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16 Other Uses for Cloth Wipes

If you use cloth diapers, chances are you use cloth wipes.  If you don’t, well, they’re certainly an easy option for anyone – cloth diaper user or not.  I held out for a few months in our CDing journey before I started using them, but once I did, I wished I had started sooner.

But, here we are, done with our cloth diapering journey because I now have 2 potty trained children and I have de-stashed our cloth diapers, but what do I do with all of our cloth wipes?  Sure, I could give them to a friend who still has little ones [and I actually did give some of them away], but I started thinking…

What other uses could I find for Cloth Wipes?
16 Uses for Cloth Wipes.png

That’s right!  With some lovely help from fellow cloth diaper bloggers and even a few of you, SEBG readers, I came up with 16 other uses for Cloth Wipes!  Some are similar to one another, some you’ve probably done without thinking much about it, and some – well – may give you great ideas for what to do with your cloth wipes when you don’t need them for their intended purpose anymore!

  1. In place of tissues.  - Kassandra from
  2. In place of wet wipes after dinners and snacks [faces and hands]. – Kassandra
  3. In place of paper towels in public restrooms, if they’re in your diaper bag! – Romina,
  4. Family Cloth
    Yes, this is pretty much their intended purpose, but they don’t have to be used just for the kiddos!
  5. “I use cloth wipes as diaper liners” – Heather,
    This would definitely depend on the type of cloth wipes and what material they are made from, but such a great idea to use them as reusable liners!
  6. Potty Training Toddlers
    It’s a hard transition from cloth wipes to stiff, hard toilet paper so cloth wipes really make a great transition while potty training.
  7. Wash cloths
  8. Washing toys
    My girls are always wanting to help me clean.  So I bring out their cloth wipes and let them wash away – pretend or with water!
  9. Outside Play
    Watch your kiddos imagination run!  They’ll think of a million things to do with cloth wipes outside.
  10. Pretend Play for Kids
  11. Breast Pads
    In a pinch – cloth wipes can be folded and used as breast pads!
  12. Added absorbency in Cloth Diapers
    Once again, it depends on the material used in the wipes, but flannel is a great absorbent material!
  13. Wiping up spills/Cleaning Cloths
  14. Cloth Napkins
  15. Spit Up Cloths
  16. Bib
    Veronica says “My son tucks his chin down when he sees a burp cloth coming, so these catch him off guard, dry clothes stay dry!

Organic Muslin Wipes

My mind was sparked with this idea when we received a box of Organic Muslin Wipes from i Play Baby [free for review].  I love muslin, I love organic, I love Green Sprouts products, so I just needed these wipes even though we didn’t need cloth wipes for cloth diapers anymore.  So, I started thinking what I could do with them and you know what?  I think I have plenty of ideas, don’t you!?

The wipes are made from organic cotton muslin, so they get softer with every wash and are squares of 12″x12″.  They’re bigger than other cloth wipes I’ve seen and I actually love the size, especially since we’ll be using them in so many different ways!

What “other” way doyou most often use your Cloth Wipes?

You can purchase the Green Sprouts Organic Muslin Wipes right on Amazon.  They retail for $9.99 for the set of 5.



  1. Laura Brewer

    I clean houses and the best raggs I have and use are the cloth diapers. I would love to try these out and see if they will work on the Stainless Steele!

  2. veronique pezeshki says:

    I love green useful things in my house so I would be really happy to use your organic cloth

  3. Brooke Kruzner says:

    Looking forward to using them as extra absorbency in my cloth diapers!

  4. I use them as nose wipes!

  5. Amanda Woodley says:

    I’m sure I’ll use them for dirty hands and faces.

  6. allyson tice

    They are perfect for spills on the go in the car! They also make great burp cloths and dribble catchers ina pinch!

  7. Bibs!!!
    This worked well when we forgot a bib when we went to a wedding…

  8. Jeannette says:

    We use them after eating meals to wipe faces and hands…I just keep a wipe warmer on my counter in the kitchen and they get used up fast! :)

  9. I also use them as wet wipes for after my son eats a messy meal. SOMEDAY I want to try family cloth….it’d pretty much just be me using them, though.

