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Transition Your Toddler to Cups with Silikids

Even though we celebrated Earth Day a couple of days ago, it’s a Holiday that we really should be thinking about every day, right?  There are so many easy ways to go green, which is what I focus on here on So Easy Being Green and today I’m continuing the list of 7 Easy Ways to Make Your Toddler Green.

We were recently sent a couple of new products from Silikids, free in exchange for a review.  This new line of silicone based products are a great alternative to plastic sippy cups, drinking cups, and more.  Why are plastic alternatives advantageous in the green world?  Sure, plastic is mostly reusable, but glass has far less chemicals.  Unfortunately, glass isn’t always the most kid friendly, which is where the silicone comes in with Silikids.

Silikids Glasses

How fun are these glasses!?  I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I still give Sophia a sippy cup to drink out of most of the time when we’re home.  It’s silly, really.  She can easily use a “big girl” glass, but I’m so worried about spills and breaking glasses.  The Siliskin Glasses have been working out fabulously for us, though.  Although I still have to watch for spills, the silicone sleeve puts me at ease about the glasses falling on the floor during dinner.

The silicone sleeves are also removable for easy cleaning and the both pieces – the glass and sleeve are dishwasher safe.

We also received a pair of Siliskin Tops!

Silikids Top CollageThese sippy tops are super fun – not only are they made out of Silikids silicone – they stretch to fit any standard size small glass, including the Siliskin Glasses.  This makes the glasses into a totally safe, plastic-free sippy cup, if I need one!

As you can see in the above picture, they are absolutely leak proof!  The top covers the glass completely and the silicone grips the glass, with air suction keeping it in place with no leaks.  The top, just like all the other Silikids products are dishwasher safe and are able to be boiled for santizing.

In addition to the Siliskin Glasses and Siliskin Tops – Silikids offers a variety of fun, kid-friendly silicone products to turn your toddler and kiddos green, including Silibibs, Siliskin Sippy Cup, and Silimaps!  You can purchase all the Silikids products on their website and you can also connect with Silikids on social media through Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.



  1. Rachel G says:

    I really like the Siliskin Sippy Cup.

  2. alesha ol says:
  3. Shayna

    I like the SILISKIN SIPPY CUP – 8OZ {TART)

  4. I like the sillibib in spice.

  5. shelley gray says:

    What a great idea! So excited to try these for my grandchildren and family

  6. April Chasteen says:

    I like the Siliskin 6 oz glass 2pk Tart. So neat! <3

  7. I love the placemat

  8. Amy D.

    I like the 6oz. sea glass. Cool product! We’d love to try it!

  9. Melissa Mazzur

    I love the SILISKIN SIPPY CUP for my niece who is a new big girl!

  10. Diane Cooper

    I love the Siliskin Glass 6oz. – 2pk. the most.

  11. Julieanne says:

    I love these cups! Love the Siliskin sippy 8 oz tart.

  12. SILISKIN SIPPY CUP – 8OZ But I LOVE all their products.

  13. Melissa Douglass says:


  14. Cindy B says:
  15. Alyssa Jones says:

    I like Siliskin Glass in Sea. They are adorable & a great idea! Little hands get slippery, so having silicone around the glass is great. Plus, I HATE drinking out of plastic cups, why should I have them for my LO?! These are a great alternative!

  16. Stephanie M says:

    I’ve never tried silikids products but I would like ot try the siliskin sippy cup!

  17. Ruqayyah

    I like the silibib and the way it lies flat. A lot of bibs with the food catcher piece are bulky and hang at an angle from baby’s neck.

  18. Lauren n says:

    These are awesome! We would love to try the tops.

  19. Nikole H. says:

    My favorite would be the Siliskin Glass 6oz – 2pk {Sea}

  20. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I’d like to try the Siliskin Glass 6oz in the Sea color

  21. Hannah Avery says:

    I like the Sea colored siliskin glasses!

  22. Hannah B. says:

    I love the siliskin glass in sea!

  23. Erika Messer says:

    The Siliskin Tops are what I would go with! My daughter has been on sippy cups since she was 3 (she is now 7) and she is developmentally delayed so she hasn’t quite mastered regular cups yet resulting in major spills if we use them :( I never knew there were products like this!!!! I wish I would have known about this several years back :)

  24. Love them all, but really excited to try out the sippy tops for my young boys
    Heather recently posted…10 Second Wipes SolutionMy Profile

  25. I love them all, but I’m really excited to try out the sippy tops for our young boys.

  26. I like the Siliskin Top in Fresh.

  27. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    The SILISKIN GLASS 6OZ – 2PK {SEA}is my favorite

  28. Both the bibs and sippy cups look awesome!!

  29. I love the siliskin sippy cup!

  30. Siliskin Glass 6oz – 2pk {Sea}

  31. I really like the h2o siliskin top! great idea!

  32. Cassie Hayes says:

    I like the siliskin sippy cup. Could sanitize better than plastic.

  33. I love the Silibib!

  34. marian boll says:

    Great idea and better prize!!! My great granddaughter is close to holding her own cup and this would be so perfect!!!

  35. Sarah Hayes says:

    the SILISKIN GLASS 6OZ – 2PK {SEA} is my favorite

  36. I like the Silibib :)

  37. I like the Siliskin sippy cup–8 oz.

  38. Jennifer Perritte says:

    I actually love the Siliskin Top. So simple and helpful. Love the idea!

  39. Darlene Owen says:

    I also love the SILIBIB {SPICE}

  40. Christy H

    I like the siliskin glass in sea!

  41. I like the Silibib.

  42. Veronica Bohan says:


  43. I love the siliskin topin H2O
    Andrea Gardner recently posted…The Washboard Part 1My Profile

  44. Christina C says:

    The sippy cup!

  45. Julie Ghrist says:

    I like the sliskin top H2o

  46. Deana Stephens says:

    These look so helpful! I’d love to try them. The Siliskin Sippy Cup – 8oz {Tart} looks so neat! Thanks for the chance!!!

  47. Miranda Welle says:

    I like the Siliskin Sippy Cup – 8oz {Tart}.

  48. I love these glasses – the blue and the orange! I let my kids use glass but usually they are tempered glass…I’m assuming these are? I totally want some! :)
    Courtney recently posted…Mindcraft Tees at Crazy 8 {5 Day Giveaway!}My Profile

  49. Samantha says:

    Forgot to mention I love the Siliskin Glass 6oz in Sea color.

  50. Samantha says:

    Wow what a wonderful idea. I only recently purchased a glass water bottle with the silicone sleeve to replace my plastic water bottles. I tossed my kids plastic cups at home but have yet to replace them, I always worry that they’ll drop the glass…this is genius.

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