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Fluffy Friday: The Cloth Diaper Blues


Have you ever had the Cloth Diaper Blues?

I’ve had the CD Blues a few times and it comes for a few different reasons.


1.) Rashes, Repelling, Stinkyness Oh My!

It’s definitely true that the CD Blues come about when you’re dealing with stinky diapers that are leaking.  Or baby has a rash and it’s so tempting to just grab a pack of disposables at the store to lather diaper cream on.  It’s tempting, but I’ve pretty much managed to dump these blues in the last 3.5 years of cloth diapering my girls.  I make sure that I have the knowledge to combat the issues and if I don’t, I search out the problem on Google!

2. Potty Training – no more CD Blues

Believe it or not, even though you’ve done cloth diaper laundry for 2-3 years, when the eve of Potty Learning comes along, the blues can quickly set in.  The thought of no more fluffy bums {very soon} is enough to send any CD Mama into a bit of a panic.

We’re at this point with Moreaya, yes, hard to believe.  She’s totally interested in the potty and wants to be big like her Sister and is having some real success.  So much that I’ve decided to de-stash about 1/2 of our stash!  {Interested?  I’ll be listing our diapers for sale on the SEBG Facebook page at deep discounts!}

Although I expect the process to take a few weeks, it’s definitely give me a little blues.  I am 99.9% sure that our family is complete with our 2 girls, so knowing that I’ll never put that adorable diapers on another baby is a little sad, I must say!

3.  Post Sposie Vacation CD Blues

Yep, I’ve even got a 3rd type of CD blues this Fluffy Friday!  We decided not to cloth while we were gone to Florida.  For one, disposables are easier in a theme park, no lugging around wet bags and clean diapers.  We also stayed in a hotel instead of a condo.  Sure, there was an onsite laundry facility, but we barely had time to sleep, let alone do laundry!

One thing that I do recognize is that by going back to disposables, even if just for a week, it reminds me WHY I cloth diaper.  I don’t use them because they’re easier than disposables – if you think they are, well, it’s been awhile since you’ve used them.  But cloth diapering IS EASY.  They’re prettier, better for my baby’s bum, and so much better on our budget.

So, no matter how easy it is to toss a diaper in the trash, it’s much easier to lay my head down at night knowing that I’m not tossing THAT many diapers in the trash!

Do you get the Cloth Diaper Blues?  Let me hear about it!


  1. exactly! when i cloth diapered my youngest, we went on vacation. i used pampers for 7 days.
    my son is now potty training and he is pretty much out of diapers. but, we have a new baby due this summer. i am so excited to CD a nb!!

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