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Snacking Smart and Staying Healthy

Tracking PixelThis is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Pistachio Health Institute.

One of my least favorite parts of my day is nap time.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, I love being able to focus on myself [ie writing, doing laundry, washing dishes] while the girls are asleep, but I always hit a slump.  There’s something about midday, when it’s quiet, that just makes me want to snack.

Snacking doesn’t always have to be bad, of course, except that so often the unhealthy snacks seem to be easier to grab for most of us, right?  I’ve been really striving to eat healthy, be more active and just be happier in my skin so I’m making lifestyle choices and choices at the grocery store to make the good snack choices easier!

Pistachios on Desk

One of my current favorite snacks is Pistachios!  Who knew a little green nut could be so satisfying!? I have been enjoying them as my mid afternoon snack for a few days now and just love the satisfaction of cracking them open – I think the action is as much a part of the fun as the taste!

And it just so happens that today is National Wear Red Day to raise awareness for Heart Disease in Women and according to the Pistachio Health Institute, pistachios are the Heart Smart Snack that Loves You Back!

Pistachios Snack WorkingRecent research from Harvard University and published in New England Journal of Medicine suggests that the benefits of snacking on nuts go up as the number of servings goes up, too. Bottom line: more nuts, more benefits. Go for a daily handful of pistachios as part of a healthy diet.  So, when I feel that craving to eat, I don’t feel guilty, not one bit, about grabbing a handful of pistachios!

One lady that also knows the healthy benefits of snacking on Pistachios is Celebrity Trainer Valerie Waters, the rocking lady behind Valslides.


Valerie recently shared some of her favorite snacking [on pistachios] and fitness tips and there are a couple that totally stand out to me!

 You are just one workout away from a good mood.

I admit, I often dread workouts, but why?!?  I always feel better after I do them and when I think positively about exercise and fitness, I’m much more likely to follow through and accomplish my goals!

Shine Like Stars 2

 Pistachios are the “skinny nut”.

Throw the word skinny on anything and I’m in!



  1. These nuts are so good:)
    Jeanette recently posted…Valentine GiftsMy Profile

  2. I recently tried this cool pistachio & craisin bars that were SO good — they’re small but have enough punch to make me feel like I’m getting a great snack.
    Dede recently posted…Eek! My blog was suspended — I feel like such a bad girl!My Profile

  3. We love Pistachios at our house. Snack on them all the time!!!

  4. I am not a huge pistachio fan, but my husband is, so we keep them around the house.

  5. I love the “Fuel up with Fiber” tip! So many people are deficient in a high-fiber diet and it makes a world of difference in how you feel! Great post! I love pistachios too!
    Ruth V. recently posted…Rokform iPhone Stroller Mount Kit Review and #Giveaway #BabyGuide2014My Profile

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