Crane USA is Helping My Girls Sleep Easier at Night

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We have two new friends that are occupying the girls’ room to help them sleep a bit easier every night.


Crane USA Cool Mist Humidifier

We were recently sent a Cool Mist Humidifier and Night Light from Crane USA {free for review}.  With all the sickness that has been going around our house, and Sophia’s constant coughing and dryness, I was desparately hoping that the Adorable Cool Mist Humidifier would help.

craneusacoolmistcollageI actually can really tell a difference when we let Miss Piggy {I mean, really, could she have any other name?!} smoke out her ears for awhile.  I usually turn the Humidifier on at night, simply because the girls’ door is closed and it helps the air circulate best.

We’ve tried other humidifiers, but this one from Crane USA has been my favorite.  For one, the looks – how much cuter can these Adorable Humidifiers get?

cranehumidifersI also love that the Crane USA Humidifiers do not require a filter, which just adds up to an extra expense.  However, you are instructed to clean them once a day and thoroughly clean them weekly.  Although this can seem like extra work for an already busy day, daily cleaning just simply needs to be a wipe down of the inside to clean out any standing water and replacing the water in the reservoir.  This helps to eliminate bacteria growth.

There is also an auto shut-off feature so if you’re Humidifier runs out of water in the middle of the night, you don’t need to worry about overheating with the machine.

Crane USA Glo Belly Night Light

HippoBellyGloCollageIn all honesty, the girls don’t need another night light.  They both have Dream Lights and a night light in their bedroom, but the concept of this cute Hippo had me sold.

So, what’s so special about the Hippo Glo Belly Night Light?

As you can see above, the belly actually comes out of the Hippo.  The belly is the lightbulb itself which can be plugged directly in the wall as a traditional nightlight… OR plug it in during the day to “charge” the light.  Then, at night put the belly back in and the light will glow for up to 8 hours!


This means the night light can go exactly where you want it to go, it’s not dependent on where your wall outlets are!  I just love this innovative design and believe me, so do the girls!

There are 2 settings for the light – a low, soft natural glow and then a setting where the light changes from red to blue to green.  The transition of colors is very soothing and is what Sophia requests each night!

You can purchase both of these products on the Crane USA website.  The Cool Mist Humidifier retails for $45.99 and comes in 13 Animal Characters.  The Hippo Belly Glo Night Light retails for $16.99 and is available in a Duck and Frog character also.  Be sure to connect with Crane USA to stay up to date with new products, characters, and promotions on Facebook and Twitter!

Do you have any products that help your children sleep easier at night?


  1. Marcia Lee

    I love the hippo belly nightlight. When you showed the picture of the light outside of the hippo’s tummy I though “Aw, I thought it would light up in the hippo.”” Then I read on and learn you can charge the light during the day and put it back in the hippo for 8 hours of light. That is so cool. I never thought of a charging nightlight. Thank you for your review and always introducing me to new products!

  2. We have a pig humidifier, too! Love it! And I’m loving the look of that hippo light. Crane products are awesome!

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