DIY Cloth Diapers with Babyville Boutique

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Babyville Boutique.  All opinions expressed are my own. Are you the crafty type that loves to peruse craft stores? Do you like to sew? Have you ever tried your hand at making your own cloth diapers or accessories? If you answered "Yes!" to any of those, you have probably heard of Babyville Boutique.  But just in case you haven't, here's a little background on the company! Babyville Boutique is about sewing and crafting for your family, friends and pets. Babyville was “born” when a new generation of parents embraced an emerging lifestyle trend of wanting healthier and environmental friendly products for their baby.  As more families became conscience of this lifestyle choice, many creative moms began sewing cloth diapers for their babies and toddlers for both … [Read more...]

A Christmas Stocking Tutorial for Beginners

Stocking Turorial

Y'all know I like to sew, right?  Even after about a year of loving the hobby, I still totally consider myself a beginner.  My projects usually turn out great, but it's quite obvious that their sewn by a beginner, but I'm ok with that.  I take so much pride when I finish a project successfully! On my queue of Sewing To Do's for years has been make my own Christmas Stockings.  I've always loved the cute, matching, embellished, and personalized family stockings and wanted some for my little family.  The only problem, when you go to search for these lovely stockings, most are between $20-$40 a PIECE!  I just can't handle that when we're buying 4! So, I decided to take a day to sit down and try it.  I'd never know if I could do it unless I tried, right? I was TICKLED with my end result.  So tickled, in fact, that I was so … [Read more...]

DIY Cloth Training Pants

DIY Cloth Training Pants

Although potty training finally officially ended a few months ago, when we were in it, I struggled with finding options for long car trips, naps, and night time.  I looked into cloth trainers and even reviewed a few options, but I just wasn't totally happy with the results from them.  Especially when I added up the cost of cloth trainers versus how much they absorbed. So, instead of investing in more cloth training pants, I decided to make my own after a super fun pin I saw! Now, don't misunderstand - these actually perform just like the cloth trainers that I reviewed.  They don't hold a ton of liquid {just like other cloth training pants on the market}, they won't keep your sheets completely dry at night or their clothes dry in the car, if it's a big accident.  BUT they will absorb … [Read more...]

Organizing Your Sewing Room: DIY Fabric Bolts


While I was busy making Sophia's handmade party favors for her Princess Tea Party, I ran into a problem... My fabric was everywhere.  It seemed like I could really never keep it organized, other than the few pieces that were on small bolts that I purchased. Sophia had already gotten a couple of birthday presents, which meant we had a few large cardboard boxes sitting in the garage and I got an idea - a light bulb went off in my head, kind of idea! I'm sure you can probably buy reusable fabric bolts - actually you can, I just googled it - but I'm cheap, oh yeah, and green.  So I decided instead of tossing those cardboard boxes, I would reuse them! I simply took the cardboard bolts that were in my fabric that I purchased off the Walmart Clearance Rack and … [Read more...]

A Princess Tea Party Birthday


Are you ready for Princess Tea Party overload!? Sophia was Cinderella a Blue Princess for Halloween.  She had a Cinderella Blue Princess Party last fall.  She's still quite in love with Cinderella Blue and Princesses, so she requested a Blue Princess Party.  Her Mommy {me} decided to open the theme up a bit more and convince her to tie in her current love of Tea Parties.  *She much prefers to refer to Cinderella as a Blue Princess rather than by her name. That's when the idea of a Princess Tea Party Third Birthday was born. In our family the first birthday party is a big deal.  Sophia's was a Rock 'N Roll theme, Moreaya had a Beach Party in the middle of Winter.  Then at Sophia's 2nd Birthday - a Mickey Mouse theme, we went to a smaller scale, a little … [Read more...]

Handmade Crib Bedding for Moreaya

Handmade Crib Bedding - Rail Cover

I have definitely caught the sewing bug.  So far, I've made cloth diaper clutches, Easter bunny plushes, a coffee cozy or two, and even a waterproof mattress pad - and those are just the projects that I've blogged about! I have a project list about a mile long, but one that got bumped up pretty quickly was crib bedding for my sweet Moreaya.  You see, she's a second child with an older Big Sister so pretty much everything she has are hand-me-downs.  Not that she minds now, but sometimes my sweet girl deserves something special!  Well, this project actually started out as a necessity but quickly became a special one! You see - she got Sophia's lovely espresso crib, but she is enjoying putting her own, um, marks on it!  Sophia never bit on her crib, but Moreaya sure does enjoy it!  So, I … [Read more...]

Homemade Easter Gifts

homemade easter gifts

I've been sitting in front of my sewing machine quite a bit lately.  Although I definitely still consider myself a beginner at sewing, I'm really enjoying diving head first into some fun projects!  One of the reasons that I wanted to learn how to sew is to make cute, one-of-a-kind gifts for my girls, so I decided that this Easter would be a perfect time to do so! When I first saw these adorable Easter Bunny Softies on Pinterest, I immediately repinned them with an idea!  I had already purchased some fabric with a plan to make the girls a very simple Easter dress.  I picked out fabric that represents their personalities {and blue obsessiveness on Sophia's part} for their dress. I decided that they definitely needed a cute Homemade Bunny Plush to show up in their Easter Basket to match their dress - so … [Read more...]

New Baby, New Fluff: Cloth Diaper Clutch


Welcome to the New Baby, New Fluff Giveaway Hop hosted by Coping with Frugality and Eco Baby Mama Drama. In celebration of Amanda's (from Coping with Frugality) new baby boy we are all excited to be bringing you fluffy prize packages each with a value of at least $25 Make sure you enter to win the fluffy Grand Prize valued at over $125!! Then hop to all the other blogs listed on the linky below and enter to win their cloth diapering prizes! Good Luck! Here on SEBG, I'm celebrating New Baby, New Fluff with a new thing of my own... my personal creations! I have been loving sewing lately and have been creating some fun things for myself and now... for one of YOU! One of you will win this super cute Cloth Diaper Clutch with Cloth Diaper Accessories inside!  But those are a surprise... The Cloth Diaper Clutch is … [Read more...]

Nighttime Potty Training {& a DIY Mattress Pad Cover}: When Parenting Gets Tough {a series}

Waterproof Mattress Cover

Today I'm tackling one of the toughest parts of parenting a toddler - Potty Training.  Well, specifically Nighttime Potty Training. I would almost guarantee that every parent would list Potty Training on a list of Tough Parts of Parenting {well, that is until they reach the teenage years} and although there are a ton of methods of Potty Training out there - one doesn't work for everybody. Luckily, Sophia started potty training very early.  She was wearing panties at 18 months, but still had occasional accidents and actually still does.  It's really hard for a 2.5 year old to pause in play to take a potty break.  But now we're dealing with Nighttime Potty Training. Nighttime Potty Training Nighttime Potty Training isn't quite as predictable as day potty … [Read more...]

My Beginner Sewing Projects

Pin Cushion

Rob bought me a sewing machine for Mother's Day last year.  I had such big plans - I wanted to learn to make so many things!  But, I never even took the cover off of my machine for a few months.  Even then I only did a few straight stitches, nothing special.  But I'm determined to go from Beginner Sewing Amateur to a Sewing Novice {but only for personal hire}.  ;) Finally I decided to tackle my first project.  I was having a fun, coffee-theme party for some friends and I wanted to make cute coffee cozies for them to take home.  I jumped right in and was pleasantly surprised at how well they turned out! They were a big hit - and a successful beginner sewing project, but would you believe I hadn't tried to make anything since!?  There have been quite a few life moments between … [Read more...]