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Everything’s Coming Up… Chevron! {an Action Baby Carriers Review}

If you haven’t noticed the chevron trend, well, you must be living under a rock.  It seems like chevron is popping up everywhere this Fall!  The print has been “in” for about 2 years now and you’ll see the zig zag pattern in just about every product you encounter!

You may have seen my review of the Pouch o’ Pepper from Damsel in Defense


It seems that quite a few cloth diaper companies are adding chevron to their line-ups this Fall too!


Charlie – The new Chevron Print from Rumparooz.

 I even made Moreaya’s Crib Bedding with a Chevron reversible print so she could be right on trend!

 handmade crib bedding pillow

And our latest Chevron addition…


Our Action Baby Carrier that we were sent to review!  First, let me tell you that Andrea, the lovely lady behind Action Baby Carriers, asked if I liked Chevron or Elephants.  I picked Chevron, of course!  But then when I saw all the new prints, I was smitten with all of them!


Action Baby Carriers boasts two type of carriers – their Regular ABC and a Toddler version.  The only differences are that the Toddler Carrier’s body panel comes up 3 inches higher.  Honestly, I’ve never really worried about how high the back panel is on a carrier, once Moreaya got enough head and neck control to hold herself up.  So, why does a taller panel matter?

It has to be the reason that this carrier feels so streamline, slim, and comfortable for me.  Honestly, it’s probably the slimmest carrier I own, when I’m wearing Moreaya both front and back.


And I really think it’s because of the taller panel!  I feel absolutely no pressure or strain on my back or shoulders when I’m wearing her in it.


There are a few other specifics that I love about this carrier, besides the fabulous chevron print.  The shoulder straps and waist are very thickly padded.  They feel even more padded than some other carriers in our stash, which adds to the comfort.  I also love the fact that the shoulder straps aren’t sewn on the carrier on both sides.  They attach to the panel by another clip, which makes it possible to criss cross the straps for an even more comfortable fit.

The hood on this carrier is amazing as well.  Now that Moreaya is bigger, she still fits in a couple other SSC’s that we have, but if she’s sleeping, I can’t seem to get her head supported well.  Take a look at this attached hood on the Action Baby Carrier…


I don’t think we’ll have a bit of a problem with her head moving around in it!  It buckles to the shoulder strap with the same style of buckle that’s used on the carrier on the waist and chest strap.  And speaking of chest strap, the ABC features a sliding chest strap so it works well with parents {and grandparents, aunts, uncles…} of all sizes!

Be sure to connect with Action Baby Carriers on social media, via Facebook, instagram, and Twitter.  You’ll be sure to stay up to date with their sales and new print announcements!

You can purchase Action Baby Carriers on their website.  The regular carrier retails for $98 and the Toddler Carriers, like I reviewed above, retail for $114.


  1. Judith Martinez

    This looks so comfy and roomy for the older child! I would love to see the elephant print, I love elephants.

  2. I love that it is made in the USA! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  3. Andrea Merrill

    I love that!!! I want it so badly. This has to be my Favorite one so far!!

  4. this would be WONDERFUL to use on my toddler!

  5. Erica Walton says:

    I like the pattern a lot!
    I LOVE chevron (always have though)…
    I really like the hood on this carrier!

  6. I like that it is made in the USA and you can carrier you baby in the front or back and that there is a hood opposition

  7. karena rendon says:

    the chevron print is really making a hit lately!! totally love it.

  8. I love how tall this carrier gets! I can’t believe it feels narrow. Makes me wish I had a toddler.
    Dessa Wright recently posted…Babyville Snap Pliers Review AND Conversion TutorialMy Profile

  9. Michelle Martin says:

    I love that huge hood! Would make it easy to keep my toddlers big ol’ noggin covered when he sleeps HA! And the pattern is cute!

  10. jaye jaye says:

    What a fun carrier! A friend has an older ABC and she’s always lamenting the lack of hood. Looks like they’ve got that remedied! Thanks for the review :).

  11. Love that this carrier has a higher panel! And the attached good concept is great!! I would love this!

  12. Chelsea Ewing says:

    I like that you are comfortably carrying your toddler in this carrier. My oldest is 2.5 years old, in the 80% for height and weight and I still love carrying her around. She loves that in carriers she can snooze : )

  13. I’m looking in to baby carriers now to have for our first due in Dec. The hood is really neat!
    Laura B recently posted…Make Your Own BabyfoodMy Profile

  14. Christina Howell says:

    I love the fact that it is made in the USA. I’m sold on that! I love how it is designed for toddlers. This would be really helpful since I have a very busy toddler.

  15. Ashley Campbell

    I do like the chevron look :) I love how you can use it up to 45 pounds! And I love the hood feature, what a GREAT idea!!

  16. That hood is a great feature! And I like that extra inches n height so that the toddler gets the right support!

  17. Tracie

    I love the hood! That would be a big help when the little one falls asleep! And the pattern is so pretty!

