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4 Easy Changes to Make for a Healthier You, including a Natural Probiotic Routine

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Spring is the time for new beginnings, right?  The flowers are blooming, the days are brighter, and it’s a time of the year when everyone wants to start off fresh.  It’s a bit of a makeover time and the best way to give yourself a makeover is from the inside out!  So today, I’m sharing with you 4 super easy changes to make for a healthier you – including adding in a daily natural probiotic routine!

Natural Probiotic 4 Changes

Of course there are plenty of ways that you can get a healthier, new you this Spring, but I am choosing to focus on the four recent changes that I’ve made for myself.  First off, they have to be easy.  Y’all know me, I want everything to be easy or it’s just not going to stick.  Second, these are for a healthier you – are you going to be super skinny by changing these 4 things?  Maybe, maybe not.  That’s not my goal.  My goal is to be healthier and happier.

I do me

It’s totally true – ask my Mom.  She can tell when I’m on a healthier living kick and she’s always afraid to offer me anything.  I don’t deprive myself, I just make healthier living choices – or try to.  That’s what I hope to inspire in all of you [and continue to inspire myself] in this post about 4 easy changes to make for a Healthier You!

Make Fruits and Veggies the Easiest Snack Option.

Fruits and Veggies as Snacks

Sure, grabbing a few potato chips out of an already opened bag is easy – so is grabbing a cookie from an already opened package, that’s why they need to be gone.  That’s the case for me anyways… whatever is accessible, is what I’ll eat.  So I’ve been trying harder to make those apples and avocados look delicious on a fruit tray on the table.  You know what?  It’s working for me and my girls.  They are obsessed with the mini bananas and when they see them, they ask for them.  When they see cookies, they ask for those.  Guess what’s more easily accessible now?!

Get Active.

I’m the world’s worst at getting active.  It’s definitely true – ask the hubby when he asks me for the millionth day in the row “Did you do your workout today?”  Ugh.  So, I’ve been looking for unconventional ways to get active and the girls are totally loving my spontaneous dance parties, that’s for sure.


That doesn’t mean I’ve put up my walking/running shoes.  No way, I’m just staying active even when I skip the real workouts.

Adding in a Natural Probiotic Daily Routine

inSync Probiotics

I’ve always felt like I was horrible with any type of daily routine – multivitamin, prenatal vitamin, etc.  But then I started thinking about the benefits to bringing in a natural probiotic routine and how I could simply remember my own when I was giving the girls’ their daily vitamin.  It’s a simple change to promote a healthier me from the inside out.

Insync Probiotic

I chose to add the Insync Probiotic as a natural probiotic in my daily routine.  I like that it’s a once daily natural probiotic and that it’s easily accessible – found in the over-the-counter Pharmacy section at my local Walmart.  Without going into too much details [oh like TMI has ever stopped me before!], I can definitely feel a difference in my health from the inside out.

It’s so easy to neglect looking at how our insides react when we’re becoming a healthier person.  Obviously choosing healthier snacks with fruits and vegetables, choosing water over sodas, and getting more active are going to benefit our inner health, but we can’t overlook actually helping that process along too!  If you want to learn more about adding a natural probiotic into your daily routine, be sure to follow Insync Probiotics on Facebook and Twitter!

Putting the tech away.  Enjoy the here and now.

Mountain View

On a recent blogging trip, we hiked up Clingman’s Dome [which I totally counted as my get active time for the day].  I was hiking with a new friend and kept reassuring her that I wasn’t trying to race up the mountain that I preferred going slower so I could take in my surroundings and the beautiful scenery of the Smoky Mountains National Park.

How much do we do that every day?  It got me to thinking – I should be doing this every single day.  I should put down the phone, make myself more present every day – not just when I’m on a hike in the mountains.

So I’ve been making a more conscious effort to do just that.  I’m putting the smart phone away [you know, except for when the girls do something super cute that I need to take a picture of] and enjoying my in the moment moments.  Besides, these girls are one of the main reasons that I want to be healthier so I’m going to enjoy them to the fullest before they are grown in the blink of an eye!

Daughter Healthy

What changes are YOU making for a Healthier YOU?!


  1. All really great tips, but I love the message about not just dieting to lose weight, but getting healthy overall. #client
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  2. LOVE this entire post! I just recently tried a probiotic and think it’s a fantastic addition to my routine. I really love the tip about putting the tech away and living in the here and now. I need to remember to do this more!
    Ruth V. recently posted…Why I’m leaving my bulky camera at home, thanks to the Nokia Lumia Icon from Verizon Wireless! #sponsored #VZWlifeMy Profile

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