8 Babywearing Accessories that You Should Know About

It’s International Babywearing Week and although carriers often are at the forefront of the babywearing conversations, today I’m sharing 8 accessories that you should definitely know about… including a few of my favorites!


Some of the accessories have been around for awhile, so you probably know all about them, but some are new on the babywearing market and I’m telling you… they might be considered luxuries, but if you love to wear your child, you’ll definitely want to add them to your stash!

8 Babywearing Accessories that You Should Know About

1.  Infant Insert


Photo courtesy of Ergobaby.com.

Although some carriers and wraps can be used with newborns, others recommend waiting until your baby is about 15 pounds and has good head control.  The Infant Insert is a necessity if your structured carrier requires one and you want to babywear your newborn!

2.  Hood

Some soft structured carriers have a built-in hood, others don’t.  A  Hood is a great accessory for when your child is napping and extra privacy.

 3.  Suck Pads

This is an accessory that I simply wouldn’t ever pass up.  Suck pads work well on both soft structured carriers and mei tais… anything with straps that little babies and teething toddlers like to chew on.  Chewing on the straps of the carriers can cause discoloration and just isn’t too pretty on those gorgeous carriers.  So, a great way to accessorize the look of your carrier is also a great way to protect it!


Photo courtesy of Red Charlotte Etsy Shop.

One of my favorite type of Suck Pads come from Red Charlotte.  I have 2 pairs that I rotate between my carriers.  They wash well and make our carriers even more gorgeous!

4. babyWAWL

This is the newest addition to my Babywearing Stash, but probably one of the best.  I am seriously in love with the babyWAWL {that I was sent to review} and can’t believe the simplicity and genius of this product!


babyWAWL means Baby Wear All Winter Long and with this product, you definitely can!  Simply put, it’s a panel of lightweight Polar Tech Fleece with an outer layer of Gore-Tex to keep the warmth inside.  Although my babyWAWL looks like a plain black one, there’s actually a lovely lightly printed Houndstooth pattern that is gorgeous up close!


The babyWAWL is a super small accessory that can be used with any front-facing wrap or carrier.  You can check the babyWAWL website to be sure it is compatible with your coat too!

At just under $50 for a babyWAWL, it’s definitely an accessory that I would recommend for anyone that lives in an area that has cold winters!  I find the babyWAWL so much more user friendly than an accessory that you have to put over the carrier since you probably already have a coat and it’s so small on it’s own that it’ll simply fit in your coat pocket!

5.  Stuff Sack

A stuff sack is a great addition to any stash as well, because it helps keep your carrier neat and tidy while protecting it at the same time.  I also find that it’s easier to take my carrier along because it’s more compact and travel friendly!

6.  Baby Carrier Packs

Although you might think this is similar to the Stuff Sack, the Pack I’m referring to serves a different purpose.  When you’re babywearing, even though you’re hands-free, you may need some extra space to stuff your belongings.  Some carriers offer packs that attach to the carriers to give you some extra space for your stuff.

7.  Waist Extenders

Waist extenders are available in most soft structured carriers to make them truly a One-Size-Fits-All carrier.

8.  Mini Baby Carriers – Doll Carriers

Last, but certainly not least… we don’t want to leave out our future babywearers!  Some wrap and carrier companies, along with WAHMs, have started making doll carriers to encourage the babywearing habit early on!


These are a great addition to your stash and make a FAB Big Sibling gift when a new baby is born into your babywearing family!

What’s your favorite Babywearing Accessory?  Did you learn about any new Accessories from the post?



  1. Carly T says

    I haven’t started babywearing yet, but I love the idea of the Baby WAWL. I live in a very cold climate and will be having my baby in winter. This sounds like a necessity. The suck pads are new to me but a great idea.

  2. Jessica Hughes says

    My favorite accessory is definitely suck pads! The poor straps on my Ergo got a workout before I found out about them! I can also see a need for something like the babyWAWL for those who live in a colder climate. Don’t know if it would be necessary down here in Georgia. =)

  3. Honesty says

    I really love this carrier!!! The fact that it can fit in your pocket it makes it that much cooler! sometimes lugging around your other carrier can be a pain when your kiddo isn’t in it.

