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Yoga on the Go with the Aurorae Yoga Sling Backpack

I shared on Facebook a couple of days ago that I didn’t technically make any New Years resolutions, but one idea that probably just about everyone has each New Year is getting healthier.  When I was practicing yoga 3 times a week a few years ago, I felt like I was really in great shape.  I wasn’t as skinny as I was pre-babies, but I was healthy and active.

Sling Backpack Aurorae YogaI’ve been trying to make lifestyle choices to get back into being active, especially getting back into yoga.  It was like Aurorae Yoga, one of my favorite sponsors over the years here on SEBG, knew I needed something to inspire me when they sent me their new Sling Backpack to review.

Back of Sling Backpack

I think it was just the inspiration I needed.

What?  I can’t be the only lady that’s inspired by a beautiful bag!?

Now, even though most of my exercise happens right in the house these days, when I was going to yoga classes 2-3 times a week, this bag would have made those trips so.much.easier.  I absolutely love the sling style and the pockets, oh my the pockets.  Do all women love pockets or does this happen after you have children and realize you need to stash a million things and pockets become your best friend?

Aurorae Yoga Backpack Pockets

There is a place on this Aurorae Yoga Sling Backpack for everything you own.  Ok, that might be pushing it, but honestly it holds so much in such a small bag.

There are 2 large compartments that are perfect for a block, clothes, one can even fit a notebook computer!  There are small zippered pockets located around the bag for your valuables, keys, wallet, etc.  The cell phone pocket is located on the front strap and also features hoops that you could hook keys, sunglasses, etc.  Along with the straps to hold your Yoga Mat, there is also a water bottle pocket on the other side of the bag!

Aurorae Yoga Sling Backpack

And even though it’s intended purpose is a Yoga Backpack, I see this beautiful red bag going with us on lots of trips – especially Dollywood or places that space is limited but we need a change of clothes on hand.

Aurorae Yoga Sling Backpack


The Aurorae Yoga Sling Backpack comes in 5 different colors, all with coordinating Northern Lights Yoga Mat {sold separately} to totally complete your yoga needs.  Aurorae Yoga offers the best in Customer Service and products that they stand behind with an exceptional guarantee!

All Aurorae Yoga products are available for purchase on  The Sling Backpack retails for $49.95 and is on sale right now for $35!



  1. kanupriya says:

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  2. I’ve never tried yoga, but have been planning on trying it out (as I need to get active as well!). :) This pack looks GREAT!

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