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[a review of] Buttons Diapers Large Wet/Dry Bag

I received product to facilitate this review.  All opinions expressed are my own.

Picture it… (yes, that was a Golden Girls reference) Valentine’s Day, 2014… You’ve gotten yourself up and ready, you’ve gotten all three kids (2 & under) up, fed, diapers changed, dressed in the perfect coordinating outfits that it took you all night to pick out, teeth brushed (where applicable), and hair fixed. But most importantly, you are going to be ON TIME for your appointment for their Valentine’s Day portrait shoot, which is a HUGE thing in your house.



You get there and walk in and things are going great. Kids are on their best behavior even while waiting for their turn. The photographer calls you back finally and says she will start with getting a shot of all three of them together. She takes the older two while you begin getting the baby out of the car seat. You pick him up and put your hand under his bum…”uh oh, no…he’s just wet” you think, but you know better because the only time he has ever leaked out of a diaper, it has NOT been pee. You look in the car seat at the cover and confirm your suspicion. Oh no, you are mortified, but you go tell the photographer what has happened and begin the trek to the bathroom to start cleaning him up. You drag the trash can over closer, put your changing pad down on the changing table and lay him down then start going through your bag to gather your supplies…wipes, new diaper, and… “you have got to be kidding me?!” you say “where is my wet bag?!” because you NEVER go ANYWHERE without a wet bag! You look again, but it is definitely not there. So you do your best to peel everything off of the baby and not make a bigger mess than he has already and then conceal it from the other patrons by wrapping it up in your changing pad until you can ask for a trash bag from the staff, ultimately adding to your mortification. So, to remember this lovely story, you just keep him “naked” in the pictures because naked baby pictures are cute, right? :)

Long story I know, but I wanted you all to get a “different” picture in mind…one that you may not think about beforehand that may or may not happen to you while out and about in public. You can never, and I mean NEVER, go wrong with having a well made, well sized wet bag with you at all times. I just wanted to get you guys to thinking about all the advantages that come with having a wet bag in your arsenal. Advantages that may be of use to mama’s and daddy’s that use cloth diapers exclusively, or only while at home (like me), or mama’s and daddy’s that only use disposables but need a reliable “catchall” for those awful messes that come with being a parent. Wet bags are accessories that are truly meant to be in every diaper bag! I know if my Buttons Diapers Large Wet/Dry Bag would have been in the pocket that it normally is in that day, this story would definitely not have “rookie mistake” written all over it like I felt it did.


I received my Buttons Diapers Large Wet/Dry Bag in Apple (free for review) and it (in every other instance except this one) stays in its own little pocket in my diaper bag except when it is in the laundry. I love it. It’s the perfect size for every situation. It has a dry pocket for “dry stuff” and a wet pocket made with waterproof PUL for “wet stuff”. If you are a cloth diapering parent, it can hold up to 6 cloth diapers. If you are not a cloth diapering parent or just not one while out and about, it is big enough to hold an outfit or a few sleepers in the dry pocket and I throw bibs and anything my infant spits up on (or does any other bodily function on) in the wet side.


And, one difference that sets this wet bag apart from other ones is the hanging loop that snaps around a stroller handle or a car seat headrest, etc… In my opinion this would be the perfect baby gift by itself or in addition to any gift basket to a new mom and definitely something to get yourself if you want to make your mommy (or daddy) life A LOT easier.

The Buttons Diapers Large Wet/Dry Bag retails on their site for $16.00.

Do you have a “I Wish I Had a Wetbag” Moment?

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Amy is a writer and contributor for So Easy Being Green. She is a foster mommy to 3, 2 and under, and a wife to a big, hairy "kid". She loves life & everyone in it, and is trying to make better choices for her family. "Call it what you will, but it's our step toward being 'green'."


  1. Laurie P says:

    We recently got to try some Buttons Diapers products. I was very impressed with the quality, and their prices are more than reasonable! Definitely recommended!!

  2. Marcia Lee

    I love the color and design of this wet bag. I like that it has a pocket for wet diapers and one for dry diapers.

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