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Introducing the SwaddleClub from SwaddleDesigns

I was provided with product to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.

Although I no longer have itty bitty babies to swaddle of my own, I am still totally in love with swaddle blankets.  I know, it’s a bit of an odd obsession, but I can’t resist swooning over their softness and adorable prints.  And if you invite me to your Baby Shower, you can about bet that you’ll be getting some sort of swaddles from me!

The lucky recipient of these amazingly, beautiful muslin swaddle blankets will be my husband’s aunt.  She’s expecting her first baby boy and I just had to spoil the little man with an adorable set from SwaddleDesigns!
Swaddle Designs SwaddlesThis set of Muslin Swaddles from SwaddleDesigns are boutique quality and gorgeous!  I received a set of 4 100% Cotton Muslin Swaddles in the Sterling Print – which is a perfect, unisex set.

SwaddlesThe set of 4 features a Stars type theme, perfect for nights full of slumber for the new baby and parents!  Each swaddle is generously oversized in a square of 46″x46″.

Perhaps my favorite part of the swaddles and boutique blankets from SwaddleDesigns is their 1-2-3 Swaddle Tags.  SwaddleDesigns puts swaddle instructions right on each blanket – so, so, so helpful for new parents [and I'm saying that from experience]!  When I learned that I was supposed to wrap my baby girls up like cute little burritos, I was a little overwhelmed.  I loved having the information right at my fingertips.  It was also very helpful for my husband and parents!

swaddle club

Even better – SwaddleDesigns has taken their tags a step further!  In addition to the 1-2-3 Swaddle Tag, they now have a SwaddleClub QR code ready to go!

What’s included in the SwaddleClub?

A new parent’s dream club – that’s what!  Not only do you have swaddling instructions AND videos, but there is also a white noise section [totally love this!], and other Baby Care Videos and information to help new parents feel more confident.  The club also features fantastic advice and videos from Pediatrician, Dr. Harvey Karp.  And all of this is available in the FREE SwaddleClub!

Swaddle Designs Gift Wrap

Whether you’re looking to purchase swaddling blankets for your babies or you’re looking for the perfect Baby Shower Gift – you’ll find a ton of fabulous baby items from SwaddleDesigns.  Although, my pick will always be their muslin swaddles for sure!

What’s your favorite SwaddleDesigns product?

The set of 4 Muslin Swaddle Blankets, like the Boutique Quality Sterling Set above, retail for $50.  You can purchase right from the SwaddleDesigns website and SwaddleDesigns boutique quality swaddles are also available on!  You’ll want to be sure to join the SwaddleClub [remember, it's free], and follow SwaddleDesigns on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and instagram to stay in the know about new products and promotions!


  1. Marcia Lee

    I have wanted to get swaddles for my daughter-in-law, but I thought if I do, I will have to know how to swaddle. I’m so happy to learn that I will be able to learn how with the 1-2-3 Swaddle tag.

  2. fantastic web page.I really like it.

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