A Christmas Stocking Tutorial for Beginners

Y’all know I like to sew, right?  Even after about a year of loving the hobby, I still totally consider myself a beginner.  My projects usually turn out great, but it’s quite obvious that their sewn by a beginner, but I’m ok with that.  I take so much pride when I finish a project successfully!

Stockings by Fireplace

On my queue of Sewing To Do’s for years has been make my own Christmas Stockings.  I’ve always loved the cute, matching, embellished, and personalized family stockings and wanted some for my little family.  The only problem, when you go to search for these lovely stockings, most are between $20-$40 a PIECE!  I just can’t handle that when we’re buying 4!

So, I decided to take a day to sit down and try it.  I’d never know if I could do it unless I tried, right?

Christmas Stockings Tutorial

I was TICKLED with my end result.  So tickled, in fact, that I was so glad I took the time to take pictures during the process so you can make your own Christmas Stockings too – even if you’re a beginner at sewing like me!

christmasstockingstutorialHere’s what you’ll need:

1/2 yard for each main stocking {this will leave you with a bit of scraps leftover}
Fusible Fleece
4.5″ x 9″ panel for Top Cuff
2″ x 7″ for Stocking Hanger
Small Wooden Letters for Personalization
Stocking Pattern {here’s mine!  Just remember to print in Landscape format and piece together.}

I use a 1/4″ inseam throughout the Stocking Project.

I wanted Christmas-y colors, without Christmas fabrics.  So I chose these coordinating patterns {I’ll give you one guess who had to throw blue into the mix!} and I love the way they turned out complimenting one another!

Christmas Stocking Cut OutsI made my Stocking Pattern from a Dollar Store stocking that I cut up.  I traced the pattern on wax paper then started making my cuts.  This is just about the longest process in the whole tutorial.  I made 2 stocking patterns of fusible fleece for each stocking and matching front and back for each as well.

Make sure you turn the pattern over to cut the back stocking though!

Christmas Stocking Cuff HemI like to get all of my hemming out of the way first thing, so I hemmed all of my coordinating Top Cuff Pieces on the bottom.  You’ll also want to hem your back stocking pieces at the top {not pictured}, so they’ll have a nice finished look when you’re done.

Christmas Stocking LoopThis is also a great time to go ahead and fold your stocking holder and sew it together.  You can sew inside out and flip it around or simply fold it together and sew it closed like I chose to do.  It was simpler and faster!

Once you get all of this done, you’ll want to go ahead and attach your fusible fleece to each stocking cut out.

Moving right along, next it’s time to attach the Top Coordinating Cuff to your front stocking.  I chose to not add a cuff to the back, simply to keep from having to worry about issues lining them up {remember, I’m a beginner} and you really only see the front anyways!

I attached the cuff by laying the right side of the cuff against the fusible fleece of the front stocking as shown below.

Christmas Stocking Attaching CuffThis way, your cuff folds right over the front of your stocking and looks wonderful after a bit of pressing from your iron!

Ironing Christmas Stockings

The next step are those letters – aren’t they adorable?  I chose pretty small wooden letters from the craft department at Hobby Lobby.  Sophia and I painted them so they would coordinate with the stockings and really stand out.  I chose to sew them on by hand, through both the fabric and fleece so it would be sturdy.  Just a couple of stitches over the letters held them in place perfectly!

Wooden Letter Monogram Stockings

I loved the idea of adding the letters onto the stockings.  Since I don’t have an embroidery machine and can’t personalize my stockings that way, this was an easy and inexpensive way of making them truly our own!

Pin Together Right SidesIt’s GO time!  Time to put these stockings together!  I chose not to line the stockings with another piece of fabric.  It would simply mean more work and more money and honestly, they really don’t need lined with the fleece on the inside.

Put the right sides of your fabrics together {my front is on top above because you can see the stitching from my Letter!} and pin all the way around.  I loved this project because there is no turning of the fabric, simple and easy!

Stocking HangerDon’t forget to attach your Stocking Hanger!  You could always tuck it in between your fleece and fabric if you’re trying to hide it, but I chose to simply sew it against the back of my stocking.

Sewing Christmas StockingsWell, you do have to turn once, but it’s the best turn of all projects – you get to see the finished project!

Stocking Turorial

And it’s not too late to make your own!  I did these in just a few hours – once you get all those patterns cut, the project really is a breeze!

Do you have store bought stockings or have you made your own?

If you decide to make your own using my tutorial, please let me know, or better yet, share your final pictures with me!  You can email me at sebg.blog@gmail.com or share on Facebook or instagram tagging me!


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  2. Kiera says

    Super cute!! I am making 4 stockings… Is the fleece the back of your stocking or is that on the inside? I’m a little confused. Haha! Do I cut out a front, back and a fleece? I’m confused as to how there is no turning. Because you can’t see any stitching. *First timer here*

    • says

      Hi Kiera – yes, the fleece is on both side, but on the inside. I didn’t cover it with fabric because the fleece is fine – no one ever sees the inside but on Christmas morning and no one is paying attention to the stocking by that point! 😉
      But I did sew them together – outsides together and turn at the end.
      My last sentence might have been missed “Well, you do have to turn once, but it’s the best turn of all projects – you get to see the finished project!”. :) Good luck!
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