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Deliciously Simple French Toast [made with Almondmilk]

French Toast Almond Milk

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Silk. The opinions and text are all mine. Before I share this delicious and simple French Toast recipe with you, I want to share with you just how we became family that loves Silk Almondmilk. When Sophia was diagnosed with a dairy allergy in January of this year, we were all in shock. Here we were with a 3 1/2 year old that consumes dairy every single day and we were all of a sudden supposed to stop that?! I was overwhelmed with just how much dairy was in almost every single food she consumed. I was nervous that as a pretty picky toddler she would struggle to replace her dairy favorites with dairy alternatives. One of the first brands we tried was Silk. I knew their reputation and I was happy that I could find their products right in the main grocery store where we … [Read more...]

Making Homemade Baby Food: As Simple as ABC’s

Cuisinart Giveaway

Thanks to Cuisinart for sponsoring today's discussing about making homemade baby food.  All opinions expressed are my own. When Sophia was ready to start eating solid foods, I read a lot about making homemade baby food.  I knew the pros - it's cheaper, healthier and fresher, and just really all around better.  But it didn't seem easy.  I was a first time Mom and I needed all the shortcuts I could get so we bought organic jarred baby food. Then Moreaya came and it was her time to start eating solid foods.  Although you would think I would have been busier... since I had a 6 month old and a 2 year old, I challenged myself to make homemade baby food the 2nd time around.  You see, I had started reading even more and realized making your own baby food is actually really simple.  I would even venture to say making homemade baby food is as … [Read more...]

Sweet Tea in a Mason Jar: It’s a Southern Breeze Thing

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea Mason Jar

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Southern Breeze Sweet Tea. It's no secret that I'm a Southern Girl.  I've shared with you time and time again that I love living in east Tennessee - at the foot of the mountains in the South. There are so many, many things to love about living in the South - the friendly neighbors, the slow pace of living, but one thing that tops just about everyone's list that are both natives and transplants is... the food.  I can talk to you about Southern and Fried Foods all day long, but there's one thing that you'll almost always see on the table next to any good Southern meal, oh you know what I'm talking about... Tea! Not just any tea, mind you.  Sweet Iced Tea.  If you go to a restaurant and ask for unsweetened Tea, sure you'll get it, but if you order "Tea", it'll come sweet because … [Read more...]

[lightened up] Buffalo Chicken Dip

lightened up Buffalo Chicken Dip

I am a #StonyfieldBlogger and often get perks for being one.  I only share the brand because I am completely in love with their yogurt and all opinions expressed are 100% my own! It's Summer and Picnic Season is in full swing!  I don't know about you, but I always freeze up when I try to think of a dish to take along to a picnic.  If it's cold, will it have to stay cold?  If it contains mayo, will it spoil too fast?  If it's warm, how can I keep it warm until time to eat.   So, I started brainstorming and came up with this delicious, so incredibly easy, Buffalo Chicken Dip.  Eat it warm, eat it cool - it doesn't matter, because believe me you will eat it. A lady never admits how much Buffalo Chicken Dip she eats - ok, total lie.  I ate about half of this as soon as it came out of the oven and I sent some home with a friend and she … [Read more...]

Summer Grilling Beyond Burgers: Sides, Desserts & More

Summer Grilling

This post about Summer Grilling, is a sponsored opportunity with   Check out Summer Grilling [grilling isn't just for burgers!] by Lindsey G. at Our family lives outside in the Summer and grilling is our favorite way to cook foods.  But did you know that you can pretty much grill your entire meal?!  Yes - we've been grilling veggies for a few years now, but I'm starting to get into the idea of making desserts right on the grill too! One of our go-to side dishes is Grilled Corn on the Cob and my favorite way to prepare grill it is right in the husk!  Not only do you not have to worry about the corn burning easily, you also don't have to worry about "shucking" it!  Once it's grilled, the husks and silks fall right off and you get a beautiful yellow, sweet corn on the cob with a hint of grilled … [Read more...]

Strawberry Mocha Smoothie [featuring Carnation Breakfast Essentials]

Strawberry Smoothie Breakfast Essentials

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign, featuring my Strawberry Mocha Smoothie recipe, with Pollinate Media Group® and Nestle, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #BreakfastEssentials I'm quite the smoothie maker these days.  Since adding the Ninja Ultima Blender to my countertop, it's one of my favorite ways to sneak in a fresh, cold treat during the day.  I know that lots of people enjoy a delicious smoothie for breakfast, but I often skip that route because I just can't give up my morning cup of coffee.  That is, until I created a delicious morning smoothie that's perfect for me - my Strawberry Mocha Smoothie featuring Breakfast Essentials! You see - if I am going to prefer another drink to my morning cup of joe - it better have some coffee right in it!  There are a ton … [Read more...]

Cooking Made Simple with the Ninja Cooking System [Bakes, Roasts, Slow Cooks & More!]

Ninja Cooking System Components

I received a Ninja Cooking System to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own. Just a couple of months ago, I introduced you to one of my favorite new small appliances.  The Ninja Ultima Blender is my go-to for making delicious smoothies, especially for an on-the-go breakfast option for myself, and it easily replaced my old blender and food processor.  Today I'm sharing with you one of Ninja's newest small kitchen appliances that I think blow your mind - like it did mine. The 3-in-1 Ninja Cooking System is a small kitchen appliance that can do the work of:  Slow Cooker, Stove Top, Rice Cooker, Vegetable Steamer, Roaster, and your Oven! I know, I know - that's more than a 3-in-1 but the Ninja Cooking System can do all of those things.  Let me show you how... The Cooking System comes with one main component [where you see … [Read more...]

Dino Terrarium Jars from Party in a Jar

Party in a Jar Dino Jars

I received a complimentary copy of the book, Party in a Jar featuring Dino Terrarium Jars, at no cost to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own. I recently came across a blog that I've totally fallen in love with.  See Vanessa Craft is the place I go when I need a good craft for the girls.  Vanessa also just happens to be a fellow Step2 Ambassador, so when she asked if I'd like to take a special sneak peek at her brand new book Party in a Jar, I jumped at the chance. I love that her crafts are easy enough for the everyday Mom, like me, and they're always super fun for me and the girls both!  After flipping through the pages just once, I knew immediately which "jar" Sophia would want to make. I have a couple dino obsessed little girls.  In fact, Sophia's 4th birthday is coming up in 3 weeks and I bet you can't guess the … [Read more...]

33 Delicious Ground Beef Recipes

33 Delish Ground Beef Recipes Collage.jpg

[tps_header]About a month ago, we decided to take charge of what we were eating.  We decided that buying meats from the grocery store just wasn't what we wanted for our family so we bought grass-fed beef from a local farmer.  The thing is, when you buy beef like this, most of the time it's in bulk and by bulk I mean, you have to find a freezer to store your 150 lbs of beef! With 50 of that being ground beef, I needed ideas on how to use it beyond just spaghetti, tacos, and hamburgers!  So, I've rounded up 33 absolutely delicious ground beef recipes for myself... and for you! [/tps_header] … [Read more...]

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Get Grilling! 14 Burger Recipes with Flair!

Burger Recipes with Flair

This post about Burger Recipes with Flair, is a sponsored opportunity with One of my favorite things to do in the Spring and Summer is pull the grill out. Seriously, we cook everything on our grill - even desserts sometimes!  But everyone's favorite grilling food has to be HAMBURGERS! Now, sure - you can just slap a hamburger on the grill and it'll be delicious, but when you go to a restaurant do you order a plain burger? I didn't think so. So, let's quit grilling out burgers that are the same ole same ole and get grilling with these 14 Burger Recipes with Flair!  Click around my Foodie slideshow above to see my favorite burger recipes and enjoy! … [Read more...]

Think Outside the [Pizza Box] – 22 Pizza Recipes

22 Pizza Pies.jpg

This is a sponsored opportunity with My girls loves Pizza, but it's usually not the first food you think of when you think of cooking a fabulous home-cooked meal.  Today, I hope to inspire you to think outside of the [Pizza] Box and make Sunday Funday with Pizza Pies for dinner! I created a Foodie Collection of some of my favorite pizza pies from around the web.  You can browse the collection above, be sure to pin a few so you can try them too!  Some are healthy, some feature delicious veggies, and some are just downright delightfully delicious looking - but they all have one thing in common... They're all Pizza Pies! So, join me in making a delicious [more healthy or not] pizza that is totally not from a box.  Enjoy your family time as you gather around the circle [or square] of a Pizza Pie! What's your … [Read more...]

Cookie Butter Banana Shake [+ a review of the Ninja Ultima Blender]

Cookie Butter Banana Shake

A couple of months ago, I shared on Facebook that I would be making my first trip to Trader Joe's and wondered what I should get.  I knew the store had quite the following, so I hoped SEBG readers would steer me in the right direction.  Oh boy, did they ever!  They introduced my family to a delicious phenomenon called Cookie Butter.  And my friends, today I've created a delicious shake for you! You can thank me now... or later, whichever you choose.  But believe me, if you try the Cookie Butter Banana Shake - you will thank me! The reason I just had to try out a new shake and smoothie or two was because I was recently sent a Ninja Ultima Blender [free to review].  I had read rave reviews and listened to my best friend, Amy, rave about her Ninja for so long, so I was beyond excited to try out the new version of the Ninja Ultima for … [Read more...]