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Choose An Organic Crib Mattress for Your Green Baby

I received an organic crib mattress from Naturalmat to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

This past weekend I shared a post on 7 easy ways to make your toddler green and today I’m sharing with you a switch that my family just made to make Moreaya more green!

NaturalMat Upside Down

We bought our first crib mattress literally weeks from finding out I was pregnant with Sophia.  It was the first baby purchase that we made, actually my parents bought it for us, and I was ecstatic to have my first baby thing in her soon-to-be nursery!  I remember my Mom asking me if I had a preference on a mattress and I honestly didn’t have a clue about mattresses, so I told her just pick one it didn’t matter.

Obviously it worked just fine – it went through now 2 children, but had I known then what I know now about a crib mattress and their materials – it would have never entered my home!

Did you know that most general crib mattresses are made with polyurethane foam and PVC, which are both highly flammable and will burn quickly if ignited.

Which means that they are often treated with a chemical to make them flame retardent.  Do you really want your little newborn – or older toddler – breathing in all these chemicals, laying against them every night?

I didn’t think so.

And I didn’t either, after I learned the information. Now, let me show you our organic Latex Crib Mattress from Naturalmat!

NaturalMat and Mattress

Here it is compared to our old mattress – it’s exactly the same size and maybe just a bit thinner.  The major difference [other than the absence of chemicals and the fact it's certified organic] is the feel.  It’s amazingly soft and comfortable and a gigantic difference from the totally stiff, uncomfortable plastic mattress we had before.  And Moreaya cant tell the difference for sure.

NaturalMat Sleeping

Of course, she’s pretending to sleep above [she thought she was so cute and funny!], but since switching to the Naturalmat Latex Crib Mattress, she has slept all night long with no waking in the middle of the night.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence.  I think she’s more comfortable for sure.

NaturalMat Latex Mattress

You may be wondering, like I did, about the material of the Naturalmat mattress.  It’s soft, filled with Organic coir (coconut fibre)Natural latex foam, Organic local lambswool tufting and covered with a organic cotton cover.  The Latex Mat is ideal for newborns and older babies as it has a medium firm support.

Naturalmat Mattresses

If you’re wondering, like I was – “What about when I’m potty training my toddler” – how will the mattress be protected, especially since it’s a soft, cotton outer.  Naturalmat has also created a Waterproof Mattress Protector that fits right on the mattress.  With straps to attach to each end of the crib mattress, it stays right in place and is easy to take on and off for washing.

NaturalMat Mattress Protector

Moreaya seems happier and more well rested since receiving her new Naturalmat organic crib mattress, which helps me sleep better too!

NaturalMat Happy GirlIf you’re looking to replace a crib mattress, or any size mattress, with an organic one – check out Naturalmat.  All Naturalmat mattress are crafted, by hand, in England.  They offer 3 different types of baby mattresses, depending on the firmness you require.  The Latex Mattress retails for $499.00 on the Naturalmat US website.  You can connect with Naturalmat on social media, by following them on Facebook and Twitter!


  1. RICHARD HICKS says:

    Nice informative post. Many do not know about the toxins in mattresses for the little ones.

  2. Julie Wood

    What a really nice organic mattress. My sister needs to get this amazing mattress for my nephew. I like all natural and organic products because it is better for my health and for my families health.

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