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[a review of the] Posh Play Diaper Clutch

Well, it’s been a little while since I’ve been in the blogging world, but I think I’ve had a good excuse. This past October, we welcomed our third foster baby into our home, Em & Bubba’s little brother. He is an absolute joy & a wonderful addition to our growing little family. I have had (& probably will for a while, yet) my hands absolutely full with three kiddos who are two, one, and three months old. So, in sticking with my “motto” of keeping things as simple as possible, I decided that I needed a new (& bigger, of course) diaper bag.

When Em and Bubba were smaller, I carried a smaller diaper bag that was still big enough to fit everything that I needed to go out and about with two under two. But since they are both toddlers now, whose stuff keeps getting bigger, AND with a new baby who has his own stuff that could fill a cargo plane, it simply wasn’t possible to keep that going. I tried to carry just a big open tote bag that I had, which technically “worked”, but it definitely didn’t keep to my simple motto. I couldn’t find anything! This helped me decide to invest in a bag that I have wanted for a while. The only thing that it lacked was the inner pockets that I like to have to organize everything. So, when I was asked to review the Posh Play Diaper Clutch, I immediately said “YES” because I thought it would help me organize my mess that had become the inside of my diaper bag.

DSC_5880One of my biggest peeves for my bag is that my diapers get all messed up.  And, yes, I hate it, but I have to use disposables when we go out. I couldn’t imagine hauling enough fluff for 3 and the wet bag to store the dirty ones. So, I use disposables. Right now, the older two are in size 5 and the baby is in size 2. So, in the diaper bag, I like them lined up by size with the wipes and changing pad right there where I can grab them all when I need them. And as much as I love my new bag, it still has the possibility to become that mess that I had to deal with before. So, what I have done is put my “extra” diapers in a small canvas bag that goes in the very bottom of the big bag & then put all my necessities in my Posh Play Diaper Clutch (free for review in the color Turquoise) & just throw it in there on top of everything. This way, my Posh Play stays at the top of my bag, organized and everything, ready to go! I love it! It’s so roomy that, in addition to the awesome changing pad, I can keep four size 5 diapers and two size 2 diapers in it, a pack of wipes, hand sanitizer, diaper cream, and a wet bag in it for those unforeseen awful accidents. This clutch is perfect to just grab & go for those quick trips somewhere.

DSC_5881DSC_5877I have been able to use it while we have traveled for the Christmas holiday & it has been fabulous! As much as I love help when we travel, I hated having to reorganize everything because no one knew where anything was in my bag before. Now, I can just either grab the Posh Play for them or just tell my help to grab the turquoise bag & they know exactly what to grab. And since everything is already in it, there’s no extra searching for anything, which makes it husband-proof…score! :) Plus, I’ve gotten so many compliments on it already, too. From the color to the “alligator” style pattern that is on it. And the fact that it is so, so, so easy to clean…another plus. My other changing pad, I had to put in the washing machine. This one…nope, completely wipeable!!! I cannot say how much I love this combo. It is so durable, I have every confidence that it will forever be a staple for me for as long as I have to carry a “kid” bag with me.

DSC_5882To purchase this awesome diaper clutch ($58.00) and to check out Posh Play’s other wonderful products, visit

All Posh Play products are PVC free and have been designed by a mom, with detailed attention to style, function, durability, quality, and safety for your child. Heirloom pieces grow with your family. Completely wipeable. Completely cool.

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Amy is a writer and contributor for So Easy Being Green. She is a foster mommy to 3, 2 and under, and a wife to a big, hairy "kid". She loves life & everyone in it, and is trying to make better choices for her family. "Call it what you will, but it's our step toward being 'green'."


  1. Yashmarie Alsina says:

    Love it

  2. thats a clutch? thats HUGE!!! it can fit what my purse fits! lol. and its adorable!!!

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