The Best Essential Oils for Summer

One way that I’m living green-er lately is by using essential oils.  I am so excited about sharing my experience with Young Living Essential Oils and just how they’re helping me Green My Summer!

Summer Essential Oils

I admit that I’m still totally new to the Essential Oils scene.  I’ve used them to make DIY Cleaning Wipes [a fabulous alternative to disposable bleach wipes], but I’m still learning great ways to use them in our every day life too.  Jamie, the fabulous lady behind the H.O.P.E. drops, a Young Living consultant, was kind enough to share some fabulous uses for Young Living Essential Oils with me.

I was especially interested in different ways that the oils could help treat and prevent specific things to go right along with Summer!

Essential 7

Lavender:  Sunburn Soothing, great for Scrapes and Bruises, Allergies (airborne or skin), Dry skin, Poison Ivy Relief, and Heatstroke

Peppermint:  Also great for preventing Heatstroke, Allergies (airborne or skin), Energizing, Curb Appetite, and Pain Relief [I love this for helping with headaches!]

Lemon:  Cleaning, Gum Removal, Water and Air Purification, Dissolving Cellulite, Great for adding to favorite recipe or beverage

**The above oils can also be combined, 3 drops of each, in a capsule with a carrier oil 2-3x’s a day for Spring and Summer Allergy Relief!

Joy:  This blend is amazing for keeping a happy heart while entertaining your energetic children all summer!  A drop of joy over your heart combats anxiety and depression.

PanAway:  If you’re working out this summer, then PanAway may became your best friend! Pain relief, stimulates quicker healing of injuries, promotes circulation, and helps bumps & bruises.

Purification:  Don’t camp without it!  Bug and Pest repellant, Treat Insect/Spider Bites, Bee & Wasp stings, Air purification, Wounds and Cuts, and Cleansing.

Young Living Oils

If you’re still looking for even more uses, check out the H.O.P.E. drops list of 114 Everyday Uses for Everyday Essential Oils.

Lucky for you and me – Young Living makes all these oils – the 3 single oils and 4 blends [also includes Peace and Calming, not listed above] in a Kit to make them more affordable and easy to obtain.

Essential 7 Young Living

The Essential 7 is one that every family should own as it contains the 7 most common, essential Young Living Essential Oils.  I really prefer purchasing a collection like this, rather than 1 oil at a time, simply because I know they’re the ones used most often and with a huge variety of uses of each oil and blend.

If you have questions about using essential oils, Jamie and the H.O.P.E. drops team would love to answer them!  Be sure to follow along with the H.O.P.E. drops blog, and like them on Facebook, and follow on Twitter and Pinterest too!  This collection retails for $99.01 and contains 3 single oils: Lavender, Peppermint, and Lemon; and 4 blends: Joy, PanAway, Peace & Calming, and Purification.

What did you learn about Young Living Essential Oils or which oil would you most like to try?


Essential 7 Winner

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  1. Michelle T says

    If you accidentally get an oil in your eye do not flush it with water! Dilute it with vegetable oil!

  2. Katie Gray says

    I’d love to try the Thieves oil, to hopefully boost my weak immune system and stay healthy naturally!

  3. Katie Gray says

    I have learned about the quality of YL oils, that they own the farms and are big on quality control and can’t wait to try them!

  4. Toni Marie Caravello Feimer says

    I learned that Young Living uses state of the art labs onsite and offsite to test the quality and efficacy of all their oils whether grown on their own farms our sourced from other farms.

  5. Colleen Maurina says

    I would like to try their Thieves Essential Oil. I have heard that it can help you stay well.

  6. Kim S. says

    I just started using Young Living EO’s and I really like them. I use Stress Away every day. And Panaway is great for sore muscles.

  7. Natalie Brown says

    Hi! I learned that essential oils can be used in a diffuser to bring fragrance to a room or applied topically to relieve different ailments or elevate moods. Cool stuff! Thank-you!!

  8. Megan Loop says

    I am totally new to essential oils. We have had a rough year in terms of sickness so I am interested in learning more about how they boost immunity. I took a look at the website and am really interested in trying the thieves oil in a diffuser.

  9. Melissa Bowers says

    I learned that Young Living oils are about as pure as oils can be, much more than some companies’ oils.

  10. Linda romer says

    I learned you can use a diffuser to disperse the oils into the air offering therapeutic benifits as well as freshing the air.

  11. Barbara Montag says

    I’d love to try the Stress Relief oil – thank you.
    I use several of Young Living oils so this i a great prize!

  12. Ashley R says

    I’d love to try Theives and Frankincense. My boys swell terribly from bug bites and I read that frankincense will reduce the swelling, I’m nuch more comfortable with that than the steroid their dr. gave them.

  13. Maryann D. says

    I learned that you can use a diffuser to disperse the oils into the air offering the therapeutic benefits, as well as freshening and purifying the air and you can also Inhale directly from the bottle.

  14. Katie L says

    I am a YL distributor but there are so many YL products I’d love to try! I would like to try their personal care products like shampoo, etc.

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