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New Prints from Rock-a-Bums Cloth Diapers [+ a HUGE Giveaway!] #rockitup

I am so thrilled and honored that I get to join Rock-a-Bums as they unveil their brand *new* prints in the Rock-a-bums 2.0 line!


Punk Plaid Green, Punk Plaid Pink, Zanadu, and Blue Velvet!

Release ads_cr24EEEEEEK!  Are you squealing with me!?

The Rock-a-bums 2.0 was already a rock star in the cloth diapering world – being a diaper that’s marketed to be used in FIVE different ways, and with the addition of these 4 totally awesome prints, they’re only going to be moving to the top faster!

All 4 prints come in both Aplix and Snap versions.  The 2.0 fits babies from Newborns to 35 pounds, and can be used 5 different ways:  Pocket, Cover, AIO, AI2, and a Hybrid!

Rockabums Spotlight

Curious to see a fab review of the 2.o?  You can read mine here:

Now, you know a reveal this BIG has to have something totally awesome attached… right!?

rockabums giveaway.jpg

Which is your favorite of the new Rock-a-bums Prints?



  1. Catherine BW says:

    The zanadu is fantastic, the others are not amazing to me

  2. I actually really hate plaid. The blue velvet one is OK, though. But I like their other ones, the black wiht the red snaps!

  3. I love the new prints!!! I like Zanadu best but I love blue velvet too!

  4. I definitely like the new prints, especially the punk plaid green.
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  5. Danielle B.

    I think the new prints are cute, but more on the boyish side, except for the pink. I do think zanadu is a good gender neutral pattern,

  6. I love the punk plaid green and pink!

  7. I think the new prints are rockin’! Blue velvet is my favorite.

  8. I think these are my favorite prints so far! I especially love the green plaid! Yay for Plaid!

  9. Michelle VanHuss says:

    Prints my husband likes! I like Blue Velvet.

  10. These prints are totally awesome! I would go for one of the plaid prints for sure :)

  11. These prints are totally awesome! I would go for one of the plaid prints for sure :)

  12. Christine Stevens says:

    Xanadu is my favorite. They are great new colors!

  13. Marilyn Nawara says:

    These are really cute! My favorite is the Punk Plaid Pink

  14. Jennifer

    I love them, Zanadu is my favorite.

  15. Anne Perry says:

    I like the Zanadu!

  16. Laura Russell says:

    I love the new prints!
    Zanadu is my favorite!

  17. Aurora P

    They are awesome, but just LOVE Zanadu

  18. Nicole Bear says:

    I love that they have added these prints to their line. They are very cool. I especially like the Blue Velvet!

  19. Keara B. says:

    I just love all of their new prints! My favorite is probably Punk Plaid Pink. :)

  20. I like them because they’re different, not like other diaper prints, and I especially love the Punk Green Plaid!

  21. I love them all, but the Blue one is my favorite.

  22. Very bright and bold! Zanadu is my top pick.

  23. Jessica Fortner says:

    I love them all!! Black w red buttons fav.

  24. Marcia Lee

    I love Rock-a-Bums new styles! I especially like the Punk green plaid.

  25. Jessica Hughes

    I think the new prints really fit their rocker image! I like Punk Plaid Pink!

  26. Heather Fuller says:

    Love Zanadu!

  27. I love the green plaid!

  28. I love the zanadu, but the pink plaid is so sweet!

  29. These prints are adorable. Who knew you could make a fashion out of diapers! ;)

  30. i love green plaid!!

  31. I love all the new prints! But my favorite is punk plaid pink!

  32. Amanda Alvarado says:

    Not too big on the plaids but I LOVE the Zanadu!

  33. Beth Rees says:

    I love the new prints! So much color! I really like blue velvet

  34. I’m liking the punk plaid green!

  35. Claiborne says:

    Pink pink plaid

  36. Katie Ohning

    Punk pink plaid!

  37. Jennifer Nutter says:

    I really dig the new prints. My new fav is Blue velvet

  38. Lindsie Nygaard says:

    I love these! The pink plaid is my fave!

  39. Lisa Fox says:

    They are different than a lot of the ones that you see from other diaper companies. I’m not much of a plaid person, so I’m not really digging those. I probably like Zanadu best. Kind of reminds me of those new bumgenius prints.

  40. Sarah Hayes says:

    they are cute, I like punk plaid green

  41. Tandra A says:

    I think that the new prints are bright and fun! I like that they’re a little more outgoing that some.
    I like the Zanadu print! Oh, and the Blue Velvet one!! Fun prints!

  42. Julie Henry says:

    I really like the new prints. My favorite is Blue Velvet.

  43. I love the new prints! The green plaid is my favorite, but they’re all great!

  44. I love the Punk Plaid Pink. They are all so cute!

  45. Tracy Gordon says:

    I need all of them especially blue velvet!

  46. Stephanie Louvier says:

    I LOVE the blue velvet and hope I win one! I am having my second boy in May and both boys will be rockin’ the Rock-a-bums!

  47. Shalaina S

    I completely adore the new prints. I need blue velvet though, maybe two of them.

  48. Kelli wegwert says:

    Loving the punk plaid!

  49. I love that they have prints now! Zanadu is my favorite! It’s gender neutral and super fun!

  50. Ashley Leonard says:

    I’m loving the green plaid!

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