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TushMate One Size One-Fits-All Diaper Review

Amy has a review of a cloth diaper that would be perfect for your newborn baby today!

“Prefolds, Pockets, and AIO’s, oh my!” This phrase seemed like it was all that was in my head when I first started researching cloth diapers. I felt completely overwhelmed and had so many questions about everything. I felt very lucky though, since the bestie is kind of a pro in this area. And even though I have been cloth diapering now for almost a year, I still have lots of questions that I go to her to get her expert opinion & advice. So, when SEBG was given the opportunity to review a new diaper recently (free for review in orange snaps)…one that I (nor the bestie) had yet heard of, we were both intrigued and I couldn’t wait to try it out. This company’s name is Tushmate and they have created an Ultimate One Size One-Fits-All Diaper. I just couldn’t wait to get my hands on it to actually see how this one diaper does what they say it does…







overnight use


How can one diaper do all of this? Well, they have created a very innovative snap-in insert/pocket design that allows for different style of diapers to be created with just this one system. So, you are basically given the option of ‘designing’ your own perfect diaper for the perfect fit and perfect absorbency. This allows you to use all of Tushmate’s products if you are starting out and building your new stash or use things that are already in your CD stash or mix and match for any need that you may have.

CD illustration




  • Other options not pictured may include prefolds or other style inserts placed inside pockets with or without liner snapped in, disposable inserts placed inside pockets with or without liner snapped in for easy travel, and as a universal cover for dependable overnight use.

So, if you are new to the whole cloth diapering thing or if you are a veteran, you can get all you need in this one system. Seriously, this one diaper is so versatile that you can’t go wrong if you choose to try it out. I know we love it and I can almost bet that you will, too!

You can get the Tushmate One Size One-Fits-All Diaper and all accessories pictured above when you purchase the starter kit for $25.78 and a long insert for $8.58.



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Amy is a writer and contributor for So Easy Being Green. She is a foster mommy to 3, 2 and under, and a wife to a big, hairy "kid". She loves life & everyone in it, and is trying to make better choices for her family. "Call it what you will, but it's our step toward being 'green'."


  1. I would use it most as a pocket diaper right now because my stash is short. I'd try it the other ways, too, though.

  2. probably an ai2!

  3. I think I'd use it as a pocket.

  4. Cynthia Sizemore

    I am not sure exactly how i would use these.I am use to the old type cloth diapers.I am very interested in these newer ones.My oldest son is going to be a daddy in february and i would like to provide these as an option.hope to wint his,thank you for the great post.

  5. Katherine Dixon

    I would use this as a pocket the most! My baby's bum needs the extra stay dry layer.

  6. I would probably use the pocket the most!

  7. Erin Ritter says:

    I would use it as a cover/AI2.

  8. I'd probably use it mostly as a cover but also a pocket diaper.

  9. …as the "all in three" overnight use.  Awesome.

  10. I'd probably use it as a cover. 

  11. Victoria W. says:

    prob as AIO but then again the AI2 may win me over I've never tried them before

  12. Christina Kaulbach says:

    I would use the TushMate® All-In-Three configuration.

  13. Pocket! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  14. natalie parvis says:

    I'd probably use it most as an AI2

  15. I think we would use it most as a AIO or cover!

  16. Ashley Despain says:

    I'd probably use it as an AI2 but my husband probably would prefer pocket (he chooses those now)

  17. Hannah Avery says:

    Probably as an A12 or cover! I kinda need covers right now, so that would be nice!

  18. Vickie Couturier says:

    we would use it as AIO we are going to have 2 in diapers

  19. Most likely as a cover.

  20. Most likely AI2

  21. Colleen Maurina says:

    I would probably use it as an All-in-Two or a cover.

  22. most likely cover or pocket

  23. Most likely as a pocket, but a AI2 would be neat too.

  24. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I'd probably use it most as an AI2

  25. Vicki Hall

    I'd use it all 4 ways if I were lucky enough to win

  26. Jennifer Perritte says:

    I would probably use it most as an AI2!

  27. I would use it as an AI2/cover the most!

  28. Rebecca Parsons says:

    I would use it AIO diaper. And the colors are so nice.

  29. As an AI2 probably.

  30. Probably a pocket dipe. I like pockets! :-)

  31. Aubree Faunce says:

    AI2 if the pockets not messy it can be reused how cost effective!!!

  32. WOW this is a really neat diaper! Since I haven't officially cloth diapered yet since baby won't be here until December I'm not sure which way I'll use it most. But this is a great diaper to find out what type would be best!

  33. Michelle Lee says:

    I'd probably use it as a pocket.

  34. AI2 and Cover

  35. I'm new to cloth diapering (still awaiting baby #1), so I'm not sure yet how I'd use it – probably as a cover. But I love the versatility!

  36. I'd probably use it mostly as an AI2.

  37. I'd use it as a cover for my prefolds.  Love having the options to do something else to make cd easier for babysitters or husband!

  38. Nicole Bear says:

    I think I will use it as an AI2 or a cover the most.

  39. Vanessa Coker

    I would likely use it as an AI2 mostly.

  40. As an AIO.

  41. I'd probably use it as an AI2 the most.

  42. I think as an AI2.

  43. I would probably use it as an AI2 or as a cover.

  44. I love learning about new diapers!  This is such a neat concept!  I would use it most as an AI2 or a cover.  I love the blue color…it is a completely different hue than other brands!

  45. Eva Lepe

    I would use as a AIO diaper, I love it!

  46. We would use it either as an AIO or AI2 – I want cloth diapering to be as simple for Hubby as possible!  ;)

  47. laurie nykaza

    I like the pocket diaper I love the orange color too

  48. I would use the as AIO diaper.  Love the chocolate but any would be great.  Thank you for this chance to win.

  49. I would probably use the AIO diaper most. I like the chocolate color. But would be so happy with any color.

  50. I think I'd use it most as a pocket diaper.

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