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Embracing My Fashionable Mom Side with Kohl’s Spring Trends

I participated in an Ambassador program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kohl’s. I received Kohl’s gift cards and sample pieces to facilitate my posts and as a thank you for participating.

When I became a Mom, all sense of fashion that I kind of had, went out the door.  I’ve never been a fashion forward type, but yoga pants and tshirts certainly took over my closet.  Even when Rob and I would go out on a rare date night, I would just try to jazz up a plain jane pair of jeans.  I didn’t feel good about my outward appearance and my closet reflected that.

Not anymore!

Kohls White Gray

I’m teaming up with Kohl’s this Spring to change that, though!  With a little help and a whole lot of fashionable choices, I’m re-training my brain and refilling my closet with the hottest trends of the season.  It’s enough to make this Mom excited about shopping again!

Here’s my story, then we’ll get to the shopping!  A couple of years ago, just a few months after having Moreaya, I decided to get back my body back.  I started running, lost most of my pregnancy weight [from both rounds], and went shopping.  It felt so good to be able to rock a pair of skinny jeans!

But I still had one little problem… I’m a cheap shopper.  Around that time I remember sitting with a few friends, talking about shopping, new clothes, and I complimented one on her outfit.  She proceeded to say she had bought the entire outfit the day before.  I thought “An entire outfit?!  Oh my goodness!  I would never do that.”  You see, I’m a clearance rack shopper.  I feel a high when I find a fab shirt on clearance.  I take it home and then see that I have absolutely nothing in my closet that I can wear it with, so it stays there.  It turns out, my cheap shopping is anything but, because I have a closet full of weird items that I don’t know what to do with!

Kohls Pink Spring TrendsFor my first Spring Kohl’s shopping trip, and therapy session of re-training my brain of how to really shop, I enlisted the help of a good friend, who I just totally dig her fashion.  Really.  I’m telling you, she knows how to style a plain white tee and make it look good – so I knew she could help!

Kohls In Store ShoppingAs soon as we stepped foot in Kohl’s, we saw pink.  Pink, my friends, is one of this Spring’s hottest trends and I couldn’t be more excited.  From salmon to coral to pastel – pink is in.  So, to be right on fashion trend, I knew I had to definitely add it in my wardrobe.  I also saw lace and cuffed denim almost as much as the pink.  So, my stylist friend got to work.  She chose pieces, that honestly, I would have never ever looked at twice.  She encouraged me to try them on and stay away from the clearance racks!

When all was said and done, there weren’t many items to put back on the racks.  I was surprised at how well most of the pieces fit me and how getting out of my comfort zones of blacks and grays felt great!

A few of my favorite pieces were the Lauren Conrad Skinny Denim Capris [comes with the pink belt], the white Elle Denim Capris [can you believe those are denim!?], and the adorable Pink Lace top from AB Studio.

Style 2 WaysWe chose a few different pieces, but I made sure to let my friend know that I needed outfits.  An outfit that I could style different ways – a play date at the park, to a fun, afternoon out with the family to a nice restaurant.  Outfits that I would choose over my cherished comfy yoga pants.  Outfits that said “I can do this Fashionable Mom thing.”

Pink Lace TopWe hit it spot on, with the help from Kohl’s inventory.  I totally fell in love with the lace trend… the pink trend… and the cuffed denim trend.  Ok, so I fell in love with it all!  I embraced wedges, at my friend’s urging, and put away the flip flops and flats.  I took all her advice on what to pair together and seriously made a few notes in my phone so when I went to pull them out of my closet, I wouldn’t get lost in my new wardrobe!

I learned how to style a couple of pieces, with pops of pink, so that I could easily transition from a fashionable Mom in the pre-school pick-up line, to fashionable, but sporty Mom running on the playground with her girls!

Styled Two Ways Collage

I am so excited about this Ambassadorship with Kohl’s and how I’m totally conquering the Fashion Mom in me!

What do you think about this Spring’s trends?  Which are you most willing to embrace?!


  1. I’m totally a clearance rack shopper too! I was raised to never pay full price :-) You look great!!

  2. I totally love the white shirt. I need to get some casual clothes. I only have work clothes to wear. My son is 10 months old and I do not fit back into my clothes. My one pair of jeans is not cutting it anymore. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I really needed to see this post. Having 4 kids in a small time frame, my body has changed a lot and I’ve been having a hard time since the birth of our last child in trying to get used to my new body. I have clothes from 10 years ago that are still in my closet and have a hard time finding things that fit me how they should when my tummy gets in the way a lot of times.

    Thank you for your honesty and you’ve encouraged me to embrace myself and now I really want to spruce up my wardrobe and do a big overhaul on my closet!

    • Michelle – this comment means SO much to me! Seriously – coming out of that store after I had tried on clothes that actually fit and, I felt, looked good on me did SO MUCH for my self esteem. Sure, I still want to lose a little bit of weight, don’t we all, but I can be happy with where I am too!
      And stay tuned because I’ll have a few more posts to maybe help you out with a shopping trip too! :)
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  4. Great work – you look awesome! I’m still rocking the yoga pants :(. But at least I’m not going out in my husband’s sweats anymore!
    I LOVE the stripey shoes In your last photo! Where are they from?

  5. You look great! I love the selections you chose. That lace top is gorgeous!

  6. Wow it looks like they have some great styles for Spring! Really liked the pieces that you picked out!

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