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Learning to Read with Rosetta Stone Kids

Rosetta Stone Kids

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Rosetta Stone. I received a product and a promotional item to thank me for participating. It's hard to believe that it's already time for Sophia to start learning how to read.  I turned to Rob the other day and said "You realize we don't have babies anymore."  I've always considered myself a "New Mom", but now that I'm getting ready to be a Mom to a 3 and 4.5 year old... well, I guess that description doesn't get applied to me anymore! When Sophia comes home from Preschool every day, I ask her what she did that day and listen to her stories about everything that happened that morning.  I always ask her what center she played in and her answer is always the Art Center.  My girl loves Arts and Crafts, that's for sure!  I inquire about the other centers and … [Read more...]

5 Tips on Dealing with After Holidays Clutter

After Holidays Clutter

This conversation about Dealing with After Holidays Clutter was inspired by a collaboration with Savers.  All opinions expressed are my own. The end of the year is a super busy time for most of us—between Thanksgiving and the Winter Holidays there’s so much to do and consider—not to mention all of the clutter that builds up.  Today I'm going to share 5 tips that will help you deal with the After Holidays Clutter that seems to plague my house at the end of December. With all of the excitement of the upcoming Holidays, one thing that often gets overlooked is that overstuffed closet or the box of donations waiting in your garage.  The best time to deal with it is NOW. Deal with the Clutter BEFORE the Holidays. That's right - if you deal with a large portion of the clutter that you have around your house now, after the holidays … [Read more...]

Personalized Christmas Gifts for Friends from Personalization Mall

Gift Guide for Friends

Today's post about Personalized Christmas Gifts for Friends has been sponsored by Personalization Mall.  All opinions are my own. December is moving right along - yes, it's only the 4th, but it seems like just yesterday it was Halloween - which means Christmas is literally just right around the corner.  If you're anything like me, Holiday Lists are one thing that's totally taking over your To-Do List. I'm constantly thinking "Do I have a gift for her?  For him?  What else do I need to get?!" If you still have friends on your list to buy for, then today's post is just for you!  I'm sharing some of my favorite Personalized Christmas Gifts for Friends from Personalization Mall. The first thing you'll notice about Personalization Mall when you visit is... they have anything and everything you can think of... which makes shopping super … [Read more...]

aden+anais for Adults [a Review of the bamboo daydream blanket]

Daydream Review

I received an aden+anais daydream blanket for review purposes.  All opinions and absolute love for this luxurious blanket are real and 100% my thoughts.  I've been a lover of all things aden+anais for about 3 years now.  I'm a little sad that I didn't discover this luxurious brand until after Sophia was older for she definitely missed the pampering touch of a lovely swaddle tucked in a+a. Of course she enjoyed that swaddle a little later than normal, but still, she enjoyed it.  Moreaya has been an aden+anais blanket girl from the start and still sleeps with a swaddle blanket [definitely a security blanket for her] and her bamboo dream blanket keeping her warm every night.  From the moment I reviewed the swaddles I wished for an adult sized version.  Either they really listen to what I have to say or I wasn't alone in that … [Read more...]

Sofia the First Slumber Party [+ Princess Scones Recipe]

Sofia the First Slumber Party JuniorCelebrates

Our Sofia the First Slumber Party and Princess Scones Recipe was inspired by this sponsored post collaboration.  This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #JuniorCelebrates #CollectiveBias My girls are just totally obsessed with Princesses.  I thought it might last a few months, but we're going on a full 2 years of Princess fascination and I see no end in sight - which makes me happy because it's a totally fun theme that I can incorporate into our every day life! For instance, Moreaya asks me every single day to wear her Sofia the First Princess Dress.  No kidding - every day I have to change her back into regular clothes to pick up Sophia from school because she's played "Princess" all morning long.  So when Moreaya and I had the opportunity to check out the Disney … [Read more...]

How to Create an After School Snack Plate with Healthy Food Choices

After School Snack Plate

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Arla Dofino. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. Now that back to school season is in full swing, there's no doubt that you're searching for delicious and fun snacks for your kiddos in the afternoon.  Even though Sophia's Pre-K is only half a day, there's something about coming home from school that just means it's snack time! Luckily, the lovely folks at Arla Dofino know that we parents face after school snack time every day and are here to help out.  They are sharing totally fun new ways to create snacks with their delicious line of cheeses.  My girls love being in charge of their snacks, so I find that when I give them the creative choices to put together their own snack, … [Read more...]

