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My Toddlers are Learning Tagalog with the Dino Lingo Language Learning Program

I have always wanted to learn a second language.  I tried to learn Spanish in high school, but it just didn't stick.  It seems that most experts agree the younger you can teach a child a second language, the more likely they are to grasp it.

Depending on if you're a regular reader of SEBG, you may or may not know that my girls are half-Filipino.  Rob {the hubs} was born in the Philippines, Pampanga to be exact, and moved to the US when he was 10.  Although Tagalog {Filipino} is technically his first language, he hardly speaks it.  He can, but just chooses to speak English 99.5% of the time.  The other .5% is when he's conversing with a family member that doesn't speak English as well.

So, when a lovely reader let me know about a Kids Language Learning Program that her toddler was loving AND that they had Tagalog in their catalog, I was ecstatic.  I texted Rob right away that we may had found our program!  You see, he speaks Tagalog, but for some reason doesn't feel comfortable teaching the girls' outright.  We had hoped to find a program that the girls' would love and maybe I could even pick up a bit of the language too!

Dino Lingo Language

Well, ladies and gents – we found a Winner.  Not only are my girls learning Tagalog, but they're learning it from… DINOSAURS!  Sophia is obsessed with dinosaurs so it really couldn't be more fitting.  And whatever Sophia loves, her little Sister loves too.  When we pull out Dino Lingo for our lessons, Moreaya yells, "T-REX!  T-REX!"

Dino Lingo

There are a few language learning programs available on the market, even a few aimed at children's learning, but Dino Lingo honestly blows them away in comparison.  The Full Home Education Set, that I received, comes with everything pictured above, including:

5 DVDs – 150 flashcards – 10 posters – Vocabulary book – Coloring book – World map – Filipino flag – Parents guide – Dinosaur plush toy – Progress chart and report – Children's Music CD

The lovely folks at Dino Lingo knew I had two girls so they were even nice enough to send an extra Dinosaur plush toy – just an example of the stellar customer service that I received from this company!


The DVDs would be wonderful enough on their own, but having these extra resources has certainly helped both Sophia and me to pick up on the words even more.  The posters are really colorful and get both of the girls' attention and the flash cards are super fun for us too!


The Parent's Guide and Progress Report and Chart will be a very useful tool as we continue the program too.  One thing that has been incredible to watch with Sophia already, is her confidence in speaking the Tagalog words aloud.  The first couple of times we watch the DVDs, she wouldn't repeat the words even when I tried to do it with her.  You can see from the video below that she's a lot more confident and starting to interact with the language more now.

Dino Lingo is designed as a fun, light, and entertaining method to introduce children to common and simple vocabulary words in a target language. We have designed these language learning programs to engage children as a form of entertainment, which ignites the imagination and encourages them to want to gain a deeper understanding of the target language.

The Dino Lingo language learning program is designed as an introduction to 200 vocabulary words and simple phrases, which a child may easily identify after watching the video several times. The goal of the entertaining and engaging DVDs is to capture a child's imagination, as they are introduced to new words in a new language.

The Dino Lingo programs are not recommended for children who have had over 50+ hours of instruction of immersion in the target language, as they might find this vocabulary "too easy". Dino Lingo language learning programs are designed for children ages 2 through 7 years. As an introduction and an educational form of entertainment, we highly recommend watching the Dino Lingo language learning programs as a family.

I am so excited about this opportunity for my girls.  Sophia has been excited to show her Grandmother the Tagalog words she's learned {and so have I!}.  I want my girls to always be proud of who they are… and a HUGE part {well 50%} of them is Filipino!  I love that I'm helping them learn to embrace that heritage and learn the language of their father's country with the help of the Dino Lingo program!

Dino Lingo comes in 43 different languages.  To learn more about Dino Lingo and their learning methods, visit their website.  You'll find coupons, free lessons, and tons of other activities while you're there.  You can also connect with them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

Now, you want to know the price, right?  I am so excited to share that with you.  There are language learning programs on the market that literally cost a fortune, which is why we kept putting off purchasing.  After finding this system and seeing how well it's working with my girls, I can very easily recommend it to you – especially with the price!  The Full Home Education Set {like I received and is pictured above} is $148.95!  You can purchase different size sets, including just the 5 DVDs for only $89.95.  You can purchase on the Dino Lingo website or even on!

If you could encourage your children to learn a second language, what would it be?



  1. Thank you so much for sharing this review. I am from the Philippines too, although I am from the Visayan region, which I speak Bisaya. And I do know Tagalog as well. My kids are half-Filipino and it would be nice to teach them my language or even Tagalog. :) Thanks again!

  2. Oh your hubby is Filipino! I am a Filipina too. I trained my daughter to speak English becuase it isn't our first language here. Good to know your kids are learning Tagalog. :) That a nice program :)

  3. I agree learning a second language is a very important skill for kids to have – it helps later on with learning other languages too! I took French Immersion through elementary school, and I'm so glad I did. My kids are 1/4 Chinese, and I'd love it if they were able to speak some Cantonese, but mine just isn't good enough to teach them. I've thought of classes when they're older, but this sounds like a good introduction and/or motivator beforehand.

  4. What a cool program!  My husband is from Sri Lanka and we've been working on teaching the girls Sinhala (the language of Sri Lanka) here and there.  Naturally, I haven't been able to find a kid's program for it though since it's one of those rare languages.  I'll have to check out Dino Lingo to see if they have it! 

  5. This is such a cool program. My kids would love it!

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