  18. I love the simplicity of this carrier and the fact that it is specially geared towards toddlers. The extra back/neck support is so crucial.
    Christina Zurowski recently posted…In a FlashMy Profile

  19. I would love to try this out with my daughter. I’ve never actually seen this carrier in person, and would love to know what my local community of baby wearers thought of it, too.
    Jennifer M recently posted…$200 Gift Card for Toysrus Giveaway Ends 11/19My Profile

  20. This looks so comfortable and I love the big wide hood. I also like the wide seat. I’d definitely consider an ABC Toddler when my daughter is older.

  21. Tracy Dennison

    I love the pattern and the fact that the weight limit is 45lbs!

  22. Joanna Lou Tabara says:

    wow the action baby carriers are truely a must buy! i love that the hood can be straped unlike those that just put on the head, at least if my baby is on this his head would not be bent backwards if sleeping.

  23. How cute and functional! I also love the chevron pattern and the fact the weight limit is 45. It is better for a toddler.
    Ashleigh Swerdfeger recently posted…MiscarriageMy Profile

  24. Its amazing how a toddler can fit in a carrier I really do love this I have had carriers a lot that strain my back and it’s great the action carrier is made for you not to feel no strain or pressure loving this

  25. I love that it has that large attached hood, and what a cute pattern.

  26. The thick straps looks like it makes wearing much more comfy and the buckles make it easier to adjust! Also, love that the height can be adjusted and baby can be in the front or the back!

  27. This carrier seems so nice! It’s super pretty and I love the features. Comfy padding is aways a plus!

  28. laurie nykaza

    This carrier looks so amazing. I love the fabric and the design it looks so easy to wear too. I like the size of it you can use it for a long time as the child grows.

  29. I like that it comes in a toddler version! Very cute, too!

  30. Cynthia Sizemore says:

    I love the design of this carrier, very safe looking. Great job on the review

  31. I love that they make a larger size. My 3 year old still asks to be carried every now and then, if we’re at an all day event or have a long way to walk. Great hood!
    Olivia recently posted…Lily’s Dreams Upcycled Wool Wrap ReviewMy Profile

  32. Michelle Lee says:

    I’d love to try this for my toddler! He’s WAY too big for our other SSCs.

  33. harley shank says:

    love this one too! such trendy prints very cute and looks super comfy love that it is great for toddlers!

  34. Really awesome that it’s perfect for toddlers. I’m expecting #2, so I’d be able to use our existing carrier + wrap for our newborn and possibly upgrade to the toddler one for #1.
    Bianca recently posted…Dressing a cloth diapered little girlMy Profile

  35. sarah dugan says:

    Taller panels make so much of a difference. That’s why I like my Boba vs. the Ergo for my 9 month old. I’d love an Action baby carrier as she gets older and taller! :-)

  36. Anna Parks says:

    What a trendy print. I love the 45lb weight limit and the hood.

  37. My daughter likes to lean and bounce, so the extra height of the toddler version would help keep her more secure as she grows.

  38. Reggie Horton says:

    Wow, that thing looks huge! Perfect for my big boy!

  39. Jutta Pearce

    I LOVE that these carriers are made in the USA. I think they look like a great option for bigger babies too!

  40. Sandy Chiang

    I love the features of this carrier and the pattern =) would be awesome for my one year old.

  41. Megan Hall says:

    I’ve been eyeing that new rumparooz print. Love it! Hadn’t heard of this specific carrier before but it looks so comfy.

  42. One Southern Girl

    I don’t think I’ve seen any chevron print baby carriers before, how great that Action Baby Carrier already has one! Love the higher back idea… more support sounds awesome!

  43. I’m a huge fan of their criss-cross support structure! This is a great baby carrier, and the higher back on it is awesome as well.

  44. Kara Brow

    I absolutely love this carrier, it is so cute but looks like it would work wonderful for our older toddlers! We are about to have 4 ages 4 and under so we def. think it is time to invest in a toddler carrier to help tote them all around! Thanks for the review :)

  45. Melanie Molnar

    I love the attached hood aspect. Helps for windy days shopping :)

  46. That higher back sounds wonderful. Almost every sling makes my upper back hurt, and I’d love to see if the higher back would help me.
    Cindy H recently posted…Alex’s Birth StoryMy Profile

  47. I love the pattern and I love how high it goes to cover them! It looks comfy!

  48. I’ve got a chevron addiction myself!! Our girl has a chevron blanket, chevron diaper, chevron ring sling…our living room has a chevron rug, I have a chevron dress and phone case…even my hospital gown was chevron…but when I ordered my Action carrier (due to arrive any day now), I forced myself to go with something different, so I went with Cadence…still, I LOVE this one too!
    Randi S recently posted…Winter Babywearing with Kowalli {A Natural Bump & Baby Giveaway}My Profile

  49. i’m a mom to be so i’ve never used a carrier.. just wondering if it’s hard on your back. thank you!!

  50. joanne gentry says:

    Love the Chevron pattern and the criss cross option. I also love that the weight limit is 45, great for toddlers that still like to be close! Thanks!

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