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How to Throw a RAWRsome Dinosaur Birthday Party

RAWRsome Dinosaur Party

It’s been about 2 months since Sophia turned 4 so it’s about time I shared her fantastically RAWR-some Dinosaur Birthday Party with you, don’t you think!?

Sophia’s been an independent thinker since she was 1.  No, really, she has.  As I was preparing for her 2nd Birthday Party, I decided on a Dora theme because she was completely in love with Dora at the time and in her little 1 year old voice she proclaimed she did not want a Dora Party, she wanted a Mickey Mouse Party.  Even at a ripe age of 24 months, I knew that if she walked into her Birthday Party and it wasn’t Mickey, I would never hear the end of it.  So, Mickey Mouse she got.

Then, last year she requested a Disney Princess theme so I took a fun, personalized spin and make it a Princess Tea Party.

The week before her 3rd birthday she fell in love with Dinosaurs.  I just knew she was going to ask me to change the theme, but she didn’t.  She loved her Princess Party, but declared her 4th would be a Dinosaur Party and let me tell you, this girl doesn’t change her mind once she proclaims it.

 Dinosaur Birthday Shirt

So, in true Mommy Blogger form, I’m sharing just how we created this fun Dinosaur Birthday Party!

My little lady only had a few requests when it came down to planning and throwing a Dinosaur Birthday Party, she wanted:

  • T-Rex Pinata
  • T-Rex Plates
  • T-Rex Cake [first this was a cake shaped like a T-rex, but I finally convinced her of a little something more fun and easier for Mommy to do]
  • Pin the Tooth on the T-Rex Party Game

Do you hence a pattern here?  This Dinosaur Party was most definitely a T-Rex Party through and through.

Dinosaur Birthday Party

Luckily we had fabulous weather, so we transformed our back yard into Dinosaur Party Central with some great hanging signs and party decor that matched the T-Rex Party plates and napkins Miss Sophia picked out.  [Party supplies were the Dino Blast Theme and all came from PartyPail.]

Balloon Centerpiece

 To fulfill Sophia’s request of a Dinosaur Party Game, we came up with “Pin the Tooth on the T-Rex”!

Pin the Trex Collage

The kids LOVED this and she still has her T-Rex hanging up in her room.  I wish I could take credit for this beautifully drawn tooth-less T-Rex, but Rob is the artistic one in the family and drew the dinosaur by free-handing from the Dino Blast Party Plates!

TRex Drawing Party Game

 Since young children like to simply run around more than play organized games, we only did one other game but it lasted through pretty much the whole party.

Dinosaur Birthday Party Dino Dig

I purchased Dinosaur Fossils and Skeletons from Amazon and filled our Step2 Sand Table full of blue sand to create a Dinosaur Dig Site.  The Safari Hats and Paint Brushes [Dollar Tree for the win!] topped off the game and was one of the favorite play areas of the day!

I can’t throw a party without sending home some adorable themed party favors so this year I went with my classic – bubbles, wrapped with a free dinosaur printable [download that here], some great Dinosaur Masks [purchased from Amazon], and some adorably decked out GoGo Squeez Pouches complete with dinosaur heads, spines, and tails!  The kids LOVED these and they were SO simple to make!

 Dinosaur Party Favors Bags

Lastly we have… the Party Food and Dinosaur Birthday Cake!  Before we get to the pictures – one of the best tips I can give you for throwing a themed party on a budget [in addition to the bubbles as party favors idea] is how you purchase your Party Supplies!

Dino Party Food Table

PartyPail sent us the Dino Blast Party Plates, Cups, and Napkins – but also a coordinating supply of green plates and napkins.  Since solid party supplies are usually cheaper, it’s a great way to save, but still stick with a theme!

TRex Watermelon

Our Party Food Centerpiece was this fantastic Dinosaur Watermelon Fruit Tray carved by my Brother-in-Law!  It was the perfect centerpiece!

And Sophia’s favorite part of the party was definitely the cake.  I totally feel like I knocked it out of the ballpark and was incredibly happy that my vision became a reality in this two-tiered Blue Velvet Dinosaur Birthday Party Cake!

Dinosaur Party Birthday Cake Collage

Dinosaur Party Cake and Fruit

Check out the slideshow below [use your Arrow Keys to navigate] to see even more of Sophia’s 4th Birthday RAWRsome Dinosaur Party!

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  1. I love this so much! My daughter is obsessed with dinosaurs right now. I wish id given her a dino party a few months ago bc this is awesome. and I just got her a Eviecertops shirt similar to the kind you daughter is wearing! You did a great job with the games and decorating. Maybe next yr we can do something fun like this.

  2. Lynn BLynn B says:

    I love the pin the tail on the dino game! And a blue velvet cake is just awesome!

  3. omg…what an awesome party! And I love that it’s a dinosaur party for a little girl!
    Sharon L. recently posted…Cucumber, Lemon and Mint Infused WaterMy Profile

  4. This looks great Lindsay! I can see your little girl is really happy. I love everything in the party and I want to congratulate you for the wonderful cake you did for her. I wonder what theme she wants for her 5th!
    kareen liez recently posted…DIY Craft: Carry Along Cardboard Box for Toys and BooksMy Profile

  5. Holy cow you did an amazing job with everything! I so want a dino birthday, er, I mean I want to host one for my kid…
    MryJhnsn ( recently posted…Basil in a Smoothie? Judge Me, Please!My Profile

  6. I LOVE the dinosaur watermelon fruit tray! And I definitely feel the birthday party theme change frustration! My soon-to-be 4 year old is very much the same. I’ve given up really planning anything more than about a month ahead, because he always changes it on me. So, I’ve gotten very good at last minute parties!
    Amber Dunn recently posted…Confessions of a BiblioholicMy Profile

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