Plan Toys for Sustainable Play – Holiday Gift Idea

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Plan Toys is a brand that I kept seeing pop up when I was trying to look for Christmas present ideas for the girls.  There are just way too many plastic, battery operated toys in their playrooms that they do not play with anymore.  I wanted something that would spark imagination and be like a new toy each time they took it out to play.


I got that wish granted as soon as these Plan Toys Wood Blocks showed up at our door.  I received both the Fairy Tale Blocks and Castle Blocks and decided to pull them out one day while Sophia was at school because my plan was to put them back up for Christmas – knowing Moreaya wouldn’t really remember.


The blocks are super fun and original.  They really encourage independent and imaginative play because there is so much you can do with both of the sets, especially when they’re combined!  Moreaya kept saying “Princess Princess!”.  She played for quite awhile just by herself.



Then that evening I had a little girl that was sad that she couldn’t go to her Grandparent’s House because they weren’t home and about the same time Moreaya kept proclaiming she wanted to “Play Blocks! Play Blocks!”  So, I did it.  I brought them out for both girls to enjoy.



Each set of Plan Toys blocks that we reviewed come with 35 pieces each, including horses to pull the carriage and prince and princesses too!  The thing I noticed the most about these blocks is how they’re made.  They’re relatively light for blocks, which is great for my girls, and the variety of colored and non-colored blocks in both packages really appeal to the girls’ eyes.



Moreaya’s favorite part of playing with blocks is trying to knock down her Sister’s Rapunzel Tower creations!



Plan Toys is a website full of creative, imaginative, sustainable play toys for just about every age of little one that might be on your list!

The Castle Blocks and Fairy Tale Blocks that we received for review both retail for $30 each.  You can connect with Plan Toys on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to keep up with their newest products and toys!




  1. I like the Number 1-10 wooden tiles.

  2. these toys are so cute. I haven’t gotten any yet but they might be on the Birthday lists ;-)

  3. I really want the castle one for my boys

  4. My daughter would love these block toys!

  5. Renee Smith says:

    I love this company! they make great items my little ones love.

  6. Becki Witherow says:

    I love these tous, and my son loves blocks!

  7. These toys look like such great quality and will last for years without breaking. Very durable!

  8. Michelle F. says:

    Would love that for my daughter.

  9. Jessica Bacon says:

    I love the idea of these toys!!! I will definitely be checking them out for my youngest and my nephews!

  10. THese look like a great idea.

  11. For some reason I had not found these yet. I love toys without batteries so that they improve imaginative play. Thank you for the review, they are immediately going on the Christmas list.

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