    • Honesty says

      I’m sorry I guess I should mention I’m talking about the bitybean and for some odd reason I thought I clicked on that blog. Oops! 😉 I do love all the baby wearing accessories. My favorite would have to be the BABYWAWL! Of course this would be much more handy for me if I lived in a state where the winters actually got pretty cold. Here they don’t. LOL

  4. Heather Gintoft says

    The babyWAHL is awesome! We moved to Wisconsin recently, so I’ll have to keep that in mind for baby #2!

  5. Katrina Smith says

    I live in a snowy winter state so I love the idea of babywawl. This would come in handy when my older kidddos want to play outside

  6. says

    Oh I would love the BabyWAWL, that’s a wonderful invention! When my son was teething we used the teething pads quite a bit. But instead of buying them from the carrier manufacturer, I just made my own, very simple to make.

  7. Cathy says

    My favorite accessory is 100% the baby carriers for dolls! So stinkin’ cute and normalizing babywearing for the next generation. I had no idea of the baby Wahl either, very interesting looking, thanks for introducing it to me!

  8. jennifer v. says

    The Baby WAWL, looks great, what a wonderful idea! I could see me using that with a little one suring the colder months. I wonder if they have a wool babyWAWL? I’ll check their website…

  9. Tara says

    I like the idea of suck pads. Do they have a waterproof layer on them? If not doesn’t your baby just suck through them. My son was a drooly monster and could easily suck through a piece of cloth.

  10. Kimberly says

    I wish I knew about suck pads with our first baby! She would drool all over the straps, so we’d have to swap out carriers and wash them more frequently.
    We’re expecting baby #2 and I’ll be getting my daughter the doll carrier for Christmas. Too cute!

  11. krystal rivera says

    well right now its definately the WAWL cause i just won one recently in a giveaway and i thinks not only is it great for the season but its a really innovative idea!

  12. Mary Schuh says

    I learned about BabyWaWL! I live in SD so that would definitely come in handy!! I would love to have one of those!

  13. casey says

    i had never heard of the babyWAWL before, but SO GENIUS. definitely would get a ton of use during winter! i also need to get some suck pads, as my boba straps are already discolored from baby chewing. i don’t have a fave current accessory, as i don’t have any accessories!! though my daughter does have a child-size beco and loves it.

  14. Nicole Daw says

    I think the BabyWAWL is a wonderful idea! I am from South Dakota so it is definitely a plus! I think the suck pads are also awesome!

  15. Jennifer L says

    First, what a wonderful blog! And you can tell through your writing how much you love each of these accessories. I had never heard of the BabyWAWL or the JR. Carriers! How awesome is that? I am in the market for a carrier I LOVE for my DS who is 4 1/2 months old. Each of these are awesome accessories! Thank you!

  16. Brittney Demeter says

    I had no idea about the babywawl! How cool is that?! I think it would be fabulous for those cold winter days. Baby would stay so much warming being snuggled up to mama! I also love the mini doll carriers. So cute.

  17. Michelle Green says

    Wow! The Babywawl is amazing!! I have a poncho style fleece cover that is great for fall, but I have struggled to use it without assistance. This looks like a new must have!

  18. Erica Williams says

    babyWAL is awesomeeee! I’ve never seen that. I’m in the midst of registering for our first baby, and this post was super helpful.. things i wouldn’t have known to register. Thanks for all the helpful info!!!

  19. Barb H says

    I think that the WAHL is the best accessory yet! I also learned about the waist extenders which would be great for mamas like me :)

  20. Amandah says

    I need to find my daughter a mini carrier….actually both of my daughters. The one I wear now is constantly trying to put my ring slings on.

  21. Brittany K. says

    My first little one will be here in February, so I have yet to actually use a carrier or any accessories, but I love the idea of the babyWAWL. I think it’d be so convenient and also really fun to snuggle in with your baby!

  22. Sarah Hayes says

    i love the stuff sacks and the mini carriers! the stuff sacks are very useful and great to have and I def want a mini carrier for my daughter one day! I learned even more about them in this review

  23. Cindy Kong says

    i love having the hood on the carrier makes breastfeeding so much easier. i like the suck pads, will need that next time.

  24. says

    looks like the possibilities are endless! I guess I have three baby carriers (sling, wrap and ergo), so there must also be a multitude of accessories to go with them. definitely love the suck pads!

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