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How to Throw a RAWRsome Dinosaur Birthday Party

RAWRsome Dinosaur Party

[tps_header] It's been about 2 months since Sophia turned 4 so it's about time I shared her fantastically RAWR-some Dinosaur Birthday Party with you, don't you think!? Sophia's been an independent thinker since she was 1.  No, really, she has.  As I was preparing for her 2nd Birthday Party, I decided on a Dora theme because she was completely in love with Dora at the time and in her little 1 year old voice she proclaimed she did not want a Dora Party, she wanted a Mickey Mouse Party.  Even at a ripe age of 24 months, I knew that if she walked into her Birthday Party and it wasn't Mickey, I would never hear the end of it.  So, Mickey Mouse she got. Then, last year she requested a Disney Princess theme so I took a fun, personalized spin and make it a Princess Tea Party. The week before her 3rd birthday she fell in love with … [Read more...]

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Deliciously Simple French Toast [made with Almondmilk]

French Toast Almond Milk

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Silk. The opinions and text are all mine. Before I share this delicious and simple French Toast recipe with you, I want to share with you just how we became family that loves Silk Almondmilk. When Sophia was diagnosed with a dairy allergy in January of this year, we were all in shock. Here we were with a 3 1/2 year old that consumes dairy every single day and we were all of a sudden supposed to stop that?! I was overwhelmed with just how much dairy was in almost every single food she consumed. I was nervous that as a pretty picky toddler she would struggle to replace her dairy favorites with dairy alternatives. One of the first brands we tried was Silk. I knew their reputation and I was happy that I could find their products right in the main grocery store where we … [Read more...]

Making Homemade Baby Food: As Simple as ABC’s

Cuisinart Giveaway

Thanks to Cuisinart for sponsoring today's discussing about making homemade baby food.  All opinions expressed are my own. When Sophia was ready to start eating solid foods, I read a lot about making homemade baby food.  I knew the pros - it's cheaper, healthier and fresher, and just really all around better.  But it didn't seem easy.  I was a first time Mom and I needed all the shortcuts I could get so we bought organic jarred baby food. Then Moreaya came and it was her time to start eating solid foods.  Although you would think I would have been busier... since I had a 6 month old and a 2 year old, I challenged myself to make homemade baby food the 2nd time around.  You see, I had started reading even more and realized making your own baby food is actually really simple.  I would even venture to say making homemade baby food is as … [Read more...]

Sweet Tea in a Mason Jar: It’s a Southern Breeze Thing

Southern Breeze Sweet Tea Mason Jar

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Southern Breeze Sweet Tea. It's no secret that I'm a Southern Girl.  I've shared with you time and time again that I love living in east Tennessee - at the foot of the mountains in the South. There are so many, many things to love about living in the South - the friendly neighbors, the slow pace of living, but one thing that tops just about everyone's list that are both natives and transplants is... the food.  I can talk to you about Southern and Fried Foods all day long, but there's one thing that you'll almost always see on the table next to any good Southern meal, oh you know what I'm talking about... Tea! Not just any tea, mind you.  Sweet Iced Tea.  If you go to a restaurant and ask for unsweetened Tea, sure you'll get it, but if you order "Tea", it'll come sweet because … [Read more...]

Green Kid Crafts: Summer Edition

Green Kid Crafts Summer

Thanks to Green Kid Crafts for providing us with an eco friendly craft subscription box to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own. Y'all know how I love Green Kid Crafts, right?!  Well, I'm excited to share with you some crafts that have been keeping my girls busy this Summer! The latest box from Green Kid Crafts that the girls have received is Interesting Insects - and it's been a BIG hit.  This box came with 3 pretty time consuming crafts, which are perfect for our family because it's so much better when a craft lasts longer than 5 minutes, right?! Within the box, the girls received a fun new chart to track their boxes from Green Kid Crafts - each box will now come with a sticker so they can see the crafts, at a glance, and remember what they've worked on.  Interesting Insects fit perfectly in our lives right now … [Read more...]

A Spoonful of Sugar: DIY Tea Towel

Spoonful of Sugar

This DIY Tea Towel project and shop are part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Sharpie, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #PaintYourWay While doing some craft shopping at Michael's the other day, I spotted a new-to-me product from one of my favorite crafty brands - Sharpie.  Listen, I love all things Sharpie and when you spot a Sharpie Paint Marker, well, your crafty side stands at attention!  My mind started reeling - what could I do with this mega marker pen?!  It turns out, it was more like what could I not do... The Sharpie Marker Pens come in both an Oil Based Marker and a Water Base.  The Oil base being great for Wood and Glass projects and the Water base being great for Paper and Windows.  So really, infinite possibilities with the numerous … [Read more...]

