Looking for a Doula or Lactation Consultant in Your Area? Check MamaViews First.


Let me admit something here at first.  When I was pregnant with Sophia I had no clue what a Doula, Baby Nurse, or Lactation Consultant was or did.  I was clueless.  I knew you went to the hospital and had your baby because that's what everyone else that I know did.  Luckily I did find out what a Lactation Consultant did after attending my hospital's Childbirth Classes, but that's as far as my knowledge went. Once I found my way into the Attachment Parenting world that crunchy and cloth diaper blogs so often represent, I learned a lot more.  A lot.  I had no idea that people still had home births or that you could hire someone to go through the birthing process with you.  I so wish I could go back and have had a Doula with my first pregnancy and birth! All I can say is I wish I had known about MamaViews.com then too.  Not only … [Read more...]

A Look at the Mombo Nursing Pillow


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Comfort and Harmony for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. My babies are growing up.  Moreaya is already 16 months old and Sophia, my baby, is going to be 3 in less than 2 weeks.  It just doesn't seem imaginable.  I still see them both, so tiny. Even though I don't have a baby baby, I still love to look at baby products in stores.  Do you find yourself wondering over to the infant section and checking out all the new products?  I know I can't be the only one.  I was sent a Mombo nursing pillow a few weeks ago.  Although I'm not currently breastfeeding, I do remember a few things about the subject and being comfortable {both myself and the baby} was one of the most important parts of the breastfeeding … [Read more...]

Pretty Mommies Skincare


Did you know it's important to use safe skincare while you're pregnant and breastfeeding? The Blogging Mamas Network and Pretty Mommies have come together to bring you important information about safe skincare during these special times AND to offer you a chance to win 1 of 4 sets of Pretty Mommies Skincare! Pretty Mommies Skin Care is an all-natural, physician-based maternity skin care line that has raised the bar to become the new standard in safety and efficacy for pregnant and nursing women. Pretty Mommies not only addresses the challenges due to the hormonal changes associated with motherhood, but also sets a new standard of safety for you and your baby. Contains ingredients such as Rose Hip, Vitamin C, Aloe, Green Tea, Red Tea, Squalane (derived from Olives) and Trichloma Matsutake Singer Extract (Japanese … [Read more...]

Boppy: Travelin’ With Baby Grand Prize Sponsor #babytravels

Today, Jenny is reviewing 2 great products that will be in the Travelin' With Baby Grand Prize - a Travel Pillow and Nursing Cover from Boppy! These feeding essentials make traveling with baby a cinch and the Boppy Travel Pillow also doubles as a nice resting spot for baby. Portable and comfortable! Boppy will be sponsoring a Travel Pillow and Nursing Cover in the Travelin' With Baby Grand Prize! … [Read more...]