It’s Time to #GetGoing with the Jif To Go Photo Competition

Moreaya Crayon Rider

I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Jif To Go Dippers. I received a sample to facilitate my review and a thank you item for participating. My family is constantly on the go - or so it seems.  Whether it's shuttling Sophia to Pre-K every morning, Dance Class on Mondays, or just on-the-go here at home... someone is ALWAYS on the move around here! And you know what it means when kiddos are always on the move - someone is always hungry and asking for a snack!  Jif To Go is a new snack option that we've been taking advantage of around our house and the girls [and me, yes I need a snack too!] are loving them.  In fact, we're taking off on a fun trip just tomorrow and I'm packing a few Jif To Go packs in our bags for the girls first plane ride! I know my family isn't the only one that's … [Read more...]

Green Mountain Gringo’s #TastefullyCrafted Contest


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Green Mountain Gringo all-natural chips and salsa for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine. When I say something is Tastefully Crafted what do you think of?  Do you think of deliciously blended foods, a warm cup of coffee, a piece of artwork that hangs on your wall, or a beautiful flower bed that sits in front of your house? I think of all those and so much more.  I guess it's the time of my life when my girls really are my world.  Everything we do as a family or as individuals resolves around Sophia and Moreaya.  As I have shared numerous times, Sophia is now in Pre-K and every day I just see her flourish.  She's growing right before my eyes and I just don't know when it happened.  It was like I blinked and she became a young lady.  Sure, still a very young age at 4, but her mind … [Read more...]

I’m Speaking My Cat’s Love Language with Fancy Feast® Broths

Cat Waiting for Fancy Feast Broths

Today I want to formally introduce you to my cat, Roxy.  We talked a little about her last week and I'm excited for you to see her a little more today!  Roxy was my first baby - she was a stray that I found as a Senior in High School and she blended into my family perfectly then and still does now.  However, she takes more of a back seat these days, but she's pretty happy that way. You see - Roxy is an older [I whispered so she wouldn't hear] and bigger, or shall we say fluffier, cat who doesn't get excited over much these days.  Oh, but I know one thing that gets this 13 year old kitty cat excited, which just happens to be why I was thrilled at the opportunity to try out Fancy Feast® Broths as a part of this sponsored post program. I talk a lot about how we're taking small steps to green our whole family and just how that's … [Read more...]

DIY Frozen Yogurt Pops [Summer Fun with Stonyfield]

Frozen Yogurt and Fruit Pops

This post was created in partnership with Stonyfield. All opinions are my own. Summer is in full swing - it's hot and the girls are loving that they can cool down with cold treats.  The only problem with that is - they ask for cold treats all.the.time.  So, after seeing my blogger friend Ruth's post about making her own Fruit Ice Pops, I was inspired to put a Stonyfield twist and make our own Frozen Yogurt Pops!  That way, the girls could enjoy as many frozen treats as they wanted because I would know exactly what was in them - and they're healthy and delicious! I decided to make these super simple, but there are so many variations you could choose.  A fellow Stonyfield Yo-Getter actually made Peanut Butter and Jelly Popsicles that I'm dying to try!  For our Frozen Yogurt Pops, I stuck with 2 different kinds of pureed fruit - … [Read more...]

How to Throw a RAWRsome Dinosaur Birthday Party

RAWRsome Dinosaur Party

[tps_header] It's been about 2 months since Sophia turned 4 so it's about time I shared her fantastically RAWR-some Dinosaur Birthday Party with you, don't you think!? Sophia's been an independent thinker since she was 1.  No, really, she has.  As I was preparing for her 2nd Birthday Party, I decided on a Dora theme because she was completely in love with Dora at the time and in her little 1 year old voice she proclaimed she did not want a Dora Party, she wanted a Mickey Mouse Party.  Even at a ripe age of 24 months, I knew that if she walked into her Birthday Party and it wasn't Mickey, I would never hear the end of it.  So, Mickey Mouse she got. Then, last year she requested a Disney Princess theme so I took a fun, personalized spin and make it a Princess Tea Party. The week before her 3rd birthday she fell in love with … [Read more...]

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All Your Holiday Photos in One Everalbum


This conversation about preserving holiday photos was inspired by a collaboration with Everalbum.  All opinions expressed are my own. Since today is a great American Holiday, I thought we should talk about preserving Holiday Photos! - If you're like me, and most people in this digital age, you have pictures everywhere.  I have printed pictures in a box in the top of the girls' closet waiting to be put into an album [they've been waiting for about 3 years], pictures on my iPhone that I just can't bear to delete, pictures on an external hard drive that need to be organized, and probably a few more places that I don't even remember! Even worse - I back up my iPhone pictures, which is where I take the most pictures, but then I'm scared that my computer might break and I'll lose all of my pictures that I backed up.  Photographs are … [Read more...]