  10. Melissa Conn says:

    snot rags

  11. Aurora P

    As burp clothes

  12. They are perfect “snot rags” for allergy season!

  13. We have to use them for runny noses because my child shreds paper tissues!

  14. We have our first baby on the way so I plan to use cloth wipes with cloth diapering and also for wiping sticky faces and fingers.

  15. Sue Hull

    I like to use cloths to wipe down counters, cupboards,kids faces, spit up. These ones are nice, and I love the colors. Thank you :)

  16. alona y says:

    I like using them as burp cloths and when they finally get old and tattered they are great for cleaning cloths.

  17. julie matek says:

    I use them a lot on our wood floors b/c living in Wisconsin, the floors are constantly muddy from the snow, etc.

    jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  18. John Hutchens says:

    I would use them in my rv as hand towels instead of paper towels

  19. I use them to wipe off the bath tub and counters.

  20. I would have them on hand for an eco – friendly alternative for “emergency” runny noses, especially during the winter months.

  21. Keara B. says:

    I use cloth wipes for my potty-training toddler. They work so much better than toilet paper at getting her clean!

  22. Heidi Stane says:

    I usually use my cloth wipes for cleaning my toddler’s face and hands after a meal.

  23. Jennifer (robbins) A. says:

    I like to use cloth wipes (in addition to their intended purpose) as washcloths, burp clothes, and when they’re retired, as cleaning rags. : )

  24. Kathy Lane

    I would use them when I take my child out to clean up after playing at the park.

  25. Diane Cooper

    I use cloth wipes to dry dishes. They work wonderfully, very absorbent!

  26. I would use them in place of wipes or napkins.

  27. kortney Picker says:

    I will use them as breast pads!! I am always running out so this would be a great quick fix when I need it!

  28. i love using them for cleaning messy hands an faces. we actually keep a pile in the car at all times for when we are out and about

  29. anne perry says:

    Wiping messy hands and faces,

  30. Jessica O says:

    I use them to wipe my daughters face and hands and as washcloths in the bath!

  31. Amanda A says:

    I use them to wipe messy faces.

  32. I use cloth wipes to dry plates.

  33. Darlene Jones-Nelson

    I would use them to wash the little one’s face and hands.

  34. the form wont load : (

  35. I like the idea of using them instead of paper napkins. Fun!
    Bri Sherman recently posted…We Literally Have Nothing to FearMy Profile

  36. I would use them to replace disposable wipes when cleaning up my toddler and newborn during diaper changes..

  37. for nose and face and hands and sometime a wash cloth

  38. Tracy Gordon says:

    I use cloth wipes in conjunction with cloth diapers, to wipe up baby spit-up or as a wash cloth.

  39. emily r says:

    We use ours for noses and faces. I’d love to use these for napkins!!

  40. Sarah Hayes says:

    im switching to these from paper napkins

  41. Amanda Alvarado says:

    We use them for dirty faces and runny noses!

  42. Linda Madden

    In place of paper towels in public restrooms. This was such a good idea .

  43. I use them to wipe up spills.

  44. My kids are amazingly messy so they’d come in handy for cleanups

  45. Jessica Hughes

    Honestly, my son would love to use these to help me clean!

  46. Colleen Maurina says:

    I keep a couple cloth wipes in the car and always seem to have many reasons to use them such as sticky hands and faces.

  47. Great list. So jealous that you have 2 potty-trained children. I’m hoping the second one will show interest soon. In the meanwhile, I will continue to use the cloth wipes with cloth diapering.
    Romina recently posted…Going Green with Tom’s Of MaineMy Profile

  48. sherry blamer says:

    I use them as wash clothes in the tub occasionally.

  49. We use them as face wipes after messy meals and as tissues sometimes

  50. Jennifer H says:

    We’re still using cloth diapers so we use cloth wipes as they were intended. But we have some set aside as tissues all around the house.

    The i Play cloth wipes look like they might make some cool playsilks.

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