collaboration.