DIY Chevron Artwork with Shape Tape™

Shape Tape Artwork

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of FrogTape for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine. I am such a DIYer at heart.  I used to love to make fun projects in my spare time, but honestly, once I had the girls a lot of my patience for DIY went out the window, especially once Pinterest came along.  I love browsing arts and crafts on Pinterest, but most seem totally unattainable for the average Mom!  Do you agree?! Well, here I am today sharing a totally fun and super creative DIY Chevron Artwork Tutorial that is fun, artsy and modern, and so completely easy - I promise!  You could take this and make it your own by using any type of phrase, art, anything! Want to know my secret?  Well, good thing because that's what inspired this whole project... Chevron Shape Tape™ from … [Read more...]

The Best Essential Oils for Summer

Summer Essential Oils

One way that I'm living green-er lately is by using essential oils.  I am so excited about sharing my experience with Young Living Essential Oils and just how they're helping me Green My Summer! I admit that I'm still totally new to the Essential Oils scene.  I've used them to make DIY Cleaning Wipes [a fabulous alternative to disposable bleach wipes], but I'm still learning great ways to use them in our every day life too.  Jamie, the fabulous lady behind the H.O.P.E. drops, a Young Living consultant, was kind enough to share some fabulous uses for Young Living Essential Oils with me. I was especially interested in different ways that the oils could help treat and prevent specific things to go right along with Summer! Lavender:  Sunburn Soothing, great for Scrapes and Bruises, Allergies (airborne or skin), Dry skin, Poison Ivy … [Read more...]

[lightened up] Buffalo Chicken Dip

lightened up Buffalo Chicken Dip

I am a #StonyfieldBlogger and often get perks for being one.  I only share the brand because I am completely in love with their yogurt and all opinions expressed are 100% my own! It's Summer and Picnic Season is in full swing!  I don't know about you, but I always freeze up when I try to think of a dish to take along to a picnic.  If it's cold, will it have to stay cold?  If it contains mayo, will it spoil too fast?  If it's warm, how can I keep it warm until time to eat.   So, I started brainstorming and came up with this delicious, so incredibly easy, Buffalo Chicken Dip.  Eat it warm, eat it cool - it doesn't matter, because believe me you will eat it. A lady never admits how much Buffalo Chicken Dip she eats - ok, total lie.  I ate about half of this as soon as it came out of the oven and I sent some home with a friend and she … [Read more...]

6 DIY Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

DIY Seasonal Allergies

This post about DIY Remedies for Allergies was inspired my partnership with Mom It Forward and Filtrete.  All opinions are my own. I love Spring... love love love Spring.  Although winters aren't completely rough and cold here in east Tennessee, Spring is welcomed by me with open arms!  I love that I can once again start showing my toes with sandals, I love the bright colors of beautiful Spring blooms, and the smell of fresh cut grass! Wait - I totally just lied to you.  I would love the smell of fresh cut grass if it didn't send my Seasonal Allergies into a frenzy. Ahhh... seasonal allergies.  Did you know that they say east Tennessee is one of the worst places to live if you suffer from seasonal allergies?!  I totally believe it too.  That's one of the reasons I'm so looking forward to our Beach Vacation this week because … [Read more...]

Reusable DIY Cleaning Wipes [featuring Lemon Essential Oil from doTERRA]

DIY Reusable Cleaning Wipes

This is a sponsored conversation about using Essential Oils in products, like the DIY Cleaning Wipes I created, on behalf of Discover Natural Solutions.  All opinions are my own. It seems that I'm a little late to the Essential Oils Party, but better late than never, right!?  So many people - both bloggers and friends alike - are raving about the benefits of using essential oils in their everyday lives that I just had to try them out for myself!  Lauren from Discover Natural Solutions thought it was time for me to check out doTERRA Essential Oils so she sent along an Introductory Kit for me to review. The Into Kit comes with three of the most popular and widely used oils - Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint.  It also contains information how ways to use the oils and a CD full of information! In addition to the Kit, she also sent along … [Read more...]

Summer Grilling Beyond Burgers: Sides, Desserts & More

Summer Grilling

This post about Summer Grilling, is a sponsored opportunity with   Check out Summer Grilling [grilling isn't just for burgers!] by Lindsey G. at Our family lives outside in the Summer and grilling is our favorite way to cook foods.  But did you know that you can pretty much grill your entire meal?!  Yes - we've been grilling veggies for a few years now, but I'm starting to get into the idea of making desserts right on the grill too! One of our go-to side dishes is Grilled Corn on the Cob and my favorite way to prepare grill it is right in the husk!  Not only do you not have to worry about the corn burning easily, you also don't have to worry about "shucking" it!  Once it's grilled, the husks and silks fall right off and you get a beautiful yellow, sweet corn on the cob with a hint of grilled … [